Stadium: Vicente Calderon
Out an interesting fight, especially in the second half! We must pay tribute to the players, "Levant", they battled to the end, but "Atletico" today was simply inimitable. The main architects of the victory were Arda Turan and Jose Reyes! With you all the time was Nikita Gromov, happiness, health, and see you soon!
Second Half
The match is over!
T-OO-OO-L! Reduce the gap in the long run the players 'Levante'. Ruben Suarez received the ball on the penalty spot on my partner and sl1tu hammer ball into the goal!
Safely see out the team. A little more active, play host to the courage, but it is understandable. such support stands must be justified.
Additional time
3 minutes added arbitrator.
What creates the moon! Bravo! Philip broke into the penalty area, he gave the "heels" in jeopardy Adrian, but he failed to beat goalkeeper! After that, Pizzi punched in falling through itself, but there was a goalkeeper on the spot!
Yellow card
Oh and one more yellow card. Against Reyes Iborra fouls.
Violates the rules now Arda Turan. Penalty has been played very dangerous, from the right penalty area filed Aranda, was close to Kone scored the ball, but before the ball has reached out.
Pizzi got the ball on the flank, he decided to enter the circle outside the penalty area, but managed to knock the ball back. Angled, full of Diego, came to nothing lead.
Despite the missed goal, football, "Levante" leaves a pleasant feeling. It is a pity that in the second half, their defense collapsed. And should be commended, "Atletico"! They used these mistakes in full!
Great time at the gate, "Levant." Offside kills another goal the hosts. Turan perfectly again sweep from the right flank on a pizza, but it was out of position, playing a Turk.
Yellow card
Miranda gets gorchinik for the failure of a dangerous attack. Waldo flew in a shock position, but the opponent knocked him back, for which he was punished.
Replacing a "Levant", and immediately double. Arango was released instead of Barker and Ruben Suarez instead Xavi Torres ..
GO-OO-OO-OO-A! Turan was the right flank, entered the penalty area and gave it to the far post. There's an empty net with ease scoring Adrian! 2-1!
Reyes on the lawn and Huanfran. The first stumbled across his leg and the opponent flying cocked his opponent. For both players left the club doctors.
GO-OO-OO-OO-A! Compares the expense of "Levante"! This Iborra locked filing with the corner of Barker from the central zone of the penalty area!
Do not want to give up "the Levant"! Spite of all his critics, whether they want to demonstrate their character and finally remove itself from the stigma of "upstarts", but now the need for incredible strength that would calm down, flared up homes!
T-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-A! "Atletico" go ahead! Reyes gave the masterpiece simply pass into the penalty area on a pizza, he went himself to himself and his left foot sent the ball between the legs of goalkeeper! 1-0!
Trying to somehow calm down the onslaught of rival guests. they simply rolled the ball into center field, they want to bring down the pace of the game, but the "Athletics" to confidently scored the ball.
And immediately replaced by an "Levant." El Zhar leaves the field, instead it will now play Iborra.
Reyes goes on the field instead of Salvia.
Well, where is the goal!? Dominguez now has been from outside the penalty area directly in nine, but saved the goalkeeper. Goal simply is brewing at the Gates "Levante"!
Diego got the ball in 10 yards from goal after a pass Turan, he could score and now had to do it! Prevented him back, which in some heroic leap knocked the ball from the goal line.
Provoke both teams in the second half, pouring rain the moment, but, unfortunately, no goals scored. hope all the teams left to relish the last minute.
A great chance to lose players, "Atletico"! Diego gave a cool pass to Adrian, he beat a great position, but otbilg olkiper. Salvia was on finishing, but also by. the most dangerous moment in the match!
Excellent point! Arda was hooked for myachv penalty, threw a punch and the bottom Diego broke through on goal. Strongly, but by.
Silviu leaves the field on a stretcher. Instead it goes Perea.
Silviu now rode along the slippery turf, it hurt a little contender. Replacement for your partner asks Arda Turan.
Burst into applause podium! Sam Reyes ran to warm up! Pizzi at this point a good hit from long range, but all attention was directed precisely at the "pet" the public "Vicente Calderon".
Yellow card
But what is! Mustard are flying right and left! Silviu slipped, he was a player from behind, "Levant", but he did not even hooked up, and the referee showed the card.
The answer is "mattress" was released on so sharp. Submission from the right flank on Drian over a blow to the head gate in the far corner, the ball skidded off the field at 3 meters from the bar.
And here is the point in the second half first. By the way, he appeared at the gate of the home team. Torres flew to the shock position and strongly struck, but certainly in the hands of the goalkeeper.
Tiago still leaves the field. Instead it goes Pizzi.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
And I remind you that all your questions you can ask in the "Comments" on our website. I certainly will not leave them unattended.
Half time
The first half is over!
Additional time
1 minute, add the referee!
Tiago requests on the doctors. Abruptly snatched the ball and he immediately grabbed his side, still can not stand the Portuguese! Likely to need replacement.
Diego clocked trans opponent penalty area and neatly, socks moved round the penalty on Salvia, but the episode did not end goal, managed to beat the defender.
And here is the fall in the penalty the hosts. Barker gave the course of the Al-heat, the ball past the opponent prokinul, but too much. After the forward of "Levante" has decided to fall, which caused great indignation in the stands!
Yellow card
Slightly crushed rival players to their gates, "Female athletes." Nice to see and hear that stands no fading for a minute! Now beg for penalty hosts Adrian prokinul the ball past an opponent, he is clearly folil, penalty was clean, but the referee is also shown yellow card for simulation.
Tour-ah-ah-ah-n! That's the power! Turks came to a shock position, could give a penalty, but decided to break and made it oh how nice! But it's also a good idea in this situation has played a moon, which could reflect the impact an opponent.
Yellow card
Gorchichnik El-heat! And for what? Of course, he actively fought for the ball with Turan on his knees, in the literal sense of the word! Tried to get a hand ball, but never got it. For the warning - is unclear.
Another violation of the rules at the gate of the owners. El Zhar effectively prokinul ball between the legs of an opponent, but he reined in his hands. Penalty as always fulfilled Barker, but this time nothing serious happened.
Somewhere has got to the activity of "mattress". But the players, "Levant" as if known future developments in today's match. Do not panic, they kept their jim-jams rush an opponent in the first minutes and now off to check alertness goalkeeper opponent.
Tiago is wrong now. He broke the rules before his penalty, hitting the opponent's naked. Barker decided to strike, not bad, by the way, the ball flew, but still above the nine gates of Courtois.
Oh, they do not have enough Falcao. Many crown throws into the penalty opponents do the hosts, but the lightness of forwards still leaves much to be desired. Or did not occupy that position, or simply do not understand their partners.
Oh, what time, not time and feast for the eyes! Arda Turan grabbed the ball and gave to Diego, he gave a great cut on the course of Salvia. Eduardo been out at full speed one on one, but this time the whistle of an arbitrator.
A good free kick from the left flank earned visitors. Barker served as a standard tent in the penalty area, but there clearly has played defense, "Atletico".
And here is the shot on goal. This is Diego scratched the ball approached the gate a little and badly struck, but the ball somehow rolled sluggishly toward the gate, and eventually left for the front.
Not enough power hosts that would score a quick goal uncompromising opponent. Protracted positional attacks intensified occasionally play in the penalty area, but on the scoreboard all the same zeros. Few players are more active and "Levant", but to no avail.
Yellow card
Very roughly, the hero has now passed episodes. Turan rough rolled up knocked down an opponent in the center of the field, for which he received a yellow card.
Oh Arda Turan! Turks now Hoth portray a la Walcott in yesterday's match with the "Norwich." Prokidyval ball with one hand opponent, going obbezhat it from another, but the starting speed is not enough.
Let me remind you that the gap between rivals of each other quite tangible. "Levante" is now on the 4th place, while "Atletico" only at the eleventh.
Nothing comes from "the Levant" during the first minute. Salvia is very active, two or even three passes an opponent as training chips! Now the corner to work, but very unsuccessfully filed Diego.
A great moment. The ball bounced off after the filing of Salvia on the line of the penalty area, and then Mario Suarez flew to the shock position and rally strongly struck, but the ball flew a meter away from the bar.
Applying pressure "mattress." Arda Turan was excellent in the box from the left flank and was about to do in the goalkeeper's area chamber, but did not work - the ball hit the foot protector.
The fall in the penalty area visitors. Diego came across one of the defenders of the "Levant." Immediately revived the rostrum, but the replay shows the player masters heavily embellished moment.
"Athletics" from the first minutes of taking the initiative in their hands. Not completely filled the stadium, but fans can hear songs from the first minute.
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Hello, dear fans of Spanish football! Today, the stadium "Vicente Calderon" will match "Atletico Madrid" and "Levant." Comment it will be for you Nikita Gromov, a successful show!

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