Stadium: Khimki
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! CSKA loses to one of the most important matches of the season with a score - 0:2 and makes your chances of getting into 1 / 8 finals of the Champions League is very vague.

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Instead, Azar left De Melo. Well today played Eden. Do not say anything.
Struck on goal from the penalty and Alan Dzagoev - Mikael Landreau picked up a shell in his gloves. And another change in the "Lille" happen now.
Additional time
Three minutes.
So, what I mean. "Lille" is compared on points with CSKA and "Trabzonspor." God forbid, "Inter" beat the Turkish team, while the army team will need to re-play the next game does unmotivated Milan team and hope that "Trabzonspor" beat "Lille", or a draw. That's it.
A Paje replaced the Cole.
So, what we do. And no, not the time to summarize. Replacement now. In the first part of CSKA. Out Cauna, went Serder Serderov.
Of course, let's take tonight for poboleem and "Inter", for without victory over the Italian club "Trabzonspor" CSKA will be very difficult. Let me remind you that the second match of Group B, our site will also be broadcast.
Dangerous again. On the left edge of our penalty area, took the ball Eden Azar, threw him closer to the corner of the goalie, from as early as the fall pierced by gates Ghana Gueye - shell next to the far left "nine". And nobody do not wing fifth issue guests. Yes ...
I would really like to see the number of transmissions of both teams. And for their accuracy. I'm afraid we look to you it would not be on that. It's a shame, but with "Lilly" to play well still be.
Vagner Love today barely move. It's hard for something to blame. CSKA have just not working the flanks. No manager, who would have pressed the button, and everything would work, but if I did not work, then he would have made all the dispatcher. So is Doumbia.
Yellow card
Joe Cole got his legs back from Cyril Nababkina. Cyril and money already offered Joe Cole, saying, "on dibs on", but the English midfielder "Lille" refused. Cyril received a yellow.
CSKA is less than ten minutes to repeat the feat of the previous match, but now, unfortunately, is not particularly hard to believe, but a chance, of course. They have always and in all. Even in Luxembourg in the fight against the Spaniards.
In offside Ireneusz Helen.
CSKA Moscow in the last round, lost to "Ruby" with a score - 1:2. I happened to see this meeting, the army team a little luck, and Gabulov mistake in the second missed the ball. Well, God forbid, now with luck will be all right even at the end of the match. "Lille" is played on the road with "Toulouse" in - 0:0.
BA-AA-AA-AGNER! Return it to us! Vagner Love has received a transmission from Sekou Olis on the right edge near the penalty spot, but instead of punch, Wagner began to take a shell, which bounced off the Brazilian, as the tree. Michael Lanro took the ball in his glove.
Yeah, more and Shchennikov instead Ignashevich. What can I say? In the "all-in" went Leonid Slutsky. Issued a defender instead of a defender. Heavily, heavily.
Moussa Sow left the field. Instead, Ireneusz Helen.
WARNING! Wow! Played football standard "Lille", French footballer and was the team at the shock position in our penalty area, but fortunately, the latter did not get to the gate. Angular turns.
Group B - special quartet of hand. Only in this group there is no team that has not lost once. In "Inter", CSKA Moscow, and "Trabzonspor" to another defeat, on account of "Lille", as mentioned earlier, the two dips.
Corner CSKA played poorly. There was a counter-attack guests, which blow from over. At this time, is already seventy-first minute of the match. Until the end of about twenty turns of the second hand.
GOAL? NO-E-E-E-ET! Ah, a little is not enough. Alexander Cauna shot from twenty-six yards with his left foot - the ball touched the leg football "Lille" and licked the outside of the grid, although it seemed that there was a goal. It's a shame. But there is a corner. Take a look!
Still, today is fine "Lille." It is insulting to us and them - fine. And I would like to reverse that, but I think there is also pushing for a long football season. Such unusual. Previously, because at such a time is rested, and then have to play, and even some games.
And for Azar who did not have time? No sooner had Olis. Now that's a claim to the players and coaches. Not in the best shape right now, Sekou. It must be acknowledged. And before that - finish the match, it is advisable not skipping. And even more desirable - scoring.
Gol. Moussa Sow. What are you doing?
Wagner Love went very easily from the Rio Mavuba, but in others the penalty area came back Mathieu Debyushi. No penalty was not. This was seen clearly.
That's not enough today Doumbia. Speed ​​in the attack there. Alexander could not run fast Cauna accompanied by an opponent, no matter how offensive. And now, at all, Vladimir Gabulov had come into the game, having beaten off the line of the projectile after the collision penalty Moussa Sow.
Alan Dzagoev poorly hung in the area penalty spot, where Mikael Landreau jumped out and took the shell in his gloves. Counterattack guests over the next offside. At this time, caught Joe Cole.
Yellow card
And it's rude. Mathieu Debyushi lost the ball, tried to Alan Dzagoev, but the second issue of "Lilly" has decided to hook the opponent's shirt, for which he received a yellow card. Standard earned the players of CSKA. Come on, guys.
Very wisely today in the defense plays "Lille." Immediately two protective line in front of the penalty line up. And try to walk through them yet. We have so far failed.
Honestly, before the match saw CSKA - the clear favorite game. Here's the "Lille" put me on the ground. It's a shame a little, well, okay. Let us, brothers, even equaled, and there as popret.
Sekou Olis today was not included in the game. Still, damage makes itself felt. Sekou took the ball on the penalty and completed a pass to goalkeeper's weird, where there was only Mikael Landreau.
Wagner Love in an offside position.
Unsuccessfully competed standard players for CSKA Moscow. Stands on the far failed to take the ball Vasily Berezutsky ... The main thing is that now "passed" this episode Bob. No need to dwell. Need to take and score. Just something simply.
Yellow card
Yellow card for the failure of the attack on the left flank was David Rozegnal. He will miss the next game his team in the Champions League.
Ten minutes had passed after the break, and "Lille" continues the attack. Well, have the same conscience, the guys from France, we scored an own goal, and let's you select a goal, or what? Will be honest and friendly.
Well, in general, guys, this should have been prepared. If not for Vasily Berezutsky scored, the other player "Lille" would have celebrated. Sweat a game like this French team seems stronger in the three heads of soldiers here and now. Let us something to think about, guys.
Own. Wow ... Vasily Berezutsky. Bob ... Moussa Sow took the ball on the penalty, the projectile was riding, and Vasily Berezutsky tried to make a "round" in front, but the ball was cut off from the foot of the defender of CSKA and the bar just went into the net. Vladimir Gabulov save, of course, failed. 0:1 ...
Moussa Sow broke the rules on the right flank. Appeared on the lawn Vasily Berezutsky. Moussa himself down on the lawn, and even took the ball with his hands, trying to prevent the rapid drawing of the owners. But CSKA nowhere and in no hurry.
Moussa Sow the strong transmission at the left edge of the penalty area, Frank Beria took a shell, but Sekou Olis was able to displace the same opponent and pick up the ball, but CSKA attack, unfortunately, we did not see.
The first match ended in a draw of the teams with a score - 2:2. Then the "Lille" won with a score - 2-0 - thanks to goals from Moussa Owl and Benoit Pedretti. But then it took for Seydou Doumbia, who for the last eighteen minutes of the game designed double and rescued his team from defeat. Today, unfortunately, Seydou not on the field.
Substitutions at half-time was not, so all who want to refresh trains teams playing in my head, can do it in the "About match."
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go! Good luck, CSKA!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Moussa Sow got the ball at the right corner of someone else's penalty area, he decided immediately to break the gate, went round next to the reception. After this, and the whistle at the break. 0-0, there is something to think about. We have a rest!
Moussa Sow broke the rules on Ignashevich. Sergei got his elbow on the back of the attacker, "Lille." Fortunately, a defender of CSKA and Russian national team's all right, and indeed Moussa Sow came over and apologized to Ignashevich.
Again, the angular earned visitors. Azar hung at the far post, where there were only players in blue and red uniforms. Two minutes before the break. Doterpet would miss the "locker room" is not particularly desirable.
"Lille" a long time to fly to Moscow because of the fog. It happened yesterday, at eight o'clock in the evening. Due to the lateness of the hour and lifted the French training at the "Luzhniki", and pre-match press conference. Let's see how this will affect the status of players. So far, to be honest, not really ...
ANY MOMENT! FANTASTIC EASY! How could we have been lucky as well! Moussa Sow took the ball into the penalty area and covered his body and shot on goal - Vladimir Gabulov parried, but the projectile was thrown on the left completely open Beria, but Frank, good so do not got to two meters of empty gates! Hurray!
So, one more corner earned the players 'Lille'. Fourth in the match. Eden Azar has not gone to serve, he was replaced in this case, Joe Cole, but swapping ex-linebacker London "Chelsea" to be not very good, for our happiness. Advocates for CSKA managed.
He received his legs in midfield Alexander Cauna. Apologized for the foul David Rozegnal, CSKA players with the ball not long remain. Several programs - a gift to the opponent. Again, guests own shell in center field. And make it very confidently.
"Inter" is the first position in Group B, having to its credit nine points. CSKA and Turkish "Trabzonspor" in his piggy bank have five score. "Lille" is also the last. The French team has drawn twice and lost the same number of times. Third defeat today need!
How is now badly played Wagner ... He received the ball on the penalty, he could punch, but doing the seeing transfer to the right corner of the penalty area, where he was Dzagoev, but the pass was read, so guests were able to intercept and projectile.
CSKA played about as well as in France. The truth was then Doumbia. To whom is now hoping to host? Wagner Love? Then add: a bunch of guests - Seydou - Love. Now it is not observed for very big regret.
For the first time the game went Olis, Sekou, and entered not very good. On the right flank he had plenty of space, but Olis decided not to run, firing a projectile at the sideline of the field. This, of course, a joke, but that the owners are not easy.
The third corner at the gate of CSKA players have earned "Lille." Eden Azar played with corner mate, and then feed into the box of soldiers we have not seen. Alexei Berezutsky cool shell selected in Ghana Gueye.
Referee meeting - Paul Kralovets of the Czech Republic. This category FIFA referee with two thousand and five. This year, he worked for two matches of the Champions League, which showed six yellow cards. Not a single deletion and a penalty was not imposed. Let's see how is today.
The third match is over. What can I say? CSKA plays on defense. Perhaps in such plans were not, but "Lille" makes the opponents to make adjustments to their billets. Leonid Slutsky, very nervous. This is understandable.
The first corner at the gate "Lille" was very dangerous! Alan Dzagoev hung to the near post, did not find out now Rozegnal David and Michael Landry, who should play and hit the ball, resulting in a projectile could be in the grid, if not Debyushi Mathieu.
Launched an attack by the full, except Gabulov, of course, the players of CSKA. On the left flank took the ball Cauna Alexander, broke through on goal - hit the opponent, from which the projectile went to the front line of the field. Corner! Alan Dzagoev will be served.
Sow in an offside position. Moussa had run for a couple of meters ahead. Good, good.
This time, after a corner there is nothing interesting guests could not do. There was a counter-CSKA, the left wing Alexander Cauna overclocked, but he was immediately stopped back Aurelien Chedjou. Again the attack "Lille" We expect ...
As well as playing football now, "Lille." As if they lived the whole week at -10 degrees, and only trained on the artificial field. CSKA visitors to this pressure is not ready. Angle earned players from France.
Alan Dzagoev received the ball in midfield, but should take it as failed. CSKA midfielder and team Russia tried to bomb prokinut yourself on the course - did not work. And went to Vagner Love and Alan against two defenders, "Lille." It's a shame.
Lucky that Eden Azar now released the ball over the front line of the field. We clung to the gate of Vladimir Gabulov. Advocates think that their heat will Volodya? No, no. So let's ask a couple of strokes better than Mikael Landreau to borrow a sweater.
And once again ran counter to the guests, but nothing serious at the gate they come up with CSKA Moscow could not. Kontrvypadom already answered the Army football team, but on the left edge of the penalty area, a stranger was mistaken, Alan Dzagoev not perform the transfer to open Wagner Love. Frank Beria made bomb to center field.
The cross! Oh wow! Mathieu took Debyushi transfer head of an opponent and knocked off the line goalie very accurately the crossbar. How can we now good luck. Vladimir Gabulov correctly berates his defenders. CSKA, wake up, please.
Well, Bob! Good for you! Eden Azar received the ball in someone else's penalty area, Vasily Berezutsky managed to scrub the opponent off the ball, Moussa Sow appeared on the shock position, but there Berezutsky succeeded. But it was the Alex. Angle at the gates of CSKA.
The guests are the following scheme: 4-3-2-1. A sort of "tree" has turned out. At the gate Landreau. Defence (left to right): Beria, Chedjou, Rozegnal and Debyushi. The trio of players in midfield on the left - Gueye, right - Mavuba in the center - Balmont. A couple of wingers are Azar and Joe Cole. Focused on our goal Moussa Sow.
Everything finally seized the initiative French club football. CSKA then do what they holed up in defense. It's a shame, a shame, but okay, okay, okay. Let's wait and we realize the chance, right?
On the left flank Moussa Sow beat an opponent, but let the ball over the front line of the field. Showed us the trainer "Lille." It seemed to me now that Rudy Garcia fell asleep. It turns out that he is such a cold something else and wrote outlines. Iron Man.
That's the first bell. On the left flank was attack the guests. Followed by transfer into the penalty area, Cole received the ball, processed and bottom samples, but a shot from Joe turned out so-so, so Vladimir Gabulov easily picked up a shell in his gloves. But could be worse. You have to think defensively.
In the central part of the field holding the ball at the moment. The teams have not yet adapted to the cold and the field. CSKA under pressure, "Lille" give it back, but should not have. Goal is simply impossible to miss.
So, let's look at the arrangements of commands. CSKA: 4-2-3-1. At the gate Gabulov. The defenders (from left to right): Alexei Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Vasily Berezutsky and Nababkin. Midfielder: Aldonin and mother. The trio of attacking players on the left - Cauna, right - Olis, in the center - Dzagoev, who will play as close to a single striker - Wagner Lava.
On the left flank, Alexander took the ball Cauna, completed the transfer to the center of the gate broke Pavel Mamaev, but hit an opponent, from which a projectile was thrown at accurately Mikael Landreau gloves. Goalkeeper is in no hurry, "Lille."
I miss the match CSKA today Doumbia (disqualification), Akinfeev, Gonzalez, Tosic and Necid. In the last four - injury. Also, do not have, as I said earlier, Honda. The French were missing Pedretti, but, as we have seen, there is no Bashi, although it was reported that he had today with the launch minutes will be run on the lawn in "Luzhniki".
For confident players play the French club. Cause they sit in the CSKA defense. Although Vasily Berezutsky said in an interview that "Lilly" play easier than with the "Ruby", for example. Because today's guests are opened, and the Kazan team is acting on defense.
Honda flew to Barcelona. No, not to watch the club, but the survey. Again hurts leg at CSKA midfielder Japanese. After the match with "Ruby", he could not bear to step on it. Hopefully nothing serious at Keisuke not.
Today, our children need a victory! VICTORY! All must support today CSKA in such an important match. At stake is access to the 1 / 8 finals of the Champions League at stake, after all, a successful struggle against Portugal in the UEFA rankings! So let's get together for poperezhivaem army, and, God willing, we will be after the final whistle to celebrate the victory!
Absolutely nothing, "Lille" for starting the fight in short center field can not. The ball is in the legs of CSKA players. CSKA, frankly, a little nervous. Well, that start the match, my friends. Whether more will be.
The first attack, "Lille" was held at the center, but it was immediately decided to interrupt our Yevgeny Aldonin, hooking the leg gently Eden Azar. Nothing wrong with Jack did not just attack tore the French club. Is this allowed? We can all be home.
At the penalty Cauna Alexander began wisely, played in a "wall" with Wagner, but the transmission of accurate Love failed to pay. Despite the loss, going back to the attack players of CSKA. Here it pleases. Immediately read coaching setup.
Can not someone else's half of the field switch "Lille." The French team is now fighting on two fronts: against CSKA Moscow and against the cold. Not that the Army men are not afraid of cold, but, nevertheless, a Russian club more suitable temperature, rather than guests.
Starting with the minutes of the fight possess the ball players of CSKA. On the left flank took the ball Alexei Berezutsky, Transfer to Mamaev, but Paul made a return pass failed. Guests are not counter-attack was again rushed forward masters.
The home team now play in red and blue uniforms, and players Rudy Garcia - in white. Gates of Vladimir Gabulov on the TV picture are on the right, and Mikael Landreau frame - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. Next, CSKA! With the center of the field began to players 'Lille'!
First Half
Teams come from the tribune of the room. -8 Degrees in Moscow now. Hang on, the French. At this time the sounds of the Champions League anthem.
The teams are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans! Good evening and important - even so I would say. The next few hours will be crucial for both CSKA and for "Lille." At stake is the eighth finals of the Champions League. Make it your own, my friends. I'm sure it will be interesting. Together with you, to hurt and worry about the army of the "commentary booth" is Vladimir Gubarev!

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