Stadium: Ukraina Stadium
Great game today came out, in all senses! And we saw 5 goals, and the fight and passion on the field! Stronger in the uncompromising struggle was a "miner". "Karpaty" also should be commended. In spite of a number of goals conceded, they do not pass the game and fought to the last drop of sweat. With you all the time was Nikita Gromov, until we meet again!
Second Half
Matt is over!
Dario is now a diagonal pass gave the course Adriano, he pulled out himself to himself, but the referee raised his flag on the line. Brazilian disappointed, and he wanted to score today.
And the miners of the last defensive forces. Srna desperately jumped out of Batista hit a free kick, managed to repel the Croat but still earn a goal kick.
Additional time
4 minutes added arbitrator.
Hudobyak could now score. Threw him a partner, Igor could even continue to pay the penalty for Petrivskogo, he certainly would have scored, but he decided to decide the outcome of the episode. He struck hard, but too inaccurate.
Again, there are doctors in the field. Stepanenko's hard to play a lame leaves the field to the accompaniment of the doctors. Despite the pain, he still applauded their own fans.
Petrivsky appears on the field, it changes the Lucas.
Fans from the stands slowly nominated exit. And really, there's nothing to watch. Miners calmly controlled the ball. Tkachuk fouls against Adriano will be the penalty.
Something serious with Stepanenko. On level ground, he fell on the lawn, probably an old injury recurrence. Ate appear on the club doctors.
"Karpaty" leave no hope for a goal of prestige. Batista was the ball on the left wing free kick, badly beaten at the gate, but once again played flawlessly Rakitskiy, having beaten off the ball in the subcategory.
Miners calm game. Apparently, the five goals scored enough for them, well, a lot more? Show in the stands Fedetskiy. Artem is very upset happening on the field. Although, we recall, he belongs to it, "Miner".
Good punched on goal Fishes now Tkachuk. He beat with his left foot and turn, but the ball flew past the bar.
Dentin out instead Fernandinho.
And yet another replacement. Instead, the driver goes Hubschman.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! MKHITARYAN! Super-goal scoring Armenian! Rakytskyy tossed into the box on the Costa, Douglas ball a little touched up on Henry and the one with the right foot struck exactly the right top corner gate Tlumaka!
Substitution in the "Carpathians". Instead Golodyuka out Ozarks.
Yellow card
Batista gets the yellow card.
Adrino out instead provoke Seleznev.
Guruli a "Carpathian" appears on the field, leaves the game Kopolovets.
2 goals - double
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Seleznev again! Willian gave a cool hidden pass the course Shevchuk the penalty box, he calmly assessed the situation and shot to the far post. Eugene took the ball out there and mocked drove "round" in the grid!
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Seleznev! Bravo, do not say anything! Willian on Mkhitaryan gave the penalty, he could not stop him and the ball flew just feet in Eugene. Forward understand the situation brilliantly simple: on the backswing and calmly put away the opponent's goalkeeper threw the ball and for different angles!
Costa good punches with his left foot after discounts Mkhitaryan, but the ball flies higher. Speed ​​simply outrageous!
Mkhitaryan scored again! How so? Could decide the fate of the meeting, he is now! Beat off the line after the goalie area it pass Selezneva, but again Tlumak played great!
That's how the game went! Rostrum to add fuel to the fire! any more or less controversial judge's decision is accompanied by a roar and a whistle.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Fernandinho scored! Powerfully struck a Brazilian, just net had not broken!
Yellow card
Golodyuk gets yellow card for talking.
Penalties shall appoint Wachs for handball in the penalty! Fernandinho threw the ball higher, Milosevic did not see it, but the ball hit the defender's hand.
What is going on with the defense of "Miner"? Lucas found himself in the box on the left flank, beat rally powerfully at goal into the far corner, but Srna managed to block the kick. "Karpaty" continue to attack.
Batista was now in the box with the ball, excellent position, it was possible to score! but he has not given a pass and shot so poorly.
A brilliant moment loses Mkhitaryan! How healthy is played Srna on the flank, was excellent and gave Oschipko pass to the center by Henry, the first contact with the struck at goal, but failed to reflect this Tlumaku blow. Seleznev was the first to finishing, but with his left foot on the gate he could not get.
Here Stepanenko! Nowhere came up, he picked the ball and shot from twenty-five yards with his left foot, but in shots on target did not hit.
Interesting information we suggest the commentators. The miners are now able to score a goal in the five hundredth-site games FDA. Given the goals Costa, now a "Miner" 499.
Two pretty good time to strike had now Gorjanki. After the ball bounced off a corner on Fernandinho, he punched a reversal, but the ball hit the defender and rolled slowly into the hands of Tlumaku.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Clog the miners, the truth of the situation "out of the game." Fernandnino gave a fabulous pass into the box on Mkhitaryan, that for some reason decided to give in to the center Seleznev, who was closer to the gate. Why? Why did not Henry have scored?
Half time
Tkachuk now checks for alertness Fish! well he struck from outside the penalty area with his left foot but the ball flew above. against such attacks, "the Carpathians" this attack is very dangerous.
Costa today is good. Just on the front line of the ball by an opponent prokinul, on the other obbezhal, but do not go further left - another angle to the miners.
There is nothing so far to oppose forwards "Carpathian" attack, "Miner." Incoherent transmission in the general chaos in the front line of the hosts. Desire, enthusiasm - all this is, but specific points are still very few.
A good attack unfolded "Carpathians". Golodyuk filed at the far post, where Oschipko immediately in touch threw a strike partner for a line penalty, but did not stay there Fernandinho. Brazilian ball intercepted and began to attack his team.
Seleznev is negligible. That chance he falls very rarely - to play on, but he does not value them as long as. Brazilians in the background look very good.
Calmed down a game. Miners strongly to the attack are not torn, trying to create a position of attack and planned to put pressure on the opponent's gate. "Karpaty" trying to create a counterattack, but the "Miner" quickly eliminate the danger.
Good attack, "the Carpathians" choking on the approaches to the penalty, "Miner." Hudobyak looking for a partner for the transfer, given Golodyuku and did not notice a great race by Lucas on the flank.
Costa is now well kissed the ball from outside the penalty area with his left foot, Tlumak could not easily fix the ball. Seleznev is not used.
Advantage of the "Miner" in the last minute has become more obvious. Lviv team takes the ball and if, it keeps him very long. The problem is inaccurate transmissions, too many of these passes are now the owners.
Mkhitaryan! The horror! It's incredible! Henry gave a great pass by Costa, as he traveled on a bicycle and gave counsel to the center. There accumulates all the same Mkhitaryan, he hit just five meters from the rally, but hit the crossbar! Great moment loses an Armenian!
Yellow card
Yellow card received Seleznev for unflattering remarks from thoron arbitrator.
Emotions run high! Now Batista fought the fish for horse-ball, the Ukrainian won, but received with little damage. Club doctors "Shakhtar" out on the field.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! COSTA! Douglas confident goalkeeper threw the ball and in different corners!
Yellow card
Yellow card received Tlumak!
Penalties shall appoint an arbitrator for a foul in the penalty against Selezneva!
Seized the initiative, "Miner." Miners are not as active in the attack as Lvov, but the game after aggravating positional attack they do. Fernandinho now threw in the penalty based on the bone, but again the referee raised his flag on the line.
But the miners have seriously exacerbated the game in another penalty! Srna was on the flank and now just decided not to apply for a "second floor" in the penalty area, but cunningly the bottom of the bone. Douglas took the ball, touched up his left leg and a twisted ball into the far corner, but came up defense.
Angle filed "Miner" from the left flank. Willian strangely filed for Srna at the far post, Dario had to fight for the ball and broke the rules.
Ah yes Lucas! Now it is very easily able to pass on the wing Srna, then technically the ball and heel prokinul Rakytskyy past, but Martinez did it too, and eventually the ball was lost. but its very successful actions, he revived the fans in the stands.
Srna knocked the ball toward the opponents' goal, there Seleznev ran behind the defender and managed to vyborot ball! Whether it forward a bit faster and easier, and could himself to himself to jump out! But Ukrainian confused in their own feet and the ball is lost.
Stands with his head in the game! Despite the fact that the stadium is not full, support for "the Carpathians" provided today for the full 90 minutes. Lviv team has not disappointed his fans, the owners are confident in the attack and create moments in front of goal.
Kick "Miner" not far from a stranger penalty! Hudobyak fouls Coast. Srna has decided to break this standard, but fell into the wall.
And here is the first serious shot on goal the hosts. Srna has shifted from the right flank in the center and a powerful shot from the left foot on goal Tlumaka, but by.
"Dry" attack the miners. Costa intercepted the ball is now in center field, went further. They gave Villianu, the CPHE, well, Dario decided not to invent and apply to the center by Seleznev, but the ball did not Eugene doprygnul.
"Miner" already familiar to himself rolling a ball for protection, pulling the opponent over. Rakitskiy now noticed Kosta race, gave him a good program, but the Brazilian was in the "offside".
A good time at the gate of Fish! Cool start to "Carpathian Mountains"! Hudobyak broke into a free zone, went to the penalty area line, gave the flank Golodyuku. Oleg either punched, or sweep, but the ball flew straight into the goal. goal did not happen because of Fishes, kotoyry knocked the ball down.
"Karpaty" from the first minute rush to the attack. Golodyuk now struggled in shock position, but the defender prevented him penetrate. Batista has been on finishing, but that too failed to break through.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Today Lviv "Carpathians" and Donetsk "Shakhtar" will compete in a stadium in Lviv "Ukraine". This match will be very interesting not only for the Ukrainian, but for all football fans! Events in the game you will watch Nikita Gromov, a successful show!

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