Stadium: Stadio Olimpico
Fans of "Roma" with the victory! With you I watched football, Karen Adamyan. Until next time, and before the new victories! All the best!
Second Half
The final whistle - La Magica Today very confidently wins!
Yellow card
Daniele Corvi at the end receives a yellow card for simulation in a strange penalty area.
Players "Roma", led by Francia Totti actively pulling time, everything goes according to plan, these guys deserved to win today. A minute before the end.
Additional time
+ 3 minutes.
Rodney Strasser tightly piled on the lawn of De Rossi - immediately a yellow card appears in the hands of an arbitrator from Cesena.
Francesco Totti from the left wing touching the heel to the ball dropped to the left edge alien penalty, which ran Strips, but wade forward Eric failed with a defender on his back - for the front leaves the ball.
General Manager of the "Roma" Franco Baldini, who returned to Rome after the club "Real" and the England team with someone from high-ranking officials also are greeted on the platform.
Continue to shoot on goal after the whistle Stekelenburga guests - now after a foul on Simone Q'ero. By the way, beat again Corvo, hit the crossbar.
Francesco Totti decided on a long-range strike with his right foot - just the right alignment of the gate flies Julio Sergio ball. Here I am for the whole match and not said, but because Sergio - the player "Roma", rented leadership "Lecce" for the season.
I must admit that in the second half Strips Eric began to play much more confidently than in the half, number one. Not for nothing Luis Enrique decided to keep it on the field.
One of the nicknames "Roma" - La Magica. So, today, "Roma" is indeed magic!
Little damage was Bertolachchi and Simone Perrotta while out on the field instead of Aleandro Rosi, who also received a minor injury.
Osvaldo deserved that his name was flashed on the scoreboard! Now Pablo Paz after Totti went into another penalty to the right, moved to the center and outer side of the foot tried to right foot past the keeper punch - defender comes to the rescue!
Christian Paskuato takes the field in the "Lecce" instead Grossmyullera.
Leandro Greco received a pass from Erica and Strips 26 meters struck in the left top corner - oh, Julio Sergio was able to jump in a beautiful move the ball for a corner!
Mom! A fantastic goal! GO-OO-OO-O-AL! Oswald! 3-1! NO!? What do you mean?! NET GOAL JUDGE NOT be counted! WHAT PART! Phenomenon! Once threw Osvaldo Gago on the right from 11 yards in the fall through a punched in the left top corner - the referee is out simple side that something is not right at all came up with such beauty spoiled.
Daniele Corvi of meter offside beautifully scored from the crossbar, a goal is scored, by itself, can not be.
We have 4 pupil "Roma" on the field as part of the Roman team: Totti, De Rossi, Rosi, Greco. And two students from the Roman club "Lecce": Bertolachchi from Corvo. Only 6 on the field, that's something like that.
Another pupil of "Roma" appears in the box: Leandro Greco instead Miralema Pyanicha.
Yellow card
here as a Christian Brig obviously have not seen the episode in full: Gago never got on his legs opponent but got a yellow. Of course, unhappy with the second goal by the Romans.
Danger at the gates of the Romans! Kuadrado Juan from the Heinze struck from the area of ​​the right corner of someone else's right foot free kick into the far bottom corner - very close to the pole! While Stack would have saved, according to the repetition.
In fact, now on the field three players at the "Roma", which can play the position trekvartisty - Totti, Pyanich, slats. Creatives - that's enough! We look forward to goals from Osvaldo?
And then he meets his Di Francesco change: change Rim Christian Oliver. By the way, Bojan, leaving the field, how to kick something there. In general, the work necessary to implement the Spaniard of Serbian origin.
Instead Bojan Bojan on the leaves Francesco Totti. Instead, Bojana, which is now a hat-trick he could draw well. Loud applause greets Bojana "Olympia."
Bojan earns a corner for his team after zakidushki of slats, and while Francesco Totti, Francesco Totti postrigshiysya preparing to enter the field.
Yes, what is something about the implementation in Boyana!? After a rebound from goalkeeper Bojan shot from 10 meters above the gate! Nobody interfered with him! Yeah, it's crash and it's just.
The most banal football rule is triggered, the more fun we will be watching football! By the way, what fun, scored "Roma" as her pupil.
GO-OO-AL! Bertolachchi! 2-1!
After the rebound popped Andrea alone with the goalie and threw it in gently, sending the ball into the right corner! Very logical, but the goal is a goal!
"Roma" is simply amazing in the last minute, but in general the match. It is likely that more will score the Romans. But with the realization of disorder, now Bojan misses from 10 feet - above!
Boyan-Gago, Osvaldo - I had to score, but Pablo from the right edge of another's penalty from 10 yards hit the Julio Sergio! In just a corner will be!
Another very good feature was the Romans to score but Pablo Daniel Osvaldo little hasty decision-making and Pyanich his pass was too late.
3-0? No? No! Taddei passed along the left flank, gave the ball to the line of another's free kick, from which slats, taking a pass, broke into the penalty area after a cool handle and 8 yards broke his left foot to the right target! Phenomenon .. So fluff ..
Yes, today Miralem Pyanich and Fernando Gago scored his first ball for the "Roma".
GO-O-AL! Gago! 2-0! From a distance! Beauty! Fernando Gago from 27 yards struck the right foot cool in the lower left corner - the ball to rebound from the grass flew into the corner!
Aleandro Rosie got the ball on the right edge of another's penalty area, then immediately shot - to fail, the ball hit a defender and flew out of the box.
Grossmyuller rolled the ball under the blow, Massimo Oddo, who with 35 meters to touch much struck - a powerful, tight, but the past - the right of the target flying ball.
During the break, by the way, none of the commands in the replacement did not dare. In those compositions teams took to the second half. So, as long as guests earn the right to a free-kick 35 yards.
Rodrigo Taddei left hung to the nearest bar - none of their time on the ball, but had goalkeeper Julio Sergio guests and no problems took him in hand.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is completed, there comes a break in Rome!
Juan Kuadrado on the right went to the front of Heinze and shot to the goalie Roman - Simon Kierkegaard successfully knocks the ball out of danger zone.
Additional time
+ 2 minutes. It is true.
So-so, quite frankly: Pyanich from a corner on the right in the center hung a strange penalty, from which tried to break his head Kierkegaard, but the first was on the ball defender, "Lecce".
Osvaldo gave the ball to someone else's punishment, Lamella in touch uncomfortable situation of trying to bring on Bojan strike, but it turned out accurate. A little later, followed by selection in the center of the ball in the performance of Gago. The second attack the Romans brought them right on the corner. By the way, Bojan corner and earned.
Junior Eric Strips yet very noticeable today, it is likely that a break or a little later, it will replace Francesco Totti. Many times directors have shown a broadcast for the first time Francesco.
Five minutes left before the end of the first time, less and less time to break. "Lecce" managed to move the game from their gates, but that's to do something really dangerous at the gate Stack has not yet been obtained.
Davide Brivio takes the field in the "Lecce" instead of the injured Maurice Karrotstseri. He last year, incidentally, played in "Sampdoria" which, as we know, suffered a hard fate.
Well, what have Di Francesco? Will replace the defender? Because so far, "Lecce" plays in the minority. And plays well, and plays! Now only tackle Gago interrupted attack guests.
Wow, my friends, is the first time in Serie A in recent years! Now all an assist attack "Roma" show from beginning to end! Lots of gear - and now he result, a goal. Generally, all started Stekelenburg, and completed, well, it is clear who.
Karrotstseri was injured while trying to help his own goalkeeper to save the gate at the output of Osvaldo. We wish health advocate, who was carried off the field on a stretcher.
Julio Sergio left the limits of his own penalty area and simply saved his team from the goal conceded after Oswaldo bounced one on one with him!
After a pass with a penalty kick on the right followed by a shot on goal Stekelenburga, but he managed! Yeah, there is also rules against the goalkeeper, "Roma" has violated Karrotstseri.
Slightly more than half an hour played football, the players, "Lecce" rushed into the attack now right wing - put back Kuadrado Taddei, who pushed him.
Mamma Mia! Bojan!? Slats on the left flank famously pushed his way forward from the front and shot into the center of another's keeper, where he stood alone Bojan! It would seem that may interfere with Bojan for goals? And then Bojan, trying to pierce the outer side of the foot in the gate, into an empty net, misses! Plainly and stroke has not taken place. Just kick the ball past! Yeah.
What about the "Roma" - the team really played well, intelligently, as opposed to weird football performance, "Lecce". While the guests absolutely nothing.
Well, this guy does not like Rome. Oliver struck from afar - the whistling ball stands there, to the stands, in the sense, and flew away. And why do not like him - is not only due to collisions with Pyanichem. Last year, Oliver gave a skirmish with Totti, for which he received as a result of Francesco removal and, therefore, disqualified for an important match.
GO-OO-AL! 1-0! Pyanich!
De Rossi received the ball from Taddei and lovely Paz at the left edge of the penalty stranger gave him back the shell. Rodrigo immediately shot to the goalkeeper, from Pyanich sent the ball into an empty net already - under the crossbar!
In Rome, there is a saying - "Captain Future", it refers to Daniele De Rossi. The people he is "captain of tomorrow." Rosie, this season, finally, began to play a much more confident in his last interview got the nickname "Captain the day after tomorrow."
Pyanich leaves the field of play, it seems to me that he did back in the game, and while the Romans played with ten men. Well, that and the game we have, in general, quite good, from the "ohms", of course.
Oliver to comment? Already parted with the ball Pyanich as Oliver with all his might Miralem slapped his leg! Given that micro-damage plays a Bosniak, all may end sadly for "Roma".
Boy-I-Yang! Taddei left great shot to the left through another's keeper, to which all the pores eager Bojan - little did not have Bojan, to smuggle in subcategories ball into the net!
Andrea Bertolachchi picked the ball and was preparing to rush forward, but the whistle interrupted the attack, "Lecce" - the reason is that Corvi piled on the lawn Heinze.
On the bench and Luis Enrique sitting on something talking Francesco Totti and two Marco - Cassetti and Borrello. According to rumors, both Marco winter can leave the "Roma". In the meantime, Corvi got into another offside.
It is unfortunate Romans played a free kick, the goalkeeper handled without any problem taking the ball in his hands. Tried to attack the right flank to escape the guests, but returned in time back Osvaldo knocked the ball into touch.
Juan Kuadrado fouls on the left flank attack "Roma". De Rossi was preparing to execute a standard, but ultimately lost the case Miralem Pyanichu, and he ran to the gate.
So what, then, "Lecce" nothing at all is obtained in the attack, a lone Daniele Corvi properly and the ball is not received, not to mention the strikes on goal Stekelenburga which are not.
Do not touch! But would not touch the ball after Pyanich lumbago Taddei left to the goalie - Bojan would have been right in front of the goalkeeper and probably would have scored! And because of the uncomfortable situation Miralem tried to score a touch - just in the hands of the goalkeeper.
There is now experimental Dzhakomatstsi and Di Michele in the "Lecce", these guys in the game today is very useful to visitors. Meanwhile, Slats performed canopy free-kick on the right - above all and sundry.
Saddened misses his team at the European Football Championship Miralem Pyanich now rushed forward on the right flank, but it knocked down your opponent.
Bojan has earned a corner on the right, a little later, after the lottery Corner, scratched the ball into the right edge of the penalty stranger, gave the ball to Rosie, who is not entirely successful shot to the gate - the defender intercepted.
Much has been written that will be released on the triple-Strips-Totti Osvaldo, but instead of Luis Enrique Francesco released on the Bojan Bojan. 3 goals in his first season of "Roma" Bojan has scored.
Two student of "Roma" is played in the "Lecce" today: Andrea and Daniele Bertolachchi Corvo. However, if the right to Corvi "Roma" no longer belong Bertolachchi is still considered a player in the metropolitan teams being leased by "Lecce". Rumor has it that after this season, Andrea returns to the home club.
Fernando Gago enough uncertainly began his career in Serie A, but after a few matches began to show much more confident game and deserved a place at the base.
Karrotstseri hit in the face Osvaldo, but the referee did not notice the meeting and showed that the game should continue. Judge today's match, Christian Brig of Cesena.
In the center of the protection of the "Roma" is played Heinze and Kierkegaard, there is no Burdisso - Argentinian was a terrible injury in the match for Argentina against Colombia, as I recall. About 6 months, "Bandit" pass.
Daniele De Rossi tried to throw the ball in someone else's penalty area through the center, but the defense, "Lecce" played very carefully. In reply attack namesake De Rossi, Daniele Corvi got into an offside position.
What a handsome Eusebio Di Francesco, and! Very stylish looks mentor "Lecce", he - a former player of "Roma". As part of the Roman team in Di Francesco won the Scudetto in 2001 and is still actively rooting for his former team.
As you may have noticed, probably not in the main part of the Roman Francesco Totti. The captain recovered from his injury in a match with "Atalanta," but today, for the first time from the date once in a request, remained on the bench.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Sounds anthem "Roma", a conclusion which players go on the field! The atmosphere - that is necessary, although the stadium is filled not by 100%. Not even 80, which is already there.
Good evening, ladies and lovers of Italian football! I welcome you to a live match in Serie A between the "Roma" and "Lecce"! I will comment on the game, Karen Adamyan.

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