Stadium: Stadio Olimpico
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Lazio" interrupts the unbeaten, losing in a very important match, "Juventus"!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Ends stoppage time. "Lazio" seems to be losing in this game and breaks his unbeaten run, which amounted to nine games. "Juventus" probably will continue to win.
Cramped leg at Chiellini. A time is coming.
Additional time
Four minutes.
In the next round, "Latium" will also play at home. But there will be no longer a serious contender - "Novara." And here at "Juventus" is another departure, and even where ... in Naples. "Napoli" - one of the favorites of the season. What can we say? That would be a spectacle.
Miroslav Klose completed shed from the left flank into the penalty spot area, Djibril Cisse broke through on goal - Gianluigi Buffon took the shell in his gloves.
How cool is now played by the guests. They need to keep score, so they attack, even a small force, but because they inhibit impulses owners. The best defense - attack. Always played.
Alessandro Matri leaves immediately after his miss. Instead, Fabio Quagliarella plays.
ROD! The second of the match. Alessandro Matri got the ball on the penalty and punched with his left foot into the far bottom corner - hit the rack, from which the shell flew over the front line of the field.
Without much interest going forward players, "Lazio". And at stake is the outcome of the match. And always attack "Juventus". Somehow illogical turns.
Out by a single goal scored. Simone Pepe to the applause of the Tribune gets a rest. Instead, it plays Marcelo Estigarribia.
Alessandro Matri got the ball on the right flank, miraculously gone from a rival, went to a different penalty area, removed Stefan Radu, completed the transfer, which proved to be inaccurate. Crushed right now visiting.
Roughly in the last episode still played Giuseppe. Nuzhnoemu more careful to act in order to play the game in this fight. He did himself while sipping.
Yellow card
Yellow card received by Giuseppe Sculli.
Right now you can clearly say that left about fifteen minutes to play in the light of added time. One-third of half-time ahead, roughly speaking. What is interesting is?
How is now nervous about the whole "Olympic". The fans, when their players something fails, groaning and sighing, when it turns out - clap their hands and shout. Now more Ohoven. This is understandable.
Ugh! Pepe fled to other people's gate, he could go on a date with the keeper, but in the end made a mistake by failing prokinut shell between her legs Mobido Diakite.
Counterattack turned a "Lazio" after a corner guests, Djibril Cisse pulled from the left flank, began to shift to the center and earned a free kick for his team.
It's crazy! Emanuele Dzhachcherini got the ball on the penalty, turned around and immediately struck the gate, but Federico Marchetti, coming out of the frame, was able to translate the shell for the front line of the field. Corner!
Sculli replaced Lulicha.
Not bad now jumped on the far Klose rack after a pass from the left flank, but the blow was not enough, Miroslav accuracy. Seventy-two minutes on the scoreboard.
The last twenty minutes of normal time started. I hope this moment will be rich in the number of goals. At least a couple to see. To get a better sleep, so to speak.
From flank to flank rolling it round the players 'Juventus'. "Lazio" is an active selection, but so far the owners of this turns out not the best way.
Djibril Cisse was dispersed on the right flank, but managed to jump out of his penalty and beat Gianluigi Buffon in the shell side line of the field. Out for the hosts.
Yellow card
Yellow card for rough reception was Christian Ledesma.
Yeah. Emanuele Dzhachcherini goes. He replaces former player "Roma" Mirko Vucinic. He was in a kind of derby did not differ.
Tommaso Rocky leaves the field. It turns out Djibril Cisse. And once we show a situation where the penalty is not appointed to the gate, "Juventus" ...
As I said, Gianluca Rocky worked in five league matches, which showed twenty-six yellow cards, two of which were second to football. Gianluca also appointed two penalty kick, but never directly deleted player.
Cristian Ledesma has violated the rules on the right flank. Sip slowly while players from Turin.
Dresses anticipated. I mean, who brought in a taxi directly to the football field. Remember the French comedy? Do not suffer. Djibril Cisse to replace someone now.
But now Gianluigi Buffon has demonstrated his vast experience. He saw that the opponent is going to penetrate into the far corner, and somehow jumped ahead in the direction from which he saved his team.
And who will score, I wonder? ROD! STAND! Woodwork! Something like that. Lima Ernanes got the ball after the rebound from an opponent ten meters from the gate with his left foot and hit the nearest bar. On finishing a football player, "Lazio", but there is Buffon played at.
Excellent in its transmission now has been conceived in the penalty area, "Lazio", but Alessandro Matri no time did the ball, which was very much behind the front line sent to the field.
Managed to drive away "eagles" now the players 'Juventus' half of the field, where the gate Federico Marchetti. And we are increasingly show Djibril Cisse.
I decided to break on goal after a pass Mobido Diakite from the right - the ball flew above the crossbar. Gianluigi Buffon to beat a shell now from their gates.
As they say, between the first and second ... Asked the arbitrator to duplicate the corner, feed from the right flank fell exactly in the glove Gianluigi Buffon.
Miroslav Klose took the ball on the right edge of the penalty stranger, tried to beat Chiellini, but George has played well in the subcategory, breaking the shell at the front line of the field. Corner!
At the penalty took the ball Ernanes Lima, but began to split hairs eighth edition of the owners, replay opponent, and had to take and break. Gianluigi Buffon in this attack, did not participate.
"Juventus" is now on the no. Well, let's say, for half of the field, "Lazio". The Romans simply overplayed in the center of the field team from Turin, which is already in the first half, has done its job.
Thus, in an offside position Tommaso Rocky. How not to run to their goal Tommaso, the situation is still "out of play" is not inevitable.
Referee our meeting - Gianluca Rocky. He is probably the best referee of this season. What really is no secret? This is the sixth match running Gianluca, and what. He also served the "Milan" - "Lazio" and "Inter" - "Napoli." Cool this list, is not it?
Claudio Marchisio shot from twenty-six feet - no problem for Federico Marchetti. Also decided to shoot Ernanes Lima - Buffon went on the road Marchetti.
Quite interesting things are going in this match. What can I say? This is an Italian championship, which is now on an equal footing to compete with English Premier League and the Bundesliga, I think.
Alvaro Gonzalez, Christian Brokk instead continue the match.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
So, the first half is over! "Juventus" in Rome, the minimum hamming "Lazio" - 0:1. We have a rest, my friends. Break!
Additional time
1 minute. She has already ended.
Miroslav Klose was offside. Exposed now Ernanes ball Lima.
But Djibril Cisse and we have seen in the picture. He runs for the edge, stretching. Apparently, instead of Tommaso released Rocky. Although it is possible to replace Miroslav Klose. Today he still did not show track.
Very interesting, as it is now to act the guests. Again descend on the defensive, waiting for his chance to counterattack, or will go out and kill an opponent before the break? We'll see. About four minutes before the rest.
Funny guy - Giorgio Chiellini. I caught an opponent - Miroslav Klose - in an offside position and standing over him laughing. Well done, I must say. And Miroslav, can upset.
Forty minutes of the game is over. What do you say? Yes, there is nothing. "Juventus" defended well and deservedly struck the gate, Federico Marchetti. How many times he would get another round of the gate? Learn about an hour.
Turintsev is unbeaten ten matches. "Lazio", in turn, can enjoy nine fights without a defeat. Today could be another match, the most desirable, I think.
It's crazy! Saved as saved by Federico Marchetti now. If not for the keeper, then Simone Pepe punched the corner, coming to visit him, and Federico reduced firing angle, hit the ball, which flew from his feet to the front of Pepe.
Of course, an expert on the Italian Serie A - Karen Adamian - suggested to me that Simone Pepe - a graduate of "Roma". Such knowledge, I do not have, unfortunately. I thank my colleague!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Simone Pepe! Excellent counterattack took place at "Juventus". Accelerated on the left flank Alessandro Matri, completed the transfer of the bottom area of the penalty spot, from Simone Pepe - a graduate of "Roma", by the way - just hit the touch into the net. 0-1!
Simone Pepe took the ball on the right flank, moved to the edge of another's penalty area, where the left foot struck exactly in Federico Marchetti gloves. No problem for the keeper, "Lazio" in this episode.
"Juventus" trying to act in the defense at the expense of long transmission Andrea Pirlo. It was he who in this case - jack of all legs. "Lazio" is hard to center, not trying to open the defense of opponents through the flanks.
Mirko Vucinic was offside, and then another and fell on the grass, damaging the hip. Medics on the football field has been, Mirko will continue playing.
Christian Brokk with twenty-six feet is not very struck bottom in the corner, these balls Gianluigi Buffon will miss only from their children. Brokk's not kid Buffon? I hope so. That took Gianluigi projectile in his gloves.
Thus, "Lazio" was entirely foreign to half of the field. Well, not entirely. Federico Marchetti has a conscience. He stood on the penalty. At this time, "Juventus" hard plowing in the selection.
On the right flank earned standard Ledesma. Christian and hung himself from the penalty area in the penalty mark, which broke the same rules Mobido Diakite. No there is no penalty. Relax, guys. Or was ... But passed.
Just as I thought. Lima Ernanes decided to fire a shot with the standard, but the ball flew a couple of yards over the crossbar. Pressed now hosts. "Juventus" has not gone quite a while to attack a large force.
Andrea Pirlo has violated the rules about thirty meters from the gate. Builds a wall of carefully Gianluigi Buffon. Who will strike? Ernanes likely. But there, and Christian Ledesma.
Today is not just the central match of the tour. Today, two opposing teams, which separates in the standings, goal difference, conceding a goal, well, at "Juventus" still have a game to spare. So the "Lazio" today is only needed a victory.
Wow! Andrea Pirlo done an excellent transfer for Simone Pepe, who ran away from an opponent, and then pierced with ten yards into the far top corner - just not enough accuracy.
That is so responsible, "Lazio"! With the left foot with twenty-three feet struck the gate, Christian Ledesma - the ball flew in millimeters from the far "nine". I was lucky today, "Juventus". Buffon probably will not be bailed out.
MOMENTISCHE! Tommaso Rocky stranger in the penalty area beat an opponent, struck at goal, but was released from the frame of Gianluigi Buffon, from which the projectile went to the front line of the field. Corner!
Twenty minutes of the game is over. "Lazio" intercepted the ball in midfield, "Juventus" in the active selection yet does not want to go. If not, Giorgio Chiellini, who broke the rules on the left flank, it is unknown how many would have lasted a positional approach of "eagles".
It was said that today will not Andrea Pirlo. Though he was not engaged for a week with the team, but today we see it from starting minutes, and recovered Miroslav Klose. All soldiers in the ranks. Let it be a colorful war!
AGAIN THE TIME! Andrea Pirlo struck just incredible, for some mysterious trajectory of a projectile flew after his shot from the standard, Federico Marchetti with difficulty repulsed projectile, but exactly on the leg, Giorgio Chiellini, who has not got two feet in an empty corner.
Own initiative, the players 'Juventus'. On paper, of course, the team from Turin looks stronger. And the bookies have given the initiative was wards Antonio Conte. Let's see how will be used to develop the event.
On the right flank was on his feet Mobido Diakite. Giorgio Chiellini tried on another side of the field since. The arbitrator is noticed. In general, the passions, even very serious.
The guests are the following scheme: 4-3-3. At the gate Buffon. Defence (left to right): Chiellini, Bartsali, Bonucci and Lihtshtayner. The middle line are left - Marchisio, right - Vidal, in the center - Pirlo. Trio forwards (left to right): Matri, Vucinic and Pepe.
WOW! From the right edge of the penalty stranger hung on the near corner goalie Stefan Lihtshtafner, to forestall played Claudio Marchisio, breaking the head of a millimeter over the crossbar. First created chances to score the guests. Illogical moment, to be honest.
With twenty-four feet at once decided to knock on the gates of Lima Ernanes - the ball flew above the crossbar. A goal kick for Gianluigi Buffon. In a hurry legend of Italian football.
Calmly now owned by ball players from Turin. But not for long separated from the shell. Still stands the players are driven forward.
On the left flank, Stefan Radu took the ball, took his opponent, and hung on the far post but the ball flew over the front line of the field. A goal kick for Gianluigi Buffon.
I decided immediately to break with Mirko Vucinic left flank. The ball flew to the nearest millimeter from the rack. It seems that if the missile flew on target, Federico Marchetti would not expect this turn of events.
On the left flank forward Giorgio Chiellini ran, and then do the transfer by Alessandro Matri brow, but Abdoulaye Konko had to substitute leg, from which the shell flew over the sideline of the field.
First, we made the owners - the referee asked to repeat, but the second time at the "Lazio" did not work. "Juventus" fought off without any problems. True ball rests at the foot of the Romans.
Cool on the right flank has accelerated Abdoulaye Konko, completed the transfer of the penalty area, but fell at an opponent, from which a projectile flew over the front line of the field. The corner.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-1-2-1-2. Let's deal. At the gate Marchetti. The defenders (from left to right): Radu, Stankevicius, Diakite and competitiveness. In the core area is Ledesma. A couple of central defenders are Lulich and Brokk. Closer to the two forward - Rocky and Klose - plays Ernanes.
Vucinic took the ball on the penalty otpasoval Alessandro Matri to the right, which is entangled in his own feet and gave the shell to the opponent.
Well, just beauty. "Olympic" in Rome, is rarely filled by about 100%, but today is going just incredible. Percent to 90% today filled the stadium. The incredible support today, "Lazio". This should bear fruit.
The home team now play in blue uniforms, and players Antonio Conte - in pink. Federico Marchetti gate on the TV picture on the left, and the frame Gianluigi Buffon - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players 'Lazio'!
First Half
A minute of silence, as I suggested to my colleague Karen Adamian, due to the flood victims at Messina.
The teams appeared on the football field. Wow, I feel today will be very hot.
The teams are in the "About Match!" Hurry to see them.
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Beautiful, rich in the event turned out Saturday, right? But, again, there is not the end. I suggest you savor "cherry on the cake." I invite you to tour the central match in Serie A: "Lazio" against "Juventus". A sign on the wall. God grant that the fight has turned informative. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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