Stadium: Tsentralny (Kazan)
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Ruby" for the third time this season beat "Dynamo". Total score: 7:0, just fantastic.

C was Vladimir Gubarev you! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Alexander Ryazantsev most today ran into this match. I think he's one of the heroes of the fight. A huge amount of work he performed today.
Replaced the Roman Eremenko Petr Nemov.
As I said, Vitaly Meshkov worked for sixteen games of the Russian championship, which showed fifty-nine yellow cards, three times removed player (two - the second "mustard") and appointed four penalty kick. Pretty hard by the referee. Do not say anything.
Anton Shunina taken already in Kazan hospital. It is necessary, apparently, to take damage parts of the body. At this time the attacking team from Moscow under whistling fans of Kazan.
Dyadyun instead of Valdez. That's it.
Roman Eremenko shot from thirty yards in hopes of a rebound - the projectile traveled in meters from the far post. Hurry, hurry Evgeny Frolov.
Angle unsuccessfully played football club in Moscow. Kazan team now holds the ball in midfield. Meanwhile, there is very little time. Really sorry for the tautology.
In this season of "Ruby" - a real evil genius "Dynamo". In both previous matches of the championship team of Kazan was stronger opponents, defeating the capital account in the overall team - 5:0. No more of this statistic in the fight against "Dynamo" can not show off. In view of this meeting - 7:0. It's crazy.
Enough time for "Ruby", I think so. Actually I think the red was supposed to get Luke and Uilkshir. After all, what right do you have to touch the football lying on the lawn?
Ansalьdi vmesto Gёkdeniza Karadeniza. Interesting.
Red Card
Bokketti pushed the brawl Uilkshira, hitting to the face. For this he received a red card. There is a chance for guests.
Yellow card
Wow. Yellow card received Uilkshir. Why not red?
E-uh-uh. Lost their nerve? Maybe it's time to take a break from football? Eremenko by inertia fell Uilkshir began to turn the recumbent Roman, and something roughly the same govorit.Srazu emerged brawl. This is understandable.
"Dynamo", by the way, in the last three matches is not lost, typing with seven points. Were played with "Tom" and "Kuban" and the assets of wards Sergey Silkin brought his tie in a match against Moscow "Spartak". Let's see if today will be interrupted series of guests. It should say it's close to it.
Alexander Kokorin got the ball on the right flank, and then pushed him with both hands, but the chief arbiter of the meeting saw no violation of the rules.
Andriy Voronin beat two opponents, completed the transfer of Kevin Kuranyi, who was in the "offside".
Andriy Voronin can pass on the penalty line, tried to break through on goal, Alexander Kokorin - Sergei Ryzhikov not come into play as defenders of the "Rubin" themselves managed.
Yellow card
Navas received his seventh yellow card of the season.
Gekdeniz Karadeniz and Alexander Ryazantsev swapped flanks. Now Gekdeniz performed overhang on the right edge, on the penalty and took the shell Alexander, but then he performed an unsuccessful transmission.
Very viscous now plays Kazan team. However, as he can. "Ruby" remains doterpet twenty minutes before his victory. Score a "Dynamo"?
Resumed our game. Yevgeny Frolov entered the game, taking the ball into his glove after a pass from the corner of the field.
Yevgeny Frolov for his debut "Dynamo".
Anton Shunin landed badly on the lawn. Need a replacement. Wow ... We wish him a speedy recovery.
ROMAAAN! Eremenko! Roman Eremenko after transfer from Alexander Ryazantsev struck exactly at the goalkeeper, and then all decided not to punch. The defender made a shell for the front.
Nekhaichik instead Samedov.
Yellow card
During the conversation with the referee received a yellow card, Kevin Kuranyi.
Sixty minutes of the game is over. On the right wing took the ball, Alexander Samedov, then got an elbow from Salvatore Bokketti. Penalty earned the visitors on the right flank.
Nelson Valdez has closed the transfer of the right wing of the Roman Eremenko, striking his head out of the penalty area just to the point of gloves Anton Shunina.
Yellow card
Andriy Voronin is now roughly played against Alexander Ryazantsev, who decided not to accept an apology Ukrainian. In general, Andrew - a rough player. We know.
On the left flank took the ball Gekdeniz Karadeniz, performed on the transmission line penalty, which is not now ran Nelson Valdez. Losing again attack the guests.
Yellow card
The fourth yellow card of the season was Alexander Kokorin for something that does not let the flank Alexander Ryazantsev.
Ten minutes had passed after the break. Nelson Valdez is now in someone else's penalty area, played in the subcategory, picked up the ball, but the knock on the gates of the guests could not.
Alexander Samedov we saw in the center of the field, where it is quite rare. The loss of the ball, counter-hosts Gekdeniz Karadeniz hung from the left flank - Anton Shunin in the game.
On the right wing took the ball Luke Uilkshir, completed the transfer of the heel on Andriy Voronin, who again made a mistake in the PACE. Still more the ball is owned by the guests at the launch of the second half minutes.
Andriy Voronin received the ball on the right wing, completed the transfer to a different penalty area, where one of the players in white and blue uniforms were not.
Now the Roman Eremenko proved in the millimeter position "out of the game." 3-1 on the offside.
No substitutions, as we have seen, cost Kurban Berdyev. And he? The team won with a score - 2:0, full replays rivals. So change is optional.
In Nelson Valdez was offside.
Guests today nedoschityvayutsya Nath Kasayeva. They are disqualified. Injured Smith and Alexei Eremenko. True, the Muscovites have a serious loss - because of two "mustard plaster" does not help his team Semshov.
Instead Lomicha second-half play Epureanu.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! Break!
Sergei Kislyak struck volley at goal from twenty five yards with his left foot - Anton took Shunin shell in his gloves.
WARNING! The first blow at the "Dinamo" occurred at the end of the first half. This is how .... Andriy Voronin completed the transfer of a cut in someone else's penalty area, where from eight yards struck Zvezdan Misimović, got into Sergei Ryzhikov, decreasing the angle of attack.
Roman Eremenko made bomb on the right flank, then otpasoval closer to the center of the field, where the broken rules Gekdeniz Karadeniz.
Andriy Voronin attempted to reach the ball after the transfer mate in another free kick, but Navas managed to put the case and catch the projectile.
Christian Noboa has decided to break the gathering after the rebound from an opponent with twenty-six feet - the ball was cut off from one foot opornika "Ruby" and went to the front line of the field.
Kevin Kuranyi took the ball on the line of another's penalty area, then turned on the lawn, holding his leg. Violations of the rules was not. So thinks the referee. Then put the card to Kevin, right?
"Dynamo" has minimal chances to become the second day the team in the league. If wards Sergey Silkin today gaining three points, they have become two points more than the vysheiduschego CSKA. Good motivation, right?
On the left flank followed by a presentation in the penalty area of ​​the Moscow team, but at the output of good fists played Sergei Ryzhikov. Whistling fans hosts.
Zvezdan Misimović got the ball in midfield, none of his teammates are not supported in this attack, so had to get Zvezdanu the legs to keep the shell for your team.
Kurban Berdyev again came to the brink of the technical area and follow the instructions given to several players to their team.
On the right flank Luke Uilkshir hung in someone else's penalty area, Sergei Ryzhikov managed to play at the exit, taking the ball at the second attempt in his gloves. Nowhere now in no hurry to Kazan goalie team. Well, that's understandable.
"Dynamo" today do not have disqualified Semshova. In the center of the field did not get the players from Moscow. Andriy Voronin too long in the shadows.
Vitaly Meshkov - the chief arbiter of our game. He is from Dimitrov, the first category. This season, he worked for sixteen league matches. As we see, trust him, if put to work in such fights. Is this true?
One-third of half-time was already behind us, now behind a third of the match. At this time, hung from the right flank Alexander Ryazantsev - the ball knocked out, but just to keep up Roman Eremenko, who shot from an acute angle - Anton took Shunin shell in his gloves.
That's nothing to comment. I promise. Viscous game, a lot of errors, the effects of weather. That is all we can say at this moment.
From flank to flank rolls round players of the Moscow club. They do not know how to approach the goal by Sergei Ryzhikov.
And now it's very interesting. "Dynamo" to at least recoup today. If it is not, then the team is unlikely to belong to a group of leaders. Because everyone else will also be on the same principle attributed to the best teams to the championship.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! GEKDENIZ Karadeniz! Followed by a canopy from a corner, the ball players carried the guests, but right on the line of the penalty, where the gate struck Gekdeniz Karadeniz - the ball from the left of the bar just went into the net. 2-0!
Roman Eremenko is back on the football field. At this time the hosts earned a corner on the left flank. This is the first corner at the gate "Dynamo" ..
Lomich broke the rules by Roman Eremenko. Now he needs medical attention. Would to God that his ribs were okay.
Alexander Kokorin took the ball on the line of another's penalty area, then went to the unfortunate stroke. "Ruby" took possession of the projectile. And, apparently, for a long time.
"Ruby" came to this match in good spirits, beating CSKA Moscow in the last round with a score - 1:2. The team is now Kurban Berdiev is in sixth position in the championship, behind the "Locomotive" at one point.
Andriy Voronin received the ball on another side of the field, played up his hand. It saw the chief arbiter of the meeting.
Christian Noboa done an excellent transfer of the right wing, Roman Eremenko otpasoval into another penalty on Gekdeniza Karadeniz, who made a mistake with the transfer. Guests do not have a counter.
A little bored so on their own contest. I was not even surprised that someone from viewing somknet eyes and walk away for a couple of hours in the world of dreams. Especially today, "Barcelona," for example, late-night playing.
But good on the left flank has accelerated Gekdeniz Karadeniz, but not played worse and Leandro Fernandez, Luke insure Uilkshira and knocking round in the subcategory of under the feet of midfielder, "Rubin."
Andriy Voronin received the ball on the right flank, and then do a bad shed on the line box. There were only players of the Kazan club.
One-third of the first half behind. Possess the ball in midfield players of the Kazan club. Kurban Berdyev for the first time in this match came with his rosary and said something to his players, active gestures.
In the center of the legs was Andriy Voronin. At this time, we have shown the active supporters of the Moscow "Dynamo", two of them with bare torso and face shouting something. And it is at this temperature ....
The first corner at the gate, "Rubin", supply failure, but the ball from the feet of the Kazan player flew over the sideline of the field. Again large forces defensive players from Kazan.
Andriy Voronin received the ball on the left flank in the center circle otpasoval which violated the rules of Salvatore Bokketti. "Dynamo" already dolgovato possession of the ball in the center of the field.
Not a lot of fans gathered today this fight. Of course, the reason for it is the weather. But support for "Ruby" today very well. Let's see what will be the end of the match.
Anton Shunin, receiving the ball from a defender knocked it, but it was in Nelson Valdes, from which the projectile went to goalkeeper gloves Moscow club.
"Dynamo" for a long time possessed the ball in midfield, after which Alexander Samedov erred in transferring the bottom. Now the "Ruby" shows visitors how to ride a shell, killing time.
Still, "Rubin" is much more active began this match, which led to the logical scored the ball. Now the Moscow club to score twice to confirm Kuranyi words that now, "Dynamo" will be inconvenient opponent for the Kazan club.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Roman Eremenko! There was a transfer from the right edge of the penalty on foreign Gekdeniza Karadeniz, he took the ball on the penalty and executed a few touches before otpasoval back on line on the heel of Roman Eremenko, and no one covered the ex-midfielder Kiev "Dynamo" broke his right foot in touch in the lower right corner of the goal by Anton Shunina. 1-0!
TIME! Alexander Ryazantsev got the ball on the penalty from Christian Noboa, has launched a rival and punched with his left foot into the far corner, but it was in Nelson Valdes, who was in the "offside".
Started the match the players of the Moscow club with a serious possession, but with the penalty and Marco Lomich performed an unsuccessful transfer on the left flank. There's no one did not exist.
Kurban Berdyev - iron man. Footballers are twitching from the cold, when sounded hymns. And it will all match today in a jacket and shirt. It's crazy. And this is so cold. That's what it means - a principle.
"Ruby" plays today in the form of claret, and players from Moscow - in white. Gates Sergei Ryzhikov on a TV picture on the left, and Anton Shunina frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players 'Rubina'!
First Half
Team on the football field! Sound anthems of Russia and Tatarstan.
Good evening, ladies and football fans! You and I met again in the fields of Russia. Now take a look at one of the key matches of thirty-second round of the Russian Premier League, in which the "Ruby" accepts "Dynamo". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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