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Despite the excellent game, the players of "Arsenal" did not pull out a victory in today's match. We can only praise Mancini, who again proved himself a great strategist, releasing a player who was the author of the only goal scored in today's match. Congratulations to "Manchester City" with the release of the next round, and that you will leave. With you was Nikita Gromov, like English football!
Second Half
The match is over!
Arshavin has decided to knock on the door and made a mistake. The ball rolled away from the wall into the hands of Pantelemonu.
Penalty Earns "Arsenal" about thirty meters from the gate. The whole team, of course, in the penalty area.
Fabian went to the penalty box at a corner and just "Arsenal" did not miss a second goal! Pantelemon immediately knocked out by Johnson, he was already ready to punch through the empty goal, but not in time, the Polish goalkeeper in a heroic leap knocked the ball head.
Additional time
There are forces in "Arsenal" still on the final assault, fleeing to attack the Gunners! The arbitrator compensate for three minutes, there is still time!
Momentische! Koselni was a free kick on the right flank, had to do was sighted in the center chamber, but that did Laurent? Power of lumbago was like a first grader, and accuracy let him down. Zhervino was closed by three defenders.
Wenger lets Arshavin, but not too late? Chamberlain leaves the field.
Again alone is Zhervino. Not bad, he handed the ball on the flank, beat an opponent and then that was dangerous to give the penalty, and Kouassi hit the far corner with all his might and missed.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Aguero!
Excellent counterattack "Manchester!" Followed by a pass from the depth of field on Johnson in the penalty area, he took off his heel in contact on free-Kun Aguero. Argentine flew to the rendezvous with the goalkeeper and calmly beat him. 0-1!
What counter-dispersed Gunners! Zhervino Djourou and swept through the right flank, backache made it to the center by Kouassi Benayoun, he beat in the fall of the gate, but blocked the defender.
A true leader on the field now looks like the Gunners Benayoun, who, by the way, captain of "Arsenal" in today's match. Yossi now plays for the striker, and a midfielder. He even had enough strength to put pressure the opponent, in spite of what has already played 80 minutes of the team.
Immediately react to this change and Wenger. Instead, Mikel goes Vermaelen.
Razaq leaves instead of Hargreaves.
While the townspeople organize another attack, Mancini gives instructions to the player of his team. To say exactly who it was I can not, but I think this is a young Razak.
A great strike from outside the penalty from Chamberlain! Koselni gently handed the penalty box, the defender knocked the ball accurately to a young Alex, the gathering broke, but Pantelemon took the right position at the gate and took the ball.
Prolonged attack Gunners ends lumbago Coquelin in the penalty area. At the same time the Frenchman was looking in one direction and the ball hit to another, hoping to take cunning defense of "Man City", but did not.
Absolutely equal teams now play on the field. Everything goes in the goalless draw and extra time. The first shot on goal now inflicted Zhervino meters so with thirty, but the ball flew far into the stands.
Dzeko now received the ball from De Jong, decided to beat Koselni and pass into the box from the flank, but Laurent played just fine. And the ball is knocked out, and gave his opponent to earn a corner.
Zhervino out instead of Park. While the position of center-forward in "Arsenal" will act Chamakh.
Here Chamakh like about yourself? Benayoun now gave a pass to cut the penalty to a Moroccan, the swamping punched out of the defender to the near corner, but the past.
Chamberlain again in the spotlight! good counter clocked Benayoun gave the young Alex, he beat Nasri, and immediately gave the course of the Pak, but forward did not support this transfer.
As soon as Samir Nasri takes the ball from the stands heard a deafening roar. That sounds so fans of "Arsenal" and met Ashley Cole and William Gallas, and other "chameleons."
British filmmakers show us warm up Arshavin. If he does come, it is likely to replace Chamakh.
Much more active in the game went. Chamberlain now clocked up opponents on the right flank, entered the penalty area and made the transfer to the center on Park, but prevented him back. The truth on this point has not ended, "round" almost flew into the collar Pantelemonu, but everything worked out at this point for citizens.
Excellent point! On the right flank was held Sabaleta, do pass "on the heels" Edeen Jack, that wonderfully struck the heel of the gate, but the ball went past. If Bosniak threw a lone Johnson on the penalty, things might have would be different.
Aguero shook with the ball before the penalty and did not find anything better than a punch from a distance. The ball went well, but too high. Mancini applauded the actions of the player.
Oh, they themselves in their feet have not figured out the townspeople. Such a great pass on the course Aguero gave Johnson of depth of field, and took the Argentinian failed, and after a rapprochement with the defender at a loss. As a result, the ball was lost, although the time was potentially very dangerous.
Yellow card
Hargrivzv fouls against Frimponga and this failure is very dangerous attack of the gunners. Arbitrator on the right gives a yellow card Englishman.
Ah yes Chembelen, oh yes well done! Moment created from scratch! Received the ball on the flank, immediately accelerated, went into the penalty area and hit the far corner, but managed to block the defender.
Changed a little tactical position of the gunners. To the right will now play in the center and Chamakh went Pak. In "Man City" as long as the permutation can not see everything the same way as in the first half. Wall is now Frimpong, he set up for this match just as crazy, do not lose!
Oh what a fine fellow Pak! From a distance they are very similar to Benayoun, by the way. Korean now gave a great pass on the course of his Israeli partner in the penalty area, but Yossi to the ball too late.
Second half has began
The match resumed, waiting for heads!
Second Half
First Half
A very interesting point. Despite all the warnings about the correctness and Wenger's loyalty to the French players "Man City", which left the "Arsenal" this summer, fans of the London team did not listen to Arsene. Young Gunners stretched out on the stands a small banner with the following meaning: "Clichy + Nasri - judas, VAN is the man!". I think, to explain the meaning of the expression is not necessary.
With the statistics of the first time you can read in the same section on our website.
Half time
The first half ended, a break!
Additional time
Compensates for a minute the referee.
Kind commentators have given us very interesting information: "Man City" has not won in "Arsenal" in London as 36 years in all competitions. On the one hand, the Gunners are unlikely to give in to beat myself now, but on the other hand, when there must win the "citizens"?
Again play against each other and Mikel Johnson on the right flank. Adam is very fast player and a serious test for the young Spanish defender of "Arsenal". but as long as he maintains it fully, yet not a single martial art was not lost.
Controversial whistle of the referee. Counterattack the "City" has evolved very rapidly of course, Jack was running with the ball in the center of the field, but abruptly flew back and Frimpong in subcategories ball knocked out. Bosnian referee whistled and fell, while the gunner clearly played the ball.
Monotonously played in the Gunners attack. Well, of course, they act on the approach to the penalty, but what next? Then the usual submission to the penalty box. Tall defenders of the "Manchester" do not give any chances to host forwards.
Chemberdlen again! No worse than he plays Walcott, though, I think he needs to work closer to the center. Now he is fine handed to the far post Paku, but to win the ball on the second floor at Onuoha he did not.
Not bad attack the townspeople. For several minutes, the ball rests at the feet of players in the blue shirt, but still much aggravation at the gate Fabian we do not observe. but it should be noted, exit Aguero there will be much hotter.
Oh well now exacerbated Chamberlain game! All with the same right wing, he shoots to the near post, but no one is tempted Paz. Clearly not enough in front of Van Persie.
Mancini conducting the substitution alters Kolarov Aguero.
The controversial decision is made by the referee. Park is now a pure play against Savich, it was confirmed by repetition, but the referee did fix the violation.
Slightly crushed Arsenal. All can not calm down Chamberlain. The young Englishman is worn on the right flank is not Walcott! Now it's great shot from the left foot from outside the penalty, the ball flew straight at nine! but Pantelemon again superb!
Somehow, sadly looking at what is happening in the stands Van Persie. He probably thinks something: "If I were on the field, it would have been different." Strange, but I think all the fans of "Arsenal" as sure of this one hundred percent.
On the lawn now lies Coquelin, tightly played against him Yaya Toure. on the left the club doctors "Arsenal", and accompanied by their young Frenchman goes beyond the field.
Something long the team are looking at each other. Something I fight like this game, "Arsenal" - "Borussia". team also played without the gate in the first half but in the second half gave us a real feast of football! This match was much more fundamental, so I would like to see more scoring chances!
Oh, how cool! Kolarov gave a pass from the depth of field on the flank of Johnson, he easily surpassed Michel and stopped the ball. After waiting a partner, he gave to the center of the penalty for Jack, Bosnian beat in the fall, but managed to block the blow defenders.
Not bad now played townspeople. Dzeko saw a hole in the defense of "Arsenal", started a movement in this area, but a little late with the Savic pass. As a result, the referee has fixed the "offside" in Bosnian.
Oh, how cool is now played Koselni! a pass from Nasri on the depth of field, the ball took, but suddenly the ball behind the defender intercepted the "Arsenal" than the thunderous applause broke the stands!
Nothing can not answer, "Man City". Gunners without Mertezakera Song and confidently play defense. Johnson and Nasri are trying to undermine defensive redoubts of "Arsenal", but closer to the penalty does not work.
What a moment loses Pak! A brilliant counter-attack the Gunners! Coquelin took the ball in midfield, played on the right into the wall with Shamakhi and the first contact with the bottom of the shot to the far post. There are already flying on all cylinders Park, he managed to break through on goal, but did not let him score Pantilimon. The goalkeeper has played just brilliant guests, having beaten off the ball on the protivohode!
The first shot on goal does Johnson. Picked up the ball on the right flank of an Englishman, has moved to center and struck powerfully on goal Fabian, but the past. Incidentally, the repetition can be seen that the ball has even caught the crossbar, but the Polish goalkeeper of "Arsenal" in control.
Rolls the ball into center field. We can distinguish Frimponga and Chamberlain in "Arsenal", and Jack in "Manchester City". Surprisingly dull match. Of course, teams are afraid to attack immediately, but because we - the fans - and want to see attacking football!
Deep to center field departs Chamakh. The first minutes of his manner of playing the game like Van Persie, but I think everyone understands that the Dutch star is unlikely to be replaced. Now even Mikel decided to break from a distance, but too weak.
While nothing serious on the field does not occur. Teams are hesitant to start with the bat and it explains a lot. As part of both teams are present young players who want to express themselves well in the eyes of their coaches.
Played football in the blue shirt with the center of the ball field. Judged on the basis of the television picture, football players, "Arsenal" are to the left, while their rivals from Manchester on the right. until the ball kept the Gunners.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
The match will begin with a short delay due to the fact that the stadium was a minute of silence in memory of Gary Speed. Together with them, and we mourn. I think everyone will join the expression of condolences to his family and all who were associated with it.
Lineups for this fight you can see in the "About Game" on our website.
Good evening, dear friends! site and I, Nikita Gromov, Welcome to the textual translation of the League Cup in England, where London "Arsenal" in their own "Emirates" will take stern "Manchester City". Between these two teams have a very strained relationship, but more interesting! Enjoy!

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