Stadium: Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan
In "the match" you can learn the basic statistical calculations the game. And our broadcast for this is complete, thanks to all that were with us, until we meet on our site
Second Half
And then he gives the final whistle! Completed this game, we congratulate all the fans of "Athletics" well-deserved victory.
So here is chance, fouled 40 yards from the gates of the owners. Rakitic loads into the penalty area, but failed, the defenders easily carried the ball.
There were 2 of 3 added minutes, until all is quiet in Baghdad, the guests can easily control the ball and not give the "Seville" no chance at least some danger.
Meanwhile, the judge added to 3 minutes of normal time.
Yellow card
The last minute of normal time went. Munyain perhaps the best player in today's match, got the ball in midfield, beat two opponents, then met with the Emir Spahić on the outskirts of the box. Yellow Spahić as a result of this meeting.
The last noticed the guests Gaiska Toker went instead Fernando Llorente, who played very well today.
Rakitic by individual skill reached the left edge of the penalty, but the canopy of Ivan was not turned.
Jonas Ramal appeared instead Iñigo Perez.
Iñigo Perez suffered an injury, help him now. And preparing to replace a "Athletics."
In all of this, owners need to score only 1 goal to achieve a draw. And chance may well provide, in such games often happens that fate favors the weak team play.
Ander Herrera earned a penalty in the left corner of the penalty area. Needless to say, that after the next error protector owners. Punched the victim, the defenders did not give the ball to reach Varas.
Here, as a result, statistics show that only in this indicator - 40 to 60. I'm not very many matches, "Seville" had seen this season, so I can not judge how bad the owners today as compared with ourselves. But here's the Basques today are very popular, powerful visible Chilean Marcelo Bielsa's hand.
Can control the ball long enough hosts. That is not bad, 10 minutes ago it was 39 - 61 in favor of the visitors to possess.
Mash Gorka at last, and then he just got bored in the second half, but here are a tent, even right in your hands.
Rostrum boo their own team. In principle, one can understand, "Seville", now seems to say the least bad of all lines. Tremendous amount of errors.
The final replacement of the owners, instead of Emiliano Armenteros Perotti out.
GO-O-O-O-AL! 2.1! Well, that'll get. The next show in the performance of Defence hosts Spahić Emir, who had just rescued his team, himself and kills her, giving guests a disgusting ball at the feet of the oncoming removal of Aran. The ball is caught, and one Munyain Paz brought an Oscar to an Aran. The same shall not without the help of a successful bounce beat Javi Varas and rolled the ball into the empty net. All of the case!
Another change is being prepared for the hosts.
Replacement of both teams. Do the owners instead of Trochowski on the left, Ivan Rakitic. The guests appeared instead Susaety Igor Gabilondo. Maybe the players with the most popular name in Russia will be able to make the game more exciting?
Had to hammer the guests. Ander Herrera received the ball from the depth of field and took off his chest on Llorente. He went on Javi Varas ran out, turned around and drove back to Herrera, who beat a descent on an empty goal. Hosts miraculously saved by Emir Spahić, successfully took a position on the goal line, and had time to throw a leg in jeopardy.
Finally able to replace the owners imagine, there was no stopping for 2-3 minutes. Manu goes Alvaro Negredo instead.
Just calm down a game, the hosts did not get the guests perfectly combine the approaches in the penalty area, but further exacerbate also does not leave. Replacement of preparing the hosts, Manu appears.
But the "athletic" look very well, kind of ease is present in the game reviews. No one - goals scored. A soccer - the game is unpredictable, it is necessary to take advantage of, or fortune can smile and owners.
Susaeta received excellent communication from Munyaina on the left edge of the penalty and for some reason, the ball rolled to the opposite edge to Llorente, and one could break through on goal. Transfer to the same destination is not reached. The defense of the hosts now with the support area continue to do something unintelligible.
Munyain almost single-handedly beat the whole team are not the owners, at the last moment managed to knock the ball forward with guests already in the penalty area.
It is noticeable that the owners are nervous, do not get until they have a game that's coming forth an angry coach Toral terradoy to the judge.
Now Frederick stepped on his ankle Aurteneche. Cap stormed the hosts probably raises morale partners.
Iñigo Perez landed badly after riding against Kanoute, but everything seems to be okay with the midfielder guests.
For long enough fuse Andalusians, again in a quiet channel flows game, as in the second half of the first half.
Yellow card
San Jose gets the yellow card, lost position Negredo had to foul, or Alvaro ran to the gate. Dangerous standard with the right edge of the penalty area. Perotti beat in the near corner, but hit the wall.
Perotti shot from 40 yards after a foul, it came out pretty dangerous.
Rushed forward hosts, apparently, a serious discussion took place among the players with the head coach.
Second half has began
We continue to broadcast, started the second half of this match.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Nothing is added, the judge, we have a break, relax.
The last minute of the first half went, followed by another shed on Llorente from the left flank, this time the defenders managed.
Yellow card
Oscar Arana Jesus Navas cut down on the right brow, it was very hard for that and yellow.
Oh dangerous Munyain was great in the center and rolled right on Iraiolu, Andoni either tossed Varas, or gently to hang on the far post, resulting in not received a blow, or shed, but could be very dangerous.
The impression is that the team see out the first half. Not early? 5 minutes more.
Hosts fouled on the left, Trochowski dangerous filed in the penalty area, but no one reached out to the ball no.
Negredo great defender swung and hit the right cheek to the left corner, Hill pulled.
Calmed down a game, I must say, apparently tired after such an energy intensive team the match.
Continues to fry Eskyude, robbed him Llorente on the right flank to the center by otpasoval incident Ander Herrera, Varas was lucky that the blow out a little inaccurate.
Trochowski smart passes for 40 yards in the gap deduced Kanoute, shaking Malian not very fast, about 5 years ago would be easy to run away, but now had to slow down and try to advance to the gate through which obygrysha Frederic was unsuccessful.
Hmm, the defense of "Seville" while not look too good, a lot of mistakes, as unforced, and what is called tactical. Offensively, the same is essentially the only meaningful foray to the penalty guests led to a goal, so 1-1 to date owes much to please the owners.
Yellow card
Only the price of the yellow card Fernando Navarro wins the attack guests, cut down to almost 16 meters in the center of Munyanina. If it were not shot down, then Iker had already received a pass from Llorente at exit 1 to 0. Iñigo Perez beats on the left above.
Given the right visitors to the penalty is 35 yards from the gate, Javi Varas with difficulty rescued tight kick into the bottom corner.
How now do not hit the ball into the goal - the mind boggles. Llorente beat the Guardian on the left side of penalty, moved to the gate and into the center of otpasoval by jumping Javi Varas on the empty net. By some miracle, knocked the ball at the last moment the defenders of "Seville."
'Twas the error Eskyude Julien, who presented for some reason the ball on the edge opponent, resulting in a 2-pass led out to the gate and Llorente at the last moment Fernando Navarro managed to stop a pass into the penalty area.
Perotti well broke on the left flank and to hang in the penalty area, but the subsequent header turned weak and inaccurate.
And dangerously did it! Susaeta played ball with Iraioloy, which is hinged to the right edge of the penalty area, turned very dangerous, Llorente struck his head from 5 feet, but got a little higher.
That's such an interesting game for us and most importantly productive. Let's see what happens next, the guests have gone forward, earned a corner.
GO-O-O-O-AL! 1.1! Jesus Navas! The second attack rate went hosts Kanoute won the horseback fighting on the approaches to the penalty after draped from the center of the field and threw the ball on the course are dug in her Navas, Jesus on the right put the ball into the far corner.
Angle earned the hosts, after filing with the right wing passed the ball to the corner of San Jose, supply failed.
That's a good way to transfer was a "Athletics" on the left flank of the attack, but the supply was interrupted by the defenders, the ball went over the goal line. Earned a corner turned harmless.
Now owners of dangerous free kick earned about the same point as the guests, when opening an account, Munyain fouls. However, "Seville" a dangerous free-kick did not work.
Several owners discouraged, until abandoned missed goal.
GO-O-O-O-AL! 0-1! Iraiola! Opens by Captain guests. That's what it means in vain to foul on the outskirts of the box. After filing with the penalty carried the ball from the penalty seviltsy, but right on the pace Iraiole who drove the ball a descent to the lower left corner of the goal Javi Varas, he was powerless.
Reconnaissance in force on the field, teams are looking at each other. Owners lost the ball in midfield, Llorente deduced for blow Munyaina, but advocates have interrupted transmission, followed by Cáceres for some reason broke the rules at the left edge. A dangerous free kick.
Earned a free kick close to the owners of the center circle, Perotti hung in the penalty, the defense made for the side.
But the Basques in the last round almost beat the house itself, "Barcelona", annoying to miss the last minutes of the second goal.
"Seville" in white plays today, guests of the green shirts, black shorts, a visiting form. I must say that Sanchez Pishuan to put it mildly not completely filled. Probably one of the reasons - not too good performance in recent games seviltsev.
First time has began
Sounds starting whistle, the meeting started, let's go!
First Half
In "the match" you can see the applications teams in today's game.
We welcome all football fans in general and fans of the Spanish Championship in particular. Introducing broadcast 12 matches of the tour examples in which the "Seville" accepts "Athletic" from Bilbao. You will be working Alexander Kalish.

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