Stadium: White Hart Lane
Take care of yourself and your family and love football! Since you were Anatoly Gorsky! We Meet Again! Match stats in the corresponding tab.
Second Half
EVERYTHING! Due to the double Emmanuel Adebayor "Tottenham Hotspur" wins at home, "Aston Villa" and goes to third place in the standings. Congratulations Fans "Spurs" on this victory.
Additional time
Two minutes of added time the referee to the main game.
Standing in the stadium escorted from the field and meets Luke Modrica Sandro Ranieri.
After a long-range strike Scott Parker ball flies to the upper tier of the stadium. It seems everything in the game clearly, "Spurs" picks up three points and moves the "Newcastle" with third place in the Premier League standings.
Replacement of the guests. Out Chris Hurd, instead the game went Fabian Delphi.
After filing with a penalty kick, the ball ricocheted from the same Petrov, departs for the next corner. It seems the last five minutes we spend between the corner flags at the gate, "Aston Villa".
Yellow card
Stilyan Petrov is booked for a foul against Gareth Bale, on the line of the penalty area.
Double-footer from the corner Luka Modric and twice carried the ball defenders in the corner.
BENNNNNNI-DISKOOO! Excellent burst into the penalty area left-back the home team. Stretched over the goalkeeper and shot at her three partners, but managed to get the heel of Richard Dunne, from which the ball flew off to the corner.
Luka Modric to hang at the far post, where Hatton has won the "air" in Adebayor and knocked the ball to center field.
Again, the trio Lennon, Modric and Walker, taken a liking to the right flank, foot-walk, but got to the corner of the penalty area, where Dunne knocks Modrica. A dangerous free kick.
Lennon, Modric and Walker three ball rolled from the corner flag. Nothing presaged disasters in the penalty area, guests, as a feint Luka Modric put away a defender and shot into the near post. Given badly hit the ball in front of him. He flew to Adebayor. Beat in the blank! just-in-hands were on the lawn Givenu neck! Bravissimo goalkeeper and can not see the day hat-trick with us today!
Slept tempo game. Some not in a hurry, while others simply can not. But the "White Hart Lane" sang! Sing the stands, so that takes your breath away!
Unsuccessful lottery standard position. The ball leaves the field. Shay Given will introduce the ball from the gate.
Adebayor struggled in midfield, picked the ball on the brow got to the front lines of the field and earned a corner kick.
After a corner had a minor panic in the penalty area of ​​the home team, but after a series of ricochets Younes Kabul makes the ball head for the sideline of the field.
Heskey against Ledley King earns a corner kick for his team.
Stable replacement for "Spurs". Out Rafael van der Vaart, instead of him on the field appeared Jermain Defoe.
Parker made another interception in midfield, right wing on to Benoit Assou-Ekotto, the further down the flank to Bale. Gareth immediately filed in the penalty area for Adebayor, who was ahead and took the ball to Given.
Slight damage gets Steve Warnock, an advocate guests. A brief pause in the game. And getting ready to leave Jermain Defoe at "Tottenham".
The first replacement in the match. "Aston Villa". Out Carlos Cuellar, Barry went Bennan, Scotland midfielder.
And again there is no hat-trick! And again, next to the bar! Gareth Bale in his trademark style, regardless of how many players before him, and how much is hanging on his shoulders, pulled the ball from center field to the visitors penalty area. Threw the ball to Adebayor lonely. Emmanuel with backspin into the far corner. Cm from the goal!
Scott Parker commits a foul in midfield.
After this five-minute flash of the guests, "the Spurs' again seized the initiative and continue to push the protective order" Aston Villa ". Protecting the gate starts at instant pressure from others. I can not help the players ratings.
Bale earned a corner. Again drawing. The ball bounced to Walker. Beat the move to the far corner ... a little ball did not fly in the bottom corner.
Adebayor picked the ball by pushing a defender and flew to the gate of the guests, seeing a free zone, immediately sent the ball back on the course of Rafael van der Vaart. But the home side linebacker in place of what would go one on one, decided to pass the ball into touch on Bail. Unsuccessfully. Too fly ball. The public are now masters of the field. Bellow stands "White Hart Lane!"
A series of reciprocal fouls in midfield with the connivance of today's match referee.
MIRACLES! Adebayor after a pass Modrica not realize football bullet! One ran away from the center of the field attacking the home team. But decided spizhonit cheek and sent the ball, Stroke stroke, past the bar. And now we can place a hat-trick!
Bent struck after a corner, but it is very unfortunate. Meters in the two flew over the crossbar the ball.
The first corner in the second half. Earned visitors. Almost without a center of the field is still in our game. Attack to attack the team responsible.
Almost in response attacks, after hitting Lennon and bounce from the leg of Hutton, the ball almost flies past the goalkeeper into the goal. But Given, by selecting the position, takes a round in hand.
Danger! An excellent cross from foanga. Bent hit his head, but Brad Friedel in a nice jump firmly takes the ball.
And once "Aston Villa" the whole team rushed forward. Maybe Alex McLeish reminded his wards, that the "Spurs" are very fond of this season to pass the ball in the first ten minute of the second half.
Second half has began
Extend! "Tottenham" opens the second half of our fascinating match.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
EVERYTHING! Coffee Break. Thank you double of Emmanuel Adebayor, "Tottenham Hotspur" advantage in total wins for "Aston Villa" 2-0. Statistics of the first half of the corresponding tab.
Another angle on the end of half the players earn "Spurs."
Additional time
Two minutes added to the first half.
Played the free kick, "Spurs." Brought the ball Modric, Luka has come. The ball flew in the direction of the side flag.
Yellow card
Chris Hurd receives a yellow card for a foul against Gareth Bale. Though of course, he had long enough of the "yellow card".
Emile Heskey tried to break in alone on the brow to the gate of the home team, came to Walker and lost the ball. As long as nothing comes of the guests. No thought, no speed, no precision gears. Of shots, modestly keep silent.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! 2-0 Adebayor! Double! An excellent cross from the left wing Gareth Bale. James Collins failed cuts the ball past his goalkeeper. The ball flies through the gate, where he literally makes Emmanuel Adebayor, without giving place own goal!
The last ten minutes almost the entire game takes place in midfield. Series of mutual errors and mutual gifts exchanged commands.
Another clash of Heskey and Walker. Now help the medical team needed a defender of the home team. But still there were no injuries.
Controversial issue in the penalty area visitors. Adebayor insisted that he was blocked by Richard Dunne, but the judge continued the game.
A bad joke free kick and Agbonlahor for a couple with Hatton just do not run away from the entire defensive line of the home team. But the fearless tackle Younes Kabul saves "Tottenham Hotspur" of trouble. Because of the lateral guests.
Richard Dunne almost pulled off his pants with Rafael van der Vaart. The victim will perform a free-kick.
WARNING! Excellent counterattack turned a "Aston Villa". Agbonlahor broke up the attack, continued her Paz on Heskey. Emil bottom shot to the far post, where Bent, simply had to lock the chamber in an empty corner. But Darren and ran and tried to close the chamber in the subcategory.
Again, the players decided to play corner, "Spurs." Followed by a backward pass to "Benny-Disco". Canopy. Defender makes the ball from the penalty, the selection of Parker's pass to Van der Vaart. Punch. The ball flies above the gate. Continue to press "Spurs."
A minute the home team rolled the ball along the left edge. But as soon as Bale scored course, immediately followed by a transfer to him. Fold in touch in the penalty box and the defender makes a ball to the corner.
Emile Heskey collided with Walker in the fight for the ball horse. Minor injury and a pause in the game.
As long as nothing comes of the guests. A huge number of losses, inaccurate transmissions. Come on just trying to load balls to the penalty area of ​​the home team. "Perhaps, someone hooked".
Played the home side a corner. Rafael van der Vaart struck at the near corner. In the grid on the outside.
At the home team in midfield again prevailed indispensable and inconspicuous hero midfield Scott Parker. Almost all the interceptions, "Spurs" is the cause of his legs. Here and now. interception, a pass in the course of Lennon, feed. The corner.
Submission to the near the bar and Emile Heskey's head sends the ball wide. Very strong and very accurate.
The first corner in a match earned the guests.
Bent is flagged for offside. As long as nothing happens in the player "Aston Villa", which at the time Harry Redknapp offered to take lessons in football skills of his wife.
As they say "goal was brewing." The total advantage of the "Spurs" is now on the field. Of the three hundred percent points the home team until one realized.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! 1-0! Emmanuel Adebayooooorrr! After a drop in scores a beautiful goal to guests! After the previous corner was obliged to hammer Kabul. But the ball after it hit the rebound flew off to the corner. Van der Vaart hung. The ball is knocked out. On the selection of Bale, who "parachute" sent the ball precisely on Adebayor. Which blow through a nearly broke the net gate!
Parker for a couple of annoying with Lennon earns another corner.
MOMENTISCHE! Adebayor caught the ball in the penalty area, "Aston Villa", he kicked, pushed, but could not move, Emmanuel dropped the ball on the flank of the Walker. He immediately pass on the course of Lennon, a cross in the center, where absolutely lonely Adebayor hit his head it seemed for sure! But the ball on the lawn stuknuvshis turns from the far post!
"Benny-Disco" or other such Benoit Assou-Ekotto again for a couple of Bale continued to ram the right flank, "Aston Villa". Here and now, after several attempts to break into the penalty area, the protection of the guests just made a ball on the half of the field owners.
A bad joke corner and after a series of inaccurate transmission former defender of "Spurs' Alan Hutton is flagged for offside.
After the passage and cross Gareth Bale, the home team earned the first corner in the match.
Van der Vaart has beaten on the flank with Lennon, shot to Adebayor, who was disarmed Dunn.
Assou-Ekotto inaccurate Paz circumcised partners, has gone a dangerous counterattack guests, but Benoit with hair "Disco Forever" himself corrected his mistake, disarming Petrov.
Stilyan Petrov curled the ball to the far post, where Emile Heskey, almost beat the captain in the air, "the Spurs' Ledley King. But the ball hits a player in the home side and goes flying into the field.
Second half has began
The first half started. The guests opened the match with our midfield.
First Half
The teams are already in the section "About the game."
Head Coach, "Tottenham Hotspur" Harry Redknapp, who missed out for operations the last two match, the teams will return to coaching on a bridge game with "Aston Villa". Few interesting facts on the eve of the match. The last victory, "Aston Villa" at a party over the "Tottenham" dated September 15, 2008. Two matches last season ended with a victory, "Spurs" with the same score 2-1. What is most surprising and scored the same players, but rather two. In both matches in the double of "Tottenham" said van der Vaart, and "Aston Villa" Olbrayton scored. Results in the Premier League, "the Spurs' 54 wins 33 draws 49 wins" Villain. " Today is the first time against his former team will play the home team goalkeeper Brad Friedel.
Peace to you, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight with represent a direct translation of a text match of the championship between teams of England, "Tottenham Hotspur" and "Aston Villa". With you today Anatoly Gorsky.

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