Stadium: Petrovsky Stadium
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Zenith" is not able to beat APOEL and Cypriot team has already secured a place in the eighth finals of the Champions League! Why? We think.

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Yellow card
Tomas Gubochan received a yellow.
Yellow card
Yellow card for the failure of the attack was Paulo Gomes.
Anyukov was on the lawn of a stranger in the penalty area, but the referees do not call again the penalty spot. Alexander is very nervous.
Leaves the field Trichkovski stead Adorno.
Lazovic instead Shirokov.
After a rebound from an opponent struck by the gate Igor Denisov - the ball flew very low and departed for the front line of the field. Now come Danko Lazovic.
All fans are already on their feet. Nervous people, and the cold is probably to sit. At this time on foot in the center of the field was Miguel Danny. Hope Alexander Bukharov now.
Five minutes before the end of regular time. What can I say? APOEL - charmed team. It has never been beaten in this year's Champions League. But I still believe that "Zenith" spoil the statistics visitors.
Yellow card
Lomberts received a yellow card.
Luciano Spalletti is very easy to see. His head was reflected all that is possible. She is like a ray of light in the darkness, so to speak. Now an Italian specialist is very nervous. This is understandable, I think.
"Zenith" is on the second line in the standings, falling from Hapoel just something at one point. If today the team from Russia overplays team from Cyprus, we will contact you in the spring European Cup will see wards Luciano Spalletti to 1 / 8 of the Champions League, if not .... Let's talk about it later then.
And now for offside after the filing of Miguel Danny Victor Faizulin.
We ran in the attack, missed the counter, after which the penalty pelted with the gate Ivan Trichkovski - the ball flew too inaccurate. And it is thanks to Alexander Anyukovu, who controlled the situation.
60% vs. 40% - statistics of possession. At that time, Vladimir Bystrov on the ball leaves the field. A shell flew over the front line of the field. Sipping time now Urco Pardo.
Krishito offside.
DAAAAANNII! Wow! Miguel Danny struck from the penalty just under the crossbar, but we have seen from superseyv Urco Pardo. Ah, nothing interesting angle at the gate Apoel not brought.
It's time, folks, it's time. Miguel Danny performed an inaccurate transfer from the penalty area in the penalty mark. In his gloves took projectile Urco Pardo. Hammer, hammer, hammer, we need very much.
MAMMA MIA! WHAT IS IT? Where to 1:0? I do not know. First, from the right corner of goalkeeper in the fall have pushed the ball into the bottom corner near Alexander Bukharov, the goalkeeper made a mistake, but advocates the safe side. Then followed the same shot from the penalty at the same angle, but the basics were in rival owners. Hapoel was just lucky.
Victor Fayzulin filed in district penalty spot, where the gate struck Nicholas Lomberts - the ball flew all the other way and flew over the front line of the field. Not dangerous. We have to think something else.
Miguel Danny impressive, but not effectively transfer to give someone else the right edge of the penalty, which did not have time to Vladimir Bystrov. True Vladimir managed to earn the same corner for his team. Victor Fayzulin went to serve.
It's time to score, guys. Hapoel simply no one to recoup. Even a single striker was removed. Vladimir Bystrov spun in someone else's penalty area, and then just gave the ball Urco Pardo. Still have twenty minutes, twenty!
Miguel Danny caught the opponent's hand. This was seen. Athos Solomou already slipped on the subject. Felix Brih long as such errors do not allow.
Alexander Bukharov took the ball on the penalty, he decided there and then knock on the gate, but was an opponent of the ball flew over the front line of the field. Corner hosts played poorly. The projectile went to Hapoel keeper gloves.
Replacing a part of visitors. Out Aylton Almeida, instead playing Sanel Jahic. Just hold on the account will be played by visitors. Twenty minutes left.
Volley from the penalty with his left foot decided to knock on the gate Igor Denisov - the ball flew slightly above the crossbar. Counterattack guests followed, and fell in a strange penalty Aylton Almeida, but the chief referee did not see the penalty that never was.
Only I said about the dangerous passages, as Miguel Danny rushed by at the speed of the two rivals performed chamber from the left flank with his left foot on the line goalie, where he was only Urco Pardo. Alexander Bukharov not ran.
On another side of the field players entrenched the St Petersburg club, but where's the dangerous passes of the flank from Vladimir Bystrov and Miguel and Danny? They were not there today. This service reviews, we want to admit it or not.
Apparently, fans of "Zenith" wanted to tighten their spending time outdoors. The low degree of heat they do not care, as well as children's health, apparently. Well, okay.
The first match of the teams took place in Cyprus and ended with the score - 2:1. Gustavo Manduca and Ailton were noted for the hosts, and before that by the sixty-third minute, opened Konstantin Zyryanov. With this fight began sensational feats wards Ivan Jovanovic.
ALEXANDER! SASHA! The cross! By! On the right flank with the standard Roman Shirokov hung from the area penalty spot his head struck Bukharov, the ball flew off the crossbar, to finishing playing Alexander himself, but he did not get his foot into the near corner. Ah yes now.
It is foolish with respect to their fans as the players did, "Zenith". In general, the match could not continue and it is forfeited. That's one. Second - the owners fled at the last minute and could have scored. If you think so, then it would be logical to let the smoke, when the bill would be - 1:0.
Resumed the game.
That Spalletti went to the fans. At this time the team returned to the football field.
Fans want it, "Zenith" or not, the next match on their team, "Petrovsky" does not hold. That's right.
Roman Shirokov went to a good Russian language speaking fans that they are wrong, that they put their team. Fans listened attentively, but it's not a joke. Can be detected forfeiture "Zenith".
Again, stop the game. The arbitrator stops the match and displays the team off the field. Here is a business ponadelali fans .... How long will stop? Why would she? Let's see ...
Interestingly, it is interesting. Bystrov Zyryanova instead.
Miguel Danny got the ball on the right edge of the penalty area, a stranger, much hung on the far post - Urco Pardo knocked the ball with his hands in the area penalty spot, where one of the owners were not. Again, smoke on the football field. Let's after goal scored better smoke as well?
Yellow card
Miguel Danny in touch heel otpasoval on the right flank, but Marios Elia stopped the transfer arm, for which he received a yellow card. Standard players "Zenith" played.
Vladimir Bystrov is preparing to appear on the football field. This is the first bell to anyone? For Victor Faizulin? Most likely for him than for Danny, right?
Alexander Bukharov completed the transfer of the right flank, Miguel Danny one-touch forward on the crest of otpasoval, but none this transfer has not responded, and the ball flew over the front line of the field.
You know, now pressed against players from Cyprus to the Russian team of the penalty area. For the first time in the match we are witnessing at the start of fifty minutes. Thank God, now figured out the players of the St. Petersburg team.
Nuno Morais received the ball on the penalty of our, to transfer to the heel of Ivan Trichkovskogo, but there was Lomberts Nicholas, who put the body and allowed his opponent to make Vyacheslav Malafeev projectile in the center of the field.
APOEL are on the defensive, "Zenith" continues to hold a huge advantage, which, unfortunately for us, Russians, and fans of the St. Petersburg club until the goals are not outgrow.
Domenico Krishito receiving the transmission from the bottom of Miguel's Danny on the penalty, struck in touch with the left foot slightly above the crossbar. The Portuguese grabbed his head, as he was open to return the pass.
Immediately rushed to the attack players of the St. Petersburg club, even a blow to the rival's goal, we have seen, but quietly took Urco Pardo shell in his gloves at the near post.
There was a change in the composition of the guests. Has not appeared on the football field Nektarios Alexander, instead playing Marios Elia. On account Nektariosa recall, was a yellow card. Maybe so it Ivan Jovanovic replaced.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 0-0, there is something to think about. And we're going to break! We have a rest, my friends.
Why? The first half is gradually coming to an end. You can sum up gradually. "Zenith" in defense, we have not seen. APOEL just do not thinking about the attack. St Petersburg club will attack all the time, but precision strikes on goal Urco Pardo very little.
Pretty good from the penalty spot area after a pass by Alexander Anyukova head struck Alexander Bukharov, but the ball flew in millimeters from the near post.
In offside got already Domenico Krishito.
Yellow card
Domenico Krishito received a yellow card for a foul against Ivan Trichkovski. Fair yellow card, nothing to say.
Additional time
4 minutes, as required.
Got the legs Aylton Almeida, but will continue the fight forward Apoel. At this time, "Zenith" has earned a corner on the left flank. Konstantin Zyryanov hung from the corner of the field, but the ball flew just-in-glove Urco Pardo.
Phew, a counter of the guests did not. And how beautifully through short programs were center field Hapoel players? Just super. Thank God, again, that attack is not continued.
Yellow card
So, got a yellow card Nektarios Alexander. On his account has already been a foul, and now he just finalized this "yellow card".
WARNING! But now it is not clear, smoke or no help. Victor Fayzulin took the ball in someone else's penalty area and struck exactly at the goalkeeper. Once players have played inaudible guests. Let us give a chance a couple of times.
Of course, adds Felix Brih to the first half, lost time. Interestingly, while fans watch as the players now have trouble breathing? Konstantin Zyryanov generally covered the nose t-shirt, but it looks like. it almost does not help.
Strange, is the thirty-ninth minute of the match a little suspended because of the smoke. This is likely to host fans break the rules. It's a shame that the "Zenith" will therefore suffer proplachivaya regular fines.
Alexander Bukharov took the ball on the right edge of the penalty stranger, hung, but it was a contender. And that's where the projectile hit the football player Hapoel - question. Perhaps in his hand, but Felix Brih not seen breaking the rules. Penalty no.
Began to pass midfield players Apoel. For them it was not in the first half-hour game. At this time, began to limp Alexander Anyukov. The main thing that the captain of "Zenith" was not injured. He continues to play.
APOEL, by the way, this year in the Champions League has not yet lost. If the team from Cyprus will participate in the 1 / 8 finals, it will be an achievement that has no command of the country could not achieve Apoel. There is an incentive, but we do not lower it, right?
On the right flank of Victor Faizulin hooked. Earned a standard football "Zenit" and he himself sang it. Followed by a canopy on the line penalty, Alexander Bukharov somehow took the ball and then struck with a reversal above the crossbar.
Slightly lacking in "Zenith" to come forward. No recent accurate communication. Although there was a moment in Shirokova, but Roman struck poorly. Come on, guys, you need to score.
And even after a corner was able to punch Alexander Bukharov, but the ball flew out of very little area penalty spot just under the crossbar, where the Urco Pardo.
Alexander Bukharov cool again ran away from an opponent, received the ball on the left edge alien penalty, from which hung at the far post, where there was only a football player Hapoel. Of this complicated situation bosses have managed to squeeze the corner.
In the central part of the field owned by the ball players of the St. Petersburg club. Thirty minutes of the game is over. The initiative we have, but you have to score. One-third of the fight is over.
Ah, ah, ah. Kostya Zyryanov. Bones,. Zyryanov, Zyryanov. Beautiful dvuhhodovka was now: Shirokov Transfer to Danny on line free kick, and Miguel in touch otpasoval the left edge, where he was Zyryanov, but Constantine missed by the projectile.
All eleven players of Hapoel are on their side of the field. This is good. So they respect us. A respect for the Russian people - the best topic of conversation in different situations, right?
WARNING! Bukharov went on a date with keeper at an angle, to transfer to an area penalty spot, where in the fall of Roman Shirokov punched - got into an opponent. Here is the first more or less time.
By the way, if you put a football player, "Zenith" at Hapoel players, you get a flag of Ukraine. And in Ukraine will be Euro 2012, it means - what? So that's what ... Think for yourself. Interestingly, you know.
Failed in the penalty area to take someone else's ball, Alexander Bukharov. By Luciano Spalletti was used, and therefore at the forefront of today operates more Konstantin Zyryanov. Miguel Danny at all is lost yet.
Referee our meeting - Felix Brih from Germany. Fans familiar with the Bundesliga referee very well. He judges the fights on a very "high" level (yes, the fans, "Miner.") For example, in this season only in the Champions League, he worked for three matches, in which fourteen showed yellow cards, four showed a direct red and three times a penalty. Let's see what will happen today.
On the left flank was on his feet Domenico Krishito. So, this is our Konsantinos Charalambides does not want to go home from St. Petersburg healthy. A strange desire, but, as we know, the slogan reads "dream come true." That Konsantinosa come true.
Alexander Bukharov got into the millimeter offside. Lateral-eyed referee noticed all. Uh, what. His eyes just open and beer bottles.
Pressure on the foreign side of the field players Apoel, head coach of the club sits and tells stories to the helper. For twenty minutes of the match is over, remind.
Marcelo Oliveira, shouting "FOR" miners, ATTACK "knocked the ball from his penalty and hit the back of the chief referee. We know him. Brih Felix is ​​from Germany. A special" love "for him fed fans Donetsk club.
Once bored now. No dangerous moments the game is played. "Zenith" has the initiative, rolls the ball to someone else's half of the field, and no persuasion.
Alexander Bukharov longed for someone else's penalty area, but it pushed rival. Penalty players have earned the "Zenith". Konstantin Zyryanov struck exactly in the "wall."
Several days before the match was already known that today will be sold out. Twenty-one thousand five hundred fans and people here today, "Petrovsky", by the way, thousands of people support APOEL. Entrance to the stadium for spectators opened two hours before the fight. In general, as usual.
Miguel Danny got his legs on another side of the field. He needed medical attention, we hope that the Portuguese would continue playing. Now he leaves the field itself.
The guests are the following scheme: 4-2-3-1. Gates defends Pardo. The defense consists of (from left to right): Alexander, Gomes, Oliveira and straw. Midfielder: Nuno Pinto and. The trio of attacking players on the left - Manduca, right - Charalambides, in the center - Trichkovski. At the edge of an Almeida.
In the center of the field - a void, but closer to the penalty Apoel so many players in the yellow form, which is not even wade a distance of twenty-five meters from the front of goal. Although now, say, struck Victor Fayzulin - Urco Pardo took the shell in his gloves.
Excellent support now at the "Zenith". Say, of course, is nothing. At this time, on the left flank Domenico Krishito. He released the ball over the front line of the field, although he could give time to the transfer of Miguel Danny.
The home team played under the scheme: 4-3-2-1. Let's deal. At the gate Malafeev. The defenders (from left to right): Krishito, Lombarts, Gubochan and Anyukov. In midfield settled: Denisov, Shirokov and Zyryanov. Along the edges of the role of wingers do on the left - Danny, right - Faizulin. At the edge of a Bukharov.
Igor Denisov back in the spotlight. After a rebound from an opponent he had struck from the penalty but the ball was cut off from the foot of the central midfield, "Zenith" and flew far above and left of the gate. Apologized for the twenty-seventh number of the guests in front of teammates and fans.
Aye-aye. Igor Denisov beat an opponent, and then the bottom of the seeing transfer to a different penalty area, there was Miguel Danny, but to the Portuguese projectile flew. Defenders of the guests tried.
Next come the players, "Zenith". I think in the attack, the owners spend a huge amount of time. But the main thing? That the number has grown in quality. Well, in the amount or quantity, if we talk about goals balls.
The first corner in a match earned the players "Zenith". On the right flank followed by a canopy at the far post, where his head punched Alexander Bukharov - shell next to the far left bar. To attempt - will do.
Yesterday Russia led CSKA football. Summed so seriously, but let's blame the team still will not. Today we have another match, another team that needs support, it needs to match with the leader of the group - Hapoel. So let's get together for poboleem "Zenith"!
Launched an attack guests, from the right wing was able to still shoot in the penalty area Nuno Morais Russian club, but the player Hapoel came up to our footballer. Now the attack is "Zenith".
"Zenith" with the starting minutes of the game holding the ball in the center of the field. APOEL is not surprising. The team from Cyprus in almost all his matches of the Champions League has always given the initiative, and then took and scored. Hopefully, today we do not see it.
The home team now play in blue uniforms, and players Ivan Jovanovic - in yellow. Vyacheslav Malafeev gate on the TV picture are right, and the frame Urco Pardo - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to Hapoel players!
First Half
Commands appear on the football field! Sounds of the Champions League anthem.
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! I hope that it will be really good after a couple of hours, as today the fate of "Zenit" in the Champions League. Opponent - APOEL. Let us together today will support the St. Petersburg club. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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