Stadium: Emirates Stadium
A good second half we saw in the "Emirates" today. "Arsenal" deservedly won the double of Captain Van Persie marked. Congratulations to the Gunners with a yield of 1 / 8 finals of the Champions League, and the injured players, "Borussia" to recover from injuries faster and more continue to please their fans. All this time with you was Nikita Gromov. Happiness, health, and see you soon!
Second Half
The match is over!
T-OO-OO-OO-A! Reduces the gap in the account "Borussia"!
Additional time
2 minutes add the referee.
Safely see out the team. "Borussia" is trying to close the gap in scores, but the Gunners surely endure the ball away from his goal.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Van Persie!
A late replacement for the Gunners. Diaby out for the first time after the injury, he alters Walcott.
Van Persie now prokidyval ball into the penalty, fouls against him Hummels. To gate twenty yards, it is the position Arteta.
Koselni from the field goes, instead Djourou.
Excellent transfer from the right wing is now followed by Santos to Benayoun, but the experienced Israelis could not stop the ball into the penalty area. Stop it ball, and you could shoot the gate "Borussia"!
Leitner Oh! In the eyes could be seen sporting a rage, he would have Koselni vyborot corner, but failed. Laurent competently covered the ball housing.
Yellow card
And one more yellow card. Banayun cut on the flank Pischeka.
Bravo Song! A brilliant match is carried out half of "Arsenal". Even if you do not take into account its an assist, he does not lose any confrontation, all wins, so tsepok!
Yellow card
Ramsey gets the yellow card for that frankly do not. Aaron just gave the ball the opponent, but it's not like a judge.
Substitution in the "Arsenal". Zhervino the field away, instead it will now play Benayoun.
Khorezm now picked the ball, rammed two players on the opponent's side and gave the last ounce of strength to move Van Persie, but he was offside. Welshman gets rewarded with a standing ovation.
Something wrong with Arteta. The Spaniard is lame, under the escort leaves the club doctor.
Walcott is now resolved to strike the right edge of the near corner, but it flew past the ball. Wenger Theo these actions did not like. Perhaps Arshavin will be released soon.
Perisic is now well pierced with a penalty kick, but hit in the head to one of the defenders in the wall. Angle ended in violation of the rules of the Hummels.
Wow replacement. Barrios goes instead Kael. Klopp hopes to save the match.
Yellow card
Schmelzer again! Provokes German Walcott he is now. first he pushed the Englishman. After Theo responded in kind, he began to notice an arbitrator to do. This resulted in a mustard plaster for a football player, "Arsenal".
Zhervino! Well, how so? Instant attack "Arsenal" ended a brilliant Paz from Ramsey to Kouassi, he pulled out on a date with the goalkeeper, but somehow the ball too long handles and eventually lost it. A great moment, a terrible realization.
Excellent Pischek cast-in side the penalty area on Grosskroytsa, that for some reason, leans back heel. We are one of its partners was not there. Song is nothing to prevent the ball pick up and start to attack your team.
Now the game is similar to vdadtsatym-thirty minutes of the first half. Still a lot of marriage, a game without the gate, at least mommentov dangerous. We hope that the team just took a break and we will soon see an open, attacking football.
Zhervino received the ball from Van Persie was held beyond the penalty area, but uncertainly did it in the center chamber. Hummels, incidentally, played brilliantly body and the ball from the Ivorian selected.
Yellow card
"Arsenal" on courage continues to put pressure on the opponent's gate. The first yellow card of the match gets Schmelzer for rough foul against Walcott.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Van Persie-I-I-I-!
And one more thing! Sputtering defense of "Arsenal"! Kagawa now burst into the impact position from the left flank. He was uncomfortable with his right foot to beat, but he is still adjusted to the ball and shot, but the angle was too sharp. Schyasny confidently took the ball.
What a moment! Pishchek now appeared on the penalty from the right flank is dangerous to shoot through the center by Leitner, but not enough to just half a second for what would outstrip Mertezakera.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half ended. Break!
Oh-oo-oo, how ugly is Hummels. Koselni fought for the ball, the German defender has played a shell and then Laurent fell. But it was not enough Matsu and he dismissed the actions of his hand showed the Frenchman that he would be raised and not feigned. Did not like the bleachers.
Additional time
3 minutes add the referee.
Wolcott flew at full speed on the flank, after decided to give a good pass in Stroke shtarfnuyu on Van Persie. The Dutchman was ready to close the empty net, but in time came Vaydenfeller.
Excellent attack "Borussia"! Kagawa was in the penalty area, took off his heel on Perisic, he handed the penalty area, but the defenders of "Arsenal" was played with great assurance.
Leitner was pulled out at the speed at impact position, came up with a great pass on the course Lewandowski. If he was a Pole went to one on one with the goalkeeper, but Koselni, stretched out in the splits, knocked the ball over the side.
A brilliant pass from Van Persie Walcott on the course, ended with the release of Theo one on one and even the bare gate "Borussia", but it was clear the situation outside the game.
This is perhaps the most neatakuyuschy football "Arsenal" in the last few months. In any case the Gunners with practiced ease organizing moments in front of goal, but now we see the opposite. The same words can be attributed to the "Borussia".
The Gunners apparently are no longer able to hear a whistle humiliating their own fans. Actively pressing the Londoners, it is paying off, but again the problem - no closer to the gate, the aggravation of the game before the penalty.
As one of the members of our site, without the gates of the second half we did not endure. Great football, no one disputes, but the team simply forgot about the gate. Even in essence there is nothing to comment on - the ball moves from one team to another, closer to the gate there is absolutely.
Incredible number of inaccurate transmissions! And the "Arsenal" and "Borussia" a very technical team with good players, but now they do not march on themselves. In general, Arteta ball there, as well as that of Van Persie, center field Germans generally falls out of the game.
"Arsenal" felt a weakness in the opponent's defensive redoubts, and immediately stepped up a little offensive. Van Persie goes in search of the ball from flank to flank, but he still does not help.
Instead of limping out Goetze Perisic.
Santana plays tough against Zhervino already limping three players on the field in the yellow shirt walking. Most importantly, the Gunners did not roughly a play, just out of luck until the "Borussia".
Oh what a shock causes the gate Lewandowski! Pole pierced with thirty yards into the far corner, with the broadcast seemed that the ball simply has nowhere to go and it flies into the goal, but it was not there.
Instead, Bender goes Leitner.
Well, well. Bender sound like a broken nose. By supporting the stands cheering him carry on a stretcher.
Bender on the lawn. Not even able to get out of the lawn is German. Ran it with Vermalenom, the Belgian got his foot on the face, but did it unintentionally. In all likelihood, will require replacement.
How dangerous it was now! Beautiful pass from depth of field to scoop Walcott played in my Arteta, Theo of course including the fifth speed burst into the penalty area, but still first on the ball was Vaydenfeller. Very serious aggravation of the guests at the gate.
Prolonged attack Gunners to anything dangerous failed. And Van Persie corner filed, and did Zhervino running too, but so far everything is very fresh and not arsenalski. Walcott finally ran at his side, but it surely played a tough and Hummels.
Many of marriage as a one or the other team. Fans of "Arsenal" are very unhappy with what was happening, all in perepasovki defensive line accompanied by a whistle from the stands.
Quickly and rapidly developing attacks "Borussia". True confidence is lost all at rapprochement with the penalty opponent, while the Gunners are there very confident.
The first strike on goal Van Persie smashing applause accompanied the stands! Ramsey now gently applied the penalty area, where the Dutchman was difficult to break, but he still did. True, the strike was weak and the ball flew just into the hands of the goalkeeper.
A camera in the meantime caught in the stands, Henri, who enjoys the company of Federer calmly London hot dogs. Recall that the now legendary player of "Arsenal" trains with Gunners at their base in Colne.
Gunners wait until the moment. It's no secret that London team may optionally take the game into their own hands, but apparently this particular tactic. The British want to tire out and so tired after the "Bavaria" Dortmund team.
Excellent, deep pressure is used for the selection of the Germans ball. Kagawa is now cut off a pass Song, flew to the shock position and punched on goal, but it's seeds for Schyasny.
Ok now played Santos! Passed several rivals, has shifted to the center and gave a cut on Van Persie. true that a little too clever by half, and the gate did not hit, and Walcott did not give.
"Borussia" in the first attack could open an account! By unimaginable bounce ball flew into the penalty area and Schyasny Lewandowski ran to him at full speed, that would have time to push it into the goal. He could not, in time came the Polish goalkeeper Arsenal.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Good evening, dear lovers of the big European football! It is time for Champions League matches, which means you need to stock up on beer and chips, put all things aside and stick to the screen. Today at the "Emirates" crossed arms "Arsenal" and "Borussia"! With you all the time is Nikita Gromov, enjoy!

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