Stadium: Opel Arena
Here is a fight, my friends! "Mainz" played just brilliant! As many as three goals in the most "Bavaria," but such a goalkeeper to score not everyone can! Congratulations to owners of well-deserved victory, well, "Bavaria" wish good luck in the next matches. All this time with you was Nikita Gromov. Happiness, health and love German football!
Second Half
The final whistle signaled a sensational victory, "Mainz"!
Aaaa! Well, how so? Van Byuyten beat right now in an empty net after a series of unbelievable bounce! Vetklo left the gate, jumped on Gomez, Mario beat but the ball bounced just to the author in today's doubles match. As he did not get in the gate - I do not know!
Lam directly from own half threw into the box to Gomez, he threw off further, and there was no one except the player, "Mainz".
Additional time
3 minutes add the referee!
Replacing a "Mainz". The applause of the tribunes leaves the field itself Allagi stead goes Anthony Yui.
Allagi again! Awesome plays forward home! On the same article again, he went into the flank into the penalty box, such as mocking beat Van Byuytena and been out for myself myself, but Neuer felt the situation: the time came and took the ball.
Uuuuhhhh! Allagi! Famously played the free kick on the wing players, "Mainz". Sami flew into the penalty area with an acute angle and powerfully struck into the far corner, but the past!
Nerves can not stand the players! Kroos now was wrong, he first started to play hard against Pospeha, even after the player kicked the leg, "Mainz".
Replacing a "Mainz". Ivanschitz from the field away, instead it will now play Shenheym.
Yellow card
Kalidzhuiri fouls against Van Byuytena to his own penalty area. This was dissatisfied Vetklo, which ran to argue with the referee, for which he received a yellow card.
Oh what a shock! Again, the rapid counter-attack, "Mainz"! Allagi got a great pass from Soto on the flank, went to the corner of the penalty area and struck powerfully on target, but higher.
A "Mainz" is not afraid to go on the attack Tuhelya guys! Chupo-Moting excellent ball stopped on the flank, but for some reason, immediately useful for two rivals. Naturally, the Bavarians do not forgive such insolence - the ball is selected.
Olic is now under attack knocks Alabai and the one with the left foot strikes the incredible strength of the gate Vetklo, but the goalkeeper managed to reflect this impact!
2 goals - double
Worked again bundle Kroos - Van Byuyten. First applied to the far post and the other calmly struck his foot into the far corner! 3:2 - the intrigue is back!
Soto to foul his own penalty area. pushed it into the back of Gomez, and for such a card could be and to give, but the referee said nothing.
Nicholas Muller changes Chupo-Moting.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! What they do "Mainz"!
Submission from the right flank was very good, right on the line goalie area. there right there was Bungert! Nico confidently inject the ball into the goal!
Well, these guys are doing! Collective selection "Mainz" is bearing fruit. Nicholas Muller, now selected, well paid at the penalty line Allagi. he turned and broke through between two defenders, but he piled on the lawn.
What a moment! Momentische! Mueller filed in perfect goalkeeper for Gomez, he was one, but could not get in the gate! The perfect time, really!
Courage to continue to attack, "Mainz! Tribune just roar with delight! Despite the fact that already played for 70 minutes, pressing the hosts as active as in the first half.
Rafina takes the field instead of Boateng.
Yellow card
Yellow card for Mario Gomez for a rough go-ahead with his elbow.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! FANTASTIC! 2-1! Nothing boded trouble for Neuer. Kalidzhuiri spun with the ball, the gate was 30 meters. Marco suddenly decided to break and made ​​it just perfect! The ball flew into the corner gate of the "Bavaria"!
Kicking now hosts a very difficult moments, they are going through. "Bavaria" strongly crushed. Now even the Lamb has moved to center and struck powerfully into the corner, but the blow was not strong enough. The ball is in the hands of Vetklo.
We took a break both teams. "Mainz" reluctantly pressure, and brewers surely keep the ball in their half of the field. Arises out Robben, he would now be added to the severity of the attack "Bavaria."
Now the "Mainz" gradually comes to life. Once the activity has decreased attacks hosts Bayern now go on the attack already on the Rights of the favorites, with a bit of moral high ground.
Foul play is now Kroos in the center of the field, rather dangerous. With a straight leg flew it on the opponent was not even hear his boots on the touch plate, but the referee does not give the card, and he immediately apologized to Tony.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Van Byuyten scores!
Kroos perfectly applied to the near post, there sprang the most experienced defender "Bavaria" and a nod sent the ball into the goal. "Round" has touched the breast Kalandzhuiri and is treacherously rushed into the near corner of the goal Vetklo! 1-1, it all starts again!
Nicholas Muller fouls Ribery on the left at the edge. At the ball, Tony Kroos.
Commits a foul on Van Byuyten Allagi and a very good position to strike. Ivanschitz and the victim around the ball, but most likely it will break through the Austrian.
Replacing a "Bavaria." Olic leaves instead of Gustavo.
Allagi surely works! Not afraid to forward one to one play against Wang Byuytena even beat him like such a small area, but did not have the speed that would get the ball. Goal kick to Neuer.
Oh, how could I not scored Kalidzhuiri now! Owners rush over the release of nearly himself to himself a player, "Mainz", but the ball was cut off from him and flew into the net gate, n oo reverse side.
Yellow card
Gustavo gets yellow card for rough foul.
Soto wins the applause now! Until recently, he fought for the ball with Muller and he still managed to win out for their team.
Apparently Haynkes explained during a break in the seriousness of the situation. "Bavaria" has not yet parted with the ball, surrounded guests penalty opponent, but to strike until the case comes.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Gomez pulled out one by one due to failure of defenders! But the goalkeeper to beat he could not, and "offside" was.
Again folyat owners to own penalty area, but in vain. "Bayern" can implement any half-time, so you should not just give them such a chance. true supply Lama was aimed precisely at the hands of Vetklo.
"Bavaria" holds the ball, but pressing "Mainz" does not allow them to go to the penalty. Now even the most experienced van Byuyten mistake in the simplest situation. This selection is bearing fruit.
Again gets to his feet Mueller, this time it fouls Bungert. Kroos filed in the penalty area, but did not do so as he could, took possession of the ball players, "Mainz".
Oh what a shock now causes Boateng on the gates Vetklo! Wow, he broke with the twenty-six feet into the left corner! It seemed that at the last moment the goalkeeper reacted to this attack.
The crossbar saves gate "Mainz"! Badshtuber filed with the left foot into the penalty area, but it came out quite good blow! The ball flew over the collar and Vetklo goalkeeper already could do nothing but football fortune was now on the side of the hosts.
Fathi and Muller together fought for the ball, but the lawn is a player, "Bayern", writhing in pain and clutching his leg. Penalty the referee still set.
Generally falls out of the game Gomez. He was so active in past games, and now plays the role of edakogo column, which in one-touch, immediately returns the ball to teammate.
Allagi again! Ivanschitz handed corner from the left flank. above all in the penalty area was ninth number of owners. He broke well, but missed the ball with a nine goal Noyer.
Oh what time! Ivanschitz again in the spotlight! Miraculously, he stopped the ball on the wing, went ahead and shoot through the center by Allagi. Themselves almost beat the defender! If it were possible, Noyer nothing could be done!
Muller spun-spun with the ball near the penalty area until it has collected in his three rivals. There was no one to give a pass and he struck, but was too weak and inaccurate.
One does not hurry to the Munich club to the developments in today's match. Already half of the half behind, and they lose, and lose well-deserved. Now the "Bavaria" holds the ball in the central zone, but move to the gate is not visible.
Again, a brilliant attack, "Mainz! Nicholas Muller held the ball on the wing, said in a free zone and threw him Kaliduiri under attack. Marco struck, but special problems for Neuer was not the blow.
What creates Vetklo! Bravo! Van Byuyten won the ball in the penalty area, he gave a blow to my mind Ribéry, the powerfully from a corner hit the goalkeeper's area, but the goalkeeper saved in heroic leap!
Yellow card
Gets yellow card for a foul against Baumgartlinger Muller.
Bayern look disarmed. I completely agree with one of our web site. the main thing - the center of midfield. there are no Tymoshchuk or Schweinsteiger, hence the score!
Ribery trying to attack alone. Frenchman entered from the left flank almost in the goalkeeper, shooting at the center of Alabai, but it surely played against the defender.
Oh how beautiful! Again loses the ball Alabai, Nicholas Muller selected, passed from the right edge of the penalty area and struck with full force into the far corner but the ball missed the pole! Bravo "Mainz"!
Fathi once again breaks the rules against Thomas Mueller, and it's not like Klopp. He was actively gesturing arbitrator, it was time to have a yellow card and shows, but that so far limited to a verbal warning.
What a moment at the gate Neuer! Wow! Soto, an elegant cut the ball into the penalty area on Ivanschitz, the rally hit with full force, but the ball flies higher! Standing applause podium, and have something!
Alabai nervous. The young midfielder "Bavaria" uncertainly is permanently unable to decide what to do with the ball, giving inaccurate transmission.
Relaxed play brewers. They are so confident in its inimitability, and that nothing could not think of a missed ball. Guests try to attack, but very confidently defends "Mainz".
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Ivanschitz!
Nicholas Muller gave the jewelry to pass the course of the Austrian central part of the field calmly beat goalkeeper Andreas and, after a pause, WCPA ball into the goal! 1-0!
The hosts continued to attack. Again Kalidzhuiri was with the ball in the penalty handed - Neuer came out and took the ball confidently.
A good time at the gate of the "Bavaria"! Kalidzhiuri was alone on its flank, entered the penalty area and shot into the far corner, but the blow was too weak and Noyer it fixed. Then someone tried to knock out, but the referee had already recorded a foul, and the ball skidded off the field.
Mueller received the ball from Ribery went into the penalty area and made a great pass "on the heels," Gomez, but he could not beat a defender. Ribery could still penetrate, but too fidgeted with the ball and let him out of bounds.
With the center of the field players played "Mainz", but the first attack was just at their gate. Gomez grabbed the ball, passed on the left flank and dangerously devoted to the center by Mueller, but he reached out to the ball no.
First time has began
The match started! Good luck team!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Today will be the match in the stadium "Coface Arena", where local "Mainz" threatening to take the "Bavaria". This fight is for you to comment on Nikita Gromov, a successful show!

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