Stadium: Signal Iduna Park
Congratulates all the fans of "Borussia" with a great victory, "Schalke" want to quickly forget the bitter defeat and move on. With you all the time was Nikita Gromov. I wish you happiness, health and love German football!
Second Half
The match is over!
Pischek sweep from the flank into the penalty area, where to stay ahead of playing Lewandowski. Field is very powerfully struck rally on goal, but goalkeeper in the miracle jump ball parried!
Additional time
2 minutes added arbitrator.
And yet another replacement. Omovoylea out instead Goetze.
Grosskroyts out on the field, it changes the Blashikovski.
Oh what a shock causes the gate Vaydenfellera player "Schalke". Papodopulos pierced with thirty feet, but so powerful that he could hear the entire stadium as goalkeeper punched the ball beat!
Leitner. Youth, passion, all this is certainly understandable, but so can cause injury and! Jones is now on the flank of the body and covered the ball with his hands Moritz decided to fill up its on the lawn, but then another chance and added foot. Oh well it does not work out.
Jurado takes the field, changing it Holtby.
How beautiful now! Outside the gates Vaydenfellera fans "Schalke" lit fireworks. This light on the background of a huge flank oh, how cool! Asked the referee to go and settle down Raoul its fans, the Spaniard obeyed.
Changes in the composition and "Borussia". Barrios left the field, instead of Kagawa.
Substitution in the "Schalke". Marika goes instead Baumyohanna.
Again hooked the team. There are not enough new, fresh blood in the game! replacement and beg. "Borussia" in principle, nothing. Super-reliable defenders will fail, but "Schalke" might try to snatch though, would be one point.
Lewandowski that works! Passed into the box from the right flank and gave a great pass under attack in the center on Blashihovski, the first contact with the beating of an empty goal but the ball hit the foot protector. A great moment loses the "Borussia"!
As for me, now could be released and Jurado and Marika. Both can significantly enhance the game in the attack. 2-0, in principle, not so devastating score, the more there is still time.
In the penalty box hosts many high-flying innings! well really can not tell Rangnik their wards not to do this? Hummels and Santana - two towering defender. Playing on the second floor - it's their bread.
Long been attacking the guests, though closer to the gate yet. Perfectly protected "Borussia"!
Makes a save now Unnerstall! Lewandowski could score, he struck from the penalty, but the goalkeeper parried on finishing was Barrios, but the ball before he had a second, and so did not have time.
Yellow card
And this is interesting! Brawl on the field! Who the instigators? But who knows. Actively waving their hands and Raul Barrios! Replay shows that in fact rudely cut Uchida Goetze, since this all started. The arbitrator gave the yellow card football player, "Schalke".
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Santana! The ball is now in the penalty followed by Hummels, he threw very well for Barrios! As Lucas did not score, I do not know - the gate was 5 meters, and he was alone, well no one is not bothered! Benefit for finishing first was Santana and he confidently drove the ball into the net!
Hey yes, Cuba! He received the ball on the penalty corner and the style of Ronaldinho tried to tighten it to the far top corner. But do not come from him to do it. however, for attempting to podium rewarded him with applause.
Immediately apologize to the fans, "Schalke", but their game is similar to the tactics of some amateur teams, which tries to attack the gates of the top club. Simply ball with his half of the field throws at Raoul, more precisely in the direction of it. Any ideas or creativity in their actions to be seen.
Lewandowski good answers! In the penalty Pole punched in the bottom corner, but by. The ball is somewhere in the feet away from the bar was.
Replacing a part of visitors. Draksler from the field goes, goes Pukki. Funny name, is not it?
Well, almost naked! Baumyohann flew to the impact position on the corner of the goalie area and powerfully struck into the near corner! The ball hit into the net even, but the reverse side.
Hummels now in subcategories intercepted a pass with a great wing to center on Huntelaar! Again "if, yes if only." Not enough of something guests now, a little lacking.
Oh Lewandowski! How is that? Picked up the ball, went to the penalty, but only saw the ball and the goal. But on the other flank Barrios ran so well! Slightly push the ball to him, Robert and all - he had already released one by one!
From the first minute of the second half shows that the "Borussia" more set to win. Leitner was a good free kick, gave to the center by Lewandowski, he has swung his leg to kick, but suddenly jumped back and knocked the ball.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Nothing important in this extra time has not occurred. Break!
Additional time
1 minute, add the referee.
Here is the Schmelzer decided to break through on goal. He received the ball on the wing, very slightly shifted to center and struck. Blow out pretty good, but the ball flew above the gate. Whatever it was, and the rostrum were awarded the German round of applause.
Yellow card
Yellow card! The second of the match already! And again, it gets a player, "Schalke". It is against the rules Papadopoulos played against Barrios.
On the lawn now Jones. Very roughly, though reluctantly, he has played against Kel: straight leg drove his opponent in the leg. Jones limped leaves the field, but playing like he still is.
Again pass into the penalty from Raul Jones, but as something very simple and uninteresting. Veydnefeller went out and picked up the ball.
"Borussia" fueled by their own fans going forward. Leitner was now on the left flank, gave it to the center by Barrios, but he is not very active today.
Yellow card
Well, finally! Jones receives a yellow card for a foul against Kael.
Fouls against Raul Hummels. The Spaniard asked the card, but with a game the referee is afraid to show them. Penalty Draksler pierced - just to hand Vydenfelleru.
And once again dry. The ball rolls around the center of the field, going from one team to another. While playing football without a goal. Who knows, maybe take a short break and we'll see an explosive ending time?
What time was now at the gates Unnerstalla! Goetze went one on one beat to the far corner but the goalkeeper managed to touch the tips of his fingers and a little slow the flight of the ball. Next run against Barrios, but quickly turned back and literally knocked the ball from the goal line!
Raul plays without the ball at all. Even with his team's attacking the Spaniard does not receive the ball. It seems that very well patronized his defenders.
Schmelzer is excellent! Not only that scoring pass gave so also runs along the flanks and the ball takes away! Now, however, could not restrain himself and violated the rules of German. Penalty for "Schalke".
But what is! Another flagrant violation of the rules of the guests, but the referee does not show until the mustard plasters. And if only the pores while playing football did not like Thai boxing.
Viscous, sticky saskatoon go. The first minutes of the team demonstrated an open, bright football, but what now? As if the players were so tired that they have lost the desire to attack. Barrios tried to break now from afar, but far too weak.
Dry as a play rogues. Midfield "Borussia" in their background looks very powerful. Deep, organized pressure does not even take guests to the penalty, not to mention the points and strokes.
Keep the ball in these players, "Schalke". stands the whistling they organize a positional attack, but to no avail.
Immediately tried to answer visitors. Matip threw on the course, Raul, but the Spanish legend was not enough speed to overtake the young defenders of the owners.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! And here he is! Pockets "Borussia"! Schmelzer handed a penalty from the right flank into the penalty area, there sprang Lewandowski and punched in a corner. Goalkeeper even got the ball, but still flew round the net!
Quickly and rapidly evolving game. The teams play a very active during the first minute. Interestingly, enough of them for the whole match. By the way, the goal is already brewing. The only question in which the gate?
A brilliant counter-attack "Borussia"! Goetze broke free space in the center of the field, said Barrios running too, and gave him to move, but Lucas is whether the speed is not enough, that would catch the ball, or he just missed the time of transfer.
Very active in the first minutes of Dortmund. They hold the ball more, and slowly begin to create moments in front of goal. Attack "Schalke" choke as soon as soon as the ball approaches the goal of owners.
Something a lot of fouls in the first minutes. One feels enthusiasm among the players on the field, they do not want to lose the ball so easy, despite the fact that they were going, only the first minute of the match. More breaking the rules until the players in blue shirts.
And yet another violation of the rules at half-field "Schalke". Near the ball was Schmelzer, gave it into the box to Barrios, but the ball is not reached before.
An excellent free-kick causes Blashihovski, but by. Dangerous was a shock. Continues to attack the "Borussia".
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good evening, dear fans! Today will be a super match on a beautiful arena, "Signal Iduna Park", which will compete with each other, "Borussia Dortmund" and "Schalke 04". This match will be for you to comment on Nikita Gromov, a successful show!

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