30' Yellow card
Vurnon Anita
45' Yellow card
Abdisalam Ibrahim
53' Yellow card
Pavel Cmovs
82' Goal
Davy Klaassen
This concludes our broadcast is over, thanks for everyone who watched that game on our website, see you soon!
Second Half
It sounds the whistle, the match is over, congratulations to fans of "Ajax" on the victory!
Owners can not yet create anything dangerous at the gate "Ajax", apparently, is not the prestige goals.
Could and his fourth goal to bring the owners for sale robbed defender in the penalty area but unable to score. The partners also did not work.
I went the last minutes of the game, the referee added 4 minutes to the main time.
Guests rolled the ball into center field, clearly implying that they are completely satisfied with the result.
Showed de Boer, Frank obviously pleased with himself, the second half entirely on him and his team. NEC is trying to score prestige, yet in vain.
Replacement of the owners, Zoltan Szelesi on the field instead of Kevin Konboya.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-3! This is the replacement, immediately Klaas scores the third goal, he famously broke into the penalty area, got a pass from the right side and put the ball into the far corner. I think the game is done.
Instead, the guests appear Lodeyro Davey sale.
2 goals - double
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-2! Soleimani double does nachudili defenders owners after a corner and Soleimani was a front gate, Babosh was powerless.
After the strike Lodeyro from the penalty and the ball ricochet occurred parachute down to the gate corner.
Corner George Leroy earned for Neka on the left flank. After Van der Velden filing followed the header above the door.
Thus here, the replacement goalkeeper will have "Ajax," Jasper Sillessen appears on the field instead of Kenneth Fermeera. Let's see how manifest itself not really had time to even warm up a reserve goalkeeper.
Konboy got the ball in the penalty area and collided with the keeper, "Ajax". Kevin himself has been able to get up, but Fermeer is, have him help, very hurt Kenneth. It would not have needed a replacement. I note that Konboy was offside.
Replacement of the owners, instead of Lasse Sean plays Melvin dress.
Continue to attack guests, NEC can not catch the ball. Apparently, Frank de Boer spoke closely with the wards during the break, a very powerful amsterdamtsy appear in the second half.
Replacement of the guests, instead of Lorenzo Ebisilio appears on the Aïssata Ismail.
Guests got right on the corner, after the filing of whom took the ball Gabor Babosh.
Gaps appeared in the lines of the owners, "Ajax" is dangerous runs into the counter, now only inaccurate transmission Soleimani near the penalty picked out 3 in 3.
And to compare the hosts, the ball after a corner taken out of the penalty, but the first on George okaschalsya selection, hung to the gate, Fermeer wrong output and Konboy hit the gate, if hit, would have been a goal since the gates were empty.
Wow, after a harmless delivery from the left wing did not find out central defenders guests, as a result of Vertongen slightly in the gate is not cut, the corner.
Starts, seems to tell the difference in class between the rivals. "Ajax" right now looks much more interesting than the hosts, it is clear that the players have more masterovity amsterdamtsev.
Meanwhile, Will fouls near the penalty area, will feed from the left side, curled into the goal Eriksen, Babosh not easily able to fix the same ball. In response, George Leroy attack broke with the left penalty area and beat with a very acute angle, Fermeer well established and firmly took the ball.
Well, something has come up with the owners, until now, scoring chances they had, in spite of generally interesting combinational game. Let's see what you get done.
Yellow card
Roughly played in midfield, Paul Chmovsh, yellow Chmovshu.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! 0-1! Soleimani! Lodeyro gorgeous Paz found in the penalty Anita, Gabor Babosh portrayed incoherently, as a result of Anita, who was at an acute angle, was able to push the ball through Babosha literally in the center, where no resistance Soleimani calmly rolled the ball into the empty net.
Konboy joined in the attack on the left flank, but feed into the penalty area he failed. Now laid siege to the penalty guest players Neka to scoring chances still does not reach, but the pressure is taking place.
On the field until nothing interesting happens, Neka beat of the penalty Feyzullahu, but fell into a defender.
Substitutions at half-time we did not happen, the team continues to play in the same composition as the finished the first half.
By the way, if anyone interested, judging from today's match referee prodigious Gezyubyuyuk name. In a break several times showed when Soleimani fell in the penalty area and the owners demanded a penalty, it was for 39 minutes. So Dutch colleagues believe that there was a penalty and fellow Gezyubyuyuk wrong. I stand by my opinion, there was no penalty.
Second half has began
Whistle sounds, and this means that the game was resumed in Nijmegen, the second time! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Well, finished the first half, we have a break, rest for 15 minutes.
A penalty, by the way, very dangerous out, the victim Jansen bottom powerfully struck the penalty, the ball rebounded after a series of ricochets to someone of the guests in jeopardy, and only selfless defenders of the game, blocked kick, saved the hosts out of trouble.
Yellow card
Ibrahim Abdisalam for some reason in the middle of the field has flagrantly violated the rules, resulting in a warning. And after he's once again fouls near the penalty already on Jansen. Penalty of the guests. Meanwhile, for the first half, added 2 minutes.
Aiden Van fouls, a penalty from the right edge played amsterdamtsy, supply has not turned back, now do not go so far that the standard commands.
But now Babosh rescued, great kick off the line succeeded Erichsen shtrafngoy, and with difficulty pulled out of the corner of the keeper the ball by placing it on the corner. Corner not turned out.
Now active guests, Lodeyro by partners pulled the ball almost to the penalty and the left-dense struck. However, the ball fell to the feet and flew past the gate. In reply, attack the first strike on goal was a success already masters. It is true that a weak and harmless, yet Fermeer in place.
Again, Soleimani, this time down in the penalty area in the fight and began to beg for a penalty. The judge clearly figured out there was nothing there.
Not a bad tempo attack took place in the hosts, followed by a canopy from the right wing, Ryan Kolveyk hit his head again later. In reply, the attack was taken 1 to 1 Soleimani, but time ran out Babosh gate and passed the ball. It is true, was still in an offside position Soleimani, but note how well-read situation cap Neka.
Lodeyro the left edge of the penalty hit well into the near corner, Gabor Babosh in place. If not mistaken, this was the first strike on target for two. On the initiative.
Equal playing field for in excess of attacking football, which we often see in Holland today, not too many dangerous moments so far. A real chances at all until it was nice to play a defensive team.
"Ajax" apparently decided to play on the counter now, it seems that the lure guests players "Neka" in the attack.
Yellow card
Not bad bosses keep the ball in those moments, not only received the finishing passes. But it was possible to earn a dangerous free kick. Returning to the game, Anita van der Velden cut down at the right edge, for which he received a yellow card. Penalty played poorly owners loss.
Danger could be now, Lasse Sean gave way to Kevin Konboyu, at the last moment Vurnon Anita could in a desperate dash to knock the ball from under the feet of Konboya. And I received with damage. Something a bit too much micro traumas in our first half hour. And a forced change. Anita, incidentally, is also not so far to continue the game.
So for now, Leroy George on the field instead of Gossensa the owners.
John Gossens was damaged, hardly left the player hosts, there is a suspicion that may be forced to change in Neka.
Well amsterdamtsy gradually clean up the initiative to their hands. More precisely, to the feet. All the more potentially dangerous maneuvers in the penalty Neka. A good kick Theo Jansen from 20 meters, again inaccurate.
Ryuben Legion received a great pass from deep in the free zone on the right flank, caught the ball and rolled back Lodeyro came running, he beat a defender and rolled slightly to the right into the far corner. I almost fell.
Guests got right to the free kick near the right edge almost, Soleimani after submission won the upper hand in the penalty area and sent the ball into the side of the gate, turned higher.
Well, that's a good first time visitors as soon as contact was played, immediately the danger Soleymani received the ball in the penalty area, but really could not break through, we note the confident play defender owners.
"Ajax" at the 5th place, to be exact, and HEK now on the 15th. Nevertheless, it was the hosts attack. Now a corner, after the filing of which Konboy Keven, who came into the penalty area, struck above the gate.
I must say amsterdamtsy not shine in this year's championship, so far, lying in mid-table. But, I think, have already booked their place in the spring phase of the Champions League, came out of a complex group with the "Real" and "Lion". Here is the level of the Dutch championship, which many are quite skeptical.
Well owners have begun, "Ajax" almost forced to retreat to play Vertongen, in particular, barely passed the ball to the side, discharging a dangerous situation.
Will pass in slalom reached almost to the bottom of the guests, and a penalty shot from the left, a little inaccurate, but it was beautiful.
The first dangerous moment, Van der Field's got a great pass from the left flank of Gossensa in the penalty area, took great one motion beating the defender, but Fermeer time played a proactive and took the ball.
Recently, "Ajax" was involved in a match that ended 6-4 against him. Let's see whether the Dutch still surprised something like that. So far, the triumph of attacking football is not observed.
Penalty led to a corner, but the corner once again played poorly. Meanwhile Kolveyk received minor damage from the owners, assists him off the field.
The first corner at the gate of the owners, Eriksen filed, coped protection. However, the second rate ball again received Eriksen, which fouled almost the same corner flag.
In Nijmegen, where the game is played, the rain. And, unfortunately, the application no reviews Dmitry Bulykin, injured last game. However, let's hope for a good game, it's Holland.
First time has began
Sounds starting whistle, started the first time! Let's go!
First Half
Greetings to all lovers of Dutch football! Welcome to the 14 match tour of Dutch league, in which NEC takes in Amsterdam, "Ajax". You will be working Alexander Kalish.

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