Stadium: Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium
A brilliant match today gave us a team! Many interesting moments of struggle, in general, time spent, certainly not in vain! We congratulate the Turks with the beautiful game, and "Inter" well-deserved early exit in the playoffs. With you all the time I was, Nikita Gromov. I wish you happiness, good health, until we meet again!
Second Half
The match is over!
Not a bad attack of "Inter" is over a corner from Coutinho. Earned his hunky Stankovic, but to anything dangerous corner has not resulted.
The Italians pulled steadily during the last minute. Themselves into the attack did not go and attack the Turks do not give. The truth is now a tireless Yilmaz ran for the bad ball and still got it! played ball there, passed on Merzheevski and fouled against him in front of the penalty!
And yet another replacement. Alvarez left field, instead it comes out of the Pharaoh.
Replacement of Ranieri: Pazzini instead of Milito.
Changes in the composition "Trabzonspor": Alanzino from the field goes, goes Paulo Henrique.
Yellow card
Alvarez fouls on the wing, for which he receives a yellow card.
The last few minutes of "Trabzonspor" have decided to pick up the ball and try to build though, would be a single attack in the last few minutes. Cech well into the penalty handed to Yilmaz, but the ball kicked Lucio.
Stankovic scored well ahead on Milito, one of the last forces rushed to the ball but the defender had the first. Angle gave Coutinho exactly into the hands of Zengin.
A good pass from the bottom of the field followed by Yilmaz, he pulled out himself to himself! But, unfortunately for the local audience, the referee raised his flag on the line and was absolutely correct.
Rod! Rod saves the goal after hitting Merzheevski! Excellent presentation followed him, he was struck in the fall just in the corner, but the shots on target now saved the Italians. It seems that the rostrum just broke, broke to this post, so clearly they express their dissatisfaction with the football fortune.
Coutinho Good! Shifted from the left edge to the center and hit the far corner, but the past. Kick out this guy, do not say anything, though if a little to the left!
Whether the break took the team, whether their forces were completely exhausted. not so sure, "Inter" is on the attack, and is not actively pressure the Turks.
What a moment! Alanzino today is simply amazing! He flew into a free zone, as if he knew that the ball will fly away to the right place. Powerful, densely punched it into the far corner, but the past! Nice episode, one of those and decorate our game.
Ranieri, I probably heard and changed Zarate. Instead, he went Coutinho.
"Inter" obviously takes matters into his own hands, or rather feet, leaving his opponent a rare opportunity to counterattack. Now it is very possible replacement Zarate, Mauro uncertainly played the entire match, constantly losing good moments.
Excellent attack homes! Dynamically playing the ball before the penalty, Alanzino out on a shock position and powerfully with his left foot hit the far top corner, but still pass!
The first replacement in the match. Merzheevski out on the field instead of Serkan Balchi.
Yilmaz! Here's a game! Feed into the box from Balchi on Altintop, he knocks his head into the central zone of the penalty area and beat a player out there gathering the Turkish national team, the same Barack Yilmaz! True, there is not less brilliantly played goalkeeper "Inter", confidently taking the ball.
Sarah-and-ah-ah-te! How so? Forward now beat the goalkeeper and hit the gate with an acute angle. But there had to hedge the defender "Trabzonspor," whose head and saved his own net from a true ball!
Well, we have a game today! Crazy speed, not a minute can not afford to rest the team. Experienced players of "Inter" still know how to properly distribute the force. Let's see if this will have their rivals.
Yellow card
Serkan Balchi gets yellow card for a dangerous foul, straight leg, he flew up the Kivus.
Oh, and Stankovic! Once again proves that without it now hard to imagine a midfield "Inter". Without overclocking it now powerfully struck the gate, somehow miraculously managed to react to a strike Zengin, moving the ball to the corner.
Atkinson does not dare now to give a penalty kick in the gates guests! The ball hit the elbow Kivu in the penalty area, but it was obvious that the defender of "Inter" unintentionally played a hand, and the ball is not greatly changed the direction of flight.
Zarate now filed a corner but the referee stopped the attack guests with a whistle. Altintop just lay on the lawn, hit him with his elbow during the turmoil in the penalty area.
Falls into some dangerous counter-attacks are performed by the Italians. Good Alvarez and Zarate. The truth falls somewhere in the center of the field of "Inter", there is also the distributor, which would have delivered the ball Milito.
Yilmaz now defeated Samuel, went to the shock position, but the defender of "Inter" is not able to release and fouls an opponent is behind. Standard played the victim and did it pretty well. Cesar take the ball in his hands dared - knocked him out with his fists.
The first blow in the second half. Its caused by the rival's goal Zokora meters so with thirty ball flew far into the stands.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over!
It is very dangerous attacks in the last minute, "Inter." Zarate gave to the far post from there to the center sweep Lucio, but some of the defenders head the ball kicked to the corner. Korner, however, the game is not exacerbated.
Calmed down a game forces teams, apparently, are not unlimited. But the first time the team had just brilliant! Pleasantly surprised "Trabzonspor", their Italian rivals, too, not to lose face.
Yellow card
Gets yellow card for a foul against Glovatskaya Milito in the center of the field.
Dangerous free kick players now played "Inter". Cambiasso did the standard pitch in the center, but some of the defenders confidently knocked the ball head.
Again, dangerous rivals play against Yilmaz. Elbow hurt his opponent, had to go on the field the club doctors.
A brilliant moment loses Zarate! Followed by a nice pass to him from the depths, but abruptly flew to the transfer, and how bullets flew into the penalty area. Beat just decided - in the near corner, but it reacted with confidence Zengin.
The Turks look very purposeful. The rate at which not less than the first minute of the match. It is also clear that they are not afraid of a distinguished opponent. Alanzino now perfectly struck from the penalty straight into the corner but Cesar parried steadily, crossing the ball to the corner.
Alvarez, now slyly moved from the right side a bit to the center and out of the opponent's legs badly beaten at the near corner, but the past. Goalkeeper "Trabzonspor" control of the situation.
Pressed the Turks! Nagatomo lost the ball in front of his own penalty area, it immediately took Alanzino. The Brazilian picked up the ball, went further and shot into the far corner but the ball hit the foot protector.
Alanzino very active today. Now he scratched the ball, went further, distracted over two rivals, but with Paz rushed. A little later, Barack Diamond been out on the impact position!
Oh so subtly playing Alvarez now! The tip of the nose, he threw a parachute into the box on compatriot Milito, but that the ball did not, and was played very nicely!
GO-OO-OO-OO-A! Altintop! Turkey's captain decided to strike from outside the penalty area the ball was sent a very strong, and, brushing back Cambiasso, flew in just nine gates Cesar! These are not taken! 1:1, bravo "Trabzonspor"!
Ilma-ah-ah-ah-h! Chances to score at the gates of Cesar! Coleman cut the ball into the penalty area on Buraq, the left one on one and a bit of catching a ball shipped it to the gate, but higher forces were against it, the ball rolled inches from the bar!
"Trabzonspor" still holds the ball, trying to positional attacks to try schatsya in opponents' goal, but the coolness experienced defenders' Inter 'does not allow them to pass into the penalty area.
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! Alvarez scored! Milito got a pass back to the gate on the penalty immediately without looking at the course gave Alvarez and Argentinian keeper from the corner area of the left foot safely ferried the ball into the right corner! Unexpectedly, but 0:1!
So now actively interact with their rostrum players that Italians do not have enough nerve to attack more! Whistling, mixed with the active pressure of jamming all the attacks of "Inter".
Calmed down a game. "Inter" is a bit pushed an opponent from his own penalty area, but the ball still in the home team. "Trabzonspor" very forcefully and actively climbs on the opponent's gate. Yilmaz, by the way, I saw that Cesar walked away and decided to break, but the goalkeeper dealt with this challenge.
Yellow card
This is how! Cristian Chivu gets yellow card for an explicit simulation of a penalty in front of an opponent. Ah, such an experienced player and so is behaving!
Under the deafening whistle Tribune guests try to organize the attack on the opponent's gate, but they have nothing. Nagatomo said on the flank of the race from Alvarez, but his pass was too strong, the ball flew into the stands.
The Italians tried to attack a small force. Cambiasso throw in the center of the penalty for Milito, but also very well covered two defenders. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in the first minutes of the guests.
Yilmaz now well passed two rivals, moved to the corner of the penalty area and powerfully struck, but hit in the leg Kivu. Angle does not aggravated the game, "Trabzonspor" Next to continue to attack.
"Trabzonspor" from the first minutes of trying to take things into their own hands. "Inter" is not preventing - allows to keep the ball to the opponent. Samuel now fouls before his penalty would be a dangerous standard.
As always in the stands reigns an incredible atmosphere. Children, old people, boys and girls - were all obsessed with the idea before the match to influence the psychological state of the guests. So far from the stands heard the song. Chelyustka now punched out of the penalty, but the past.
First time has began
The match began, the teams good luck!
First Half
Conditions for the game of football in Turkey today is not the most reasonable. Only 8 degrees above zero, with 67 percent humidity. It can be concluded that, after will be raw, but more interesting will be watching this fight.
Good night, all fans of European football! it is time to match the most prestigious club tournament in the world - the UEFA Champions League! This means that all his actions to set aside and all attention is directed to monitor screens! Today, "Trabzonspor" to "Hussein Avni Aker" will "Inter" in Milan. This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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