Stadium: Spartak (Nalchik)
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Spartak Nalchik" quite unexpectedly defeated in his field "Terek" - 3:0.

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Jovanovic Golichev instead.
This year the team spent another two matches, one of whom, in Nalchik ended with a score - 2:2. In Grozny, the match was for "Spartacus" - 0:1. It is time to rehabilitate wards Stanislaus Cherchesova, but it will be next year, probably.
Pilipchuk Mitrisheva instead.
As I said earlier, Sergey Karasev worked in fifteen matches, which showed sixty-four yellow cards or one red and appointed only a penalty kick three, two of them - in a single match.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Magomed MITRISHEV! RESERVE! Muhammad received the ball on the far rack after the transfer of mate, could only break through on goal. 3-0! This is the defeat, my friends!
Mohammed receives medical care Mitrishev. Most likely, it will not continue the match, and now come to the football field, another defender in "Spartacus." That problem will be solved.
Yellow card
Semen Fomin received a yellow card. This is his second "yellow card" of the season. Rough it in the subcategory went against the opponent. There's nothing to discuss.
Safely see out the match on the defensive football players of "Spartacus" in Nalchik. "Terek" still trying to do something in front of goal, but it is now clear that it was useless.
On the right flank was on his feet Jovan Golichev. This is Xavier Zeng wanted a second yellow card. The arbitrator gave no such gift.
"Terek" does not play even in two matches in a row, beating "Krasnodar" and tied with "Wings of the Soviets." Let's see whether the team of Stanislav Cherchesova continue his series today in Nalchik. Left-or ten minutes.
And again in the spotlight Alexander Schanitsin. This time he struck with twenty-four feet - Exiled Canan watched the projectile over the front line of the field.
Siradze Goshokova instead.
That does not want to clog Schanitsin today, that's all. Alexander Schanitsin burst into a strange penalty to the right, moved closer to the center, and much struck at goal - Exiled Canan at the second attempt took the ball in his glove.
INCREDIBLE! What's going on in the defense of the guests. Completely left flank of "Spartacus" today. Tries there Goodge Rukh, that he was now a rival, performed the shed closer to the back counter, where the gate struck Alexander Schanitsin, but the ball after touching the player's head off in millimeters from the far post!
Snowball went. At this time facing two players from different teams. This Masavenkosi Mguni and Jovan Golichev. The doctors worked hard, the players return to the field. Already a bokvooy line they shook hands.
Here are three of the replacement had the head coach, "Terek" and no persuasion. In the first half did not score the guests, when they were close to having to open an account, so now it's for and receive.
Owners today do not help the injured Fredrickson, Kontsedalov, Berhamov and Sheriev and disqualified Dzhudovich Bagaev and Gridnev. The guests do not play Utsiev, Iyranek (injured) and Pavlenko disqualified.
The last change in the "Terek". Masavenkosi Mguni instead Shamil Asildarova.
It's crazy! INCREDIBLE! Arsene Goshokov received the ball on the penalty, flew out on a date with Soslan Dzhanaevym tried that throw, but already lying on the lawn, guests goalkeeper managed to reach the shell and put it behind the front line of the field.
Dzhonanat Legear poisoned rest, there was the same Andrew Kobenko.
Poorly played football now the corner of "Spartacus", followed by a counterattack, "Terek", which resulted in unsuccessful actions Zaur Sadaeva. He gave an inaccurate pass.
Angle earned masters. They are pressed staff from Grozny to their goal. Exiled Canan working around the sweat of their brow.
Punch-Out! This is the moment. Mohammed used the mistake again Mitrishev central defenders, "Terek", he received the ball on the penalty went into it and punched in the near top corner - Exiled Canan managed to save his team.
"Spartak Nalchik" lost in the last round, "Krasnodar" with a score - 3:2. It was the match gave the hope that the fights and the second eight will be interesting to viewers. As long as it is.
Sixty-four minutes of the match is over. Sip is time players from Nalchik. They, of course, very important now to keep score, do not miss a ball.
Zaur Sadayev shifted from the left flank closer to the penalty, he began to pull the ball along the line, and then performed an unsuccessful transmission is closer to the right. No player's ideas did not understand.
Far away on the left flank released the ball from a Shamil Asildarov. Took advantage of Yuri Lebedev, endure far beyond the shell side line of the field.
So with an hour behind the game. To be honest, do not believe that the guests will be able to play two balls. One goal is challenging, but two - just too much. Well, let's see. This is football. Such an error if a player will perform the hosts, as did Polzhak minutes earlier, then it will be interesting.
Instead Levani Gvazava appears Zaur garden. Read by this change, of course.
And now, "Terek" at times difficult. Now visitors to the coach on the field of manufacture of another attacking player. Zaur Sadayev now appears, apparently.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Magomed MITRISHEV! Peter made ​​a mistake in the transmission Polzhak teammate, Mohammed Mitrishev caught the projectile reached the gate, ran one on one with the keeper and calmly beat Soslan Dzhanaeva, breaking his right foot to the left "nine." 2-0!
You know, a year ago thought that the Russian Championship - a tournament lost hopes, but now it seems to me that this is one of the most progressive domestic championships in the world.
A lot of fight in midfield now. well enough in the marriage transfers of both teams. Right now, let's say, if an accurate pass was a Zhoze Mauricio, then Shamil Asildarov jumped to one on one with Stanislav Namasco. And since there is no escape.
Calmly controlled the ball in the center of the field players, "Terek", tried to pressure from the opponent to cover players from Nalchik - did not work. Even in the run up to a counter. But luck.
It is quite good-quality game we have obtained. Present opening round. God forbid that the remaining forty minutes of the fight cheers us at least another pocketed ball.
Referee Meeting - Sergey Karasev. This is a referee of the regional category, out of Moscow. This season, he worked for fifteen matches, which itself is not bad. And the complaints about him as such was not.
On the right flank followed by a canopy in the area of ​​the penalty mark "Terek", but there was above all Zhoze Mauricio, who seemed to cut the shell into his own net - Exiled Janan in the game.
Yellow card
And here is the first yellow card of the match. And then we have somehow got bored. Xavier Zeng got her for deliberate handball.
Also started the first half: the ball was knocked on someone else's half of the field, "Terek" more owned by a shell. Right now on the right wing took the ball by Jonathan Legear, shot to the near post, but the shell was rolled out for the same face.
Substitutions at half-time was not. Incidentally, in the first half, there was no yellow card was shown. The game is not rough, football was. Speed.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Thanks to a goal "in the locker room," "Spartacus" hamming rivals from Grozny - 1:0. And we rest. Break!
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Jovan Golichev! Without a hitch. On the right wing took the ball Schanitsin Alexander realized that without a friend to go ahead will not be, so wait for the connection from the brow of Yuri Lebedev, who are already on the front line in touch shot into the center of another's penalty area, where no one covered Jovan Golichev struck the far lower the corner. 1-0!
Not bad sped up the right wing Jonathan Legear, he carried a canopy near corner of the goalie, but it crossed the front line. A goal kick for Stanislav Namasco.
On a collision course the game is played in these minutes. Nobody can give the initiative, although a little more interesting, as well as all the first half, looked and looked, "Terek".
"Terek" comes at the eleventh row in the standings, behind the "growth" of all three points. As we see, today commands exorbitant motivation. Everyone needs a victory. A hammer someone is going?
Forty minutes of the game is over. To be honest, I'm in shock. I did not think that a first time pass without goals scored. Horror easy. It is necessary to this end, guys.
Be able to continue the match, Yuri Lebedev. This is good news for the community of Nalchik. At this time, before the break is not so much time. Really sorry for the tautology.
Damage was Yuri Lebedev. Medical staff "Spartacus" is already on the icy turf.
Right now acted improperly Jonathan Legear. On the right flank of defense of "Spartacus" has arisen hole, accelerated by the right wing Jonathan, but the transfer to the opposite curb not given, playing tightly and loosely forward by the brow.
Accelerated on the left flank restless Goodge Ruch, carried out unimportant in the transfer center, the ball fell to Antonio Ferreira and gloves flew in Soslan Dzhanaeva.
Will there be a goal scored in the first half? I think so. It was quite dangerous moments at the gate as one and the other teams. It remains to ten minutes before the end of the first half of the meeting.
Offside Shamil Asildarova.
On the left corner of a foreign keeper got the ball Levani Gvazava, but the projectile itself prokinut on the course, then one could strike at goal, Levani could not. Again the same - unfortunately for the fans, "Terek".
Imagine, he returned to the football field now, Antonio Ferreira. This is certainly good news for fans of the guests.
So, now received a football injury from Grozny. This, in my opinion, Antonio Ferreira. Even the litter already appeared on the football field. Will it change? I hope not.
TIME! On the left edge alien penalty took the ball Goodge Ruch, carried out dummy, and then sent on horseback to the area round the penalty spot, where for some reason struck in touch Mitrishev Mohammed - was cut from the shell and legs flew like a glove Soslan Dzhanaevu.
"Terek" today, as I said, support the better. Just what people need now loudly cry, jump, move to keep warm.
Jonathan Legear received the ball on the right wing, completed the transfer closer to the free kick, but hit the opponent, from which the projectile went over the side line of the field.
Antonio Ferreira, the strong line on the transfer penalty, Shamil Asildarov completed a discount to someone's head, and there was no one in fact. Stanislav Namasco took the shell in his gloves.
Lost to center field in the last five minutes of football players from Nalchik. It would be very logical, even if guests are able to excel in this game first.
MOMENTISCHE! On the right edge of the penalty area, a stranger took the ball by Jonathan Legear, moved closer to the front line and shot at the goalkeeper, was ready to enter the gates of the projectile Asildarov Shamil, but his desires are not fulfilled. Eugene Ovsienko at the last moment in the subcategory played just fine, interrupting this scoring pass.
But now visitors seized the initiative. Quietly they take the ball to someone else's half of the field, however, Oleg Vlasov handle the ball into the penalty area, others could not.
Good Georgiev received the ball on the left, ran on the brow, but it is hard enough to stop the defender of "Spartacus" in Nalchik. Standard players have earned from Grozny.
Today's owners are in the fifteenth line in the standings, falling from saving space on four points. In the case of today's victory, "Spartak Nalchik" will be at arm's length from the "Wings of the Soviets" and "Volga".
A couple of corners in a row the players filed out of Nalchik, but both times the staff from Grozny fought without any problems. Seized the initiative now hosts. That's interesting.
And again, dangerous! Arsene Goshokov received the ball on the penalty and shot just under the crossbar - Exiled Canan turned round for the front line of the field. Angle earned the players of "Spartacus."
Arsene Goshokov received the ball on the right flank, and then got on his legs. Quickly played the standard football owners, jumped to the left Magomed Mitrishev on a date with Soslan Dzhanaevym, who could not beat. This was followed by a canopy from the left flank, Arsene Goshokov struck near the far post.
Goal is brewing now. I would not say that "Terek" is right great. Just "Spartacus" gives his opponents so interesting to act.
HOW DANGEROUS! On the right wing Jonathan Legear hung at the far post where the gate struck Levani Legear - hit the post, the ball flew along the front, Oleg Vlasov tried to finish in the fall of the projectile into an empty net, but could not get.
In the center of the field broke the rules Mitrishev Mohammed. Levani Gvazava earned a standard for his team. "Goal, goal" - is heard from the stands. Sheds Jonathan Legear.
Goodge Rukh on the left flank again defeated Dmitry Yatchenko, who decided to catch an opponent's leg. Guests can get back the yellow, but the referee did not show "yellow card".
On the left flank took the ball Levani Gvazava - the ball flew over the front line of the field. Stanislav Namasco enters the shell hit the gate.
WARNING! Angle earned guests again with the right wing Jonathan Legear hung, head managed to break through Levani Gvazava from the penalty spot - Stanislav Namasco pulled out of the shell bar.
On the left flank has accelerated Goodge Rukh, beat an opponent and shot into another penalty - the defenders drove the projectile. Jovan Golichev interrupted attack guests, ran to the front line of the field, but let the ball out of the field.
It is difficult now to play the players. Not to say that in a bad state of the field, but the grass is poor. All the same subzero temperature. It must be understood.
Again the time! Shamil Asildarov ran along the right flank, moved closer to the penalty and shot on goal - the ball flew slightly above the crossbar. Stanislav Namasco nowhere in a hurry.
Angle ended in another Corner. On the right flank in the center of foreign penal hung Jonathan Legear, the defenders of "Spartacus" from Nalchik to grips with the mini-threat.
Danger! Oleg Vlasov flew from the left flank in someone else's penalty area, rolled out one on one with Stanislav Namasco, which could not beat. Angle with us. The first of the match.
Jonathan Legear received the ball on the right flank, and then performed again an unsuccessful transmission at the center of the field. "Spartak Nalchik" did not conduct a counterattack.
"Terek" now better supported. Fans of the owners are trying to become more active, but the players themselves do not stimulate the successful actions on the football field.
Jonathan Legear ran on the right flank, and then for some reason began to shift to the right flank, was followed by a bad feed to the far post.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-4-2. It's all predictable. Ruaha on the left side of midfield, Schanitsin - on the right. The guests are the following scheme: 4-5-1. At the edge of one today Shamil Asildarov.
"Spartak Nalchik" now plays in red, and players from Grozny - in green. Stanislav Namasco gate on the TV picture are right, and the frame Soslan Dzhanaeva - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Terek"!
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good afternoon, ladies and lovers of Russian football! Caucasian derby in the thirty-second round, I hope, will appreciate the abundance of scoring chances and precision. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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