Stadium: Khimki
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! "Dynamo" is not without problems Krasnodar team won with a score - 2:1!

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Andriy Voronin struck from the penalty into the far bottom corner - Alexander Belenov firmly took this slack, but a very good ball.
Artur Yusupov was tired, he needs to rest. Instead midfielder Alexander Epureanu appears.
In the next round of Moscow "Dynamo" will travel to Kazan to fight the "Ruby". "Kuban" will also house another team from Moscow - "Spartacus". There will be a great match, I assure you.
Marcos Urena instead Vladislav Kulik. This is the final replacement of the guests.
On the left flank ran ahead of the Krasnodar players of the club, followed by a canopy of Gheorghe Bucur - shell flew over the front line of the field.
Both teams lost points in the last round. "Dynamo" tied with "Spartacus" in the Moscow derby - 1:1, "Kuban" in Krasnodar, the same with the same score played with championship leader - Saint-Petersburg "Zenith".
Thus, left the field, Igor Semshov, appeared Sapeta.
How not to LUCKY THEM! Just awful! After filing the ball bounced on the line of the penalty, from the gathering broke on goal Marco Taddei - projectile traveled in millimeters from the near post. Anton Shunin not saved.
Gheorghe Bucur has shifted to the right corner of someone else's penalty area, broke through on goal, but it was just released from the gates of Anton Shunina. Will the corner.
Gradually ends our match. At this time, while sipping Anton Shunin. Can it for a yellow card to get, but the referee something lingered.
Pulled from the left flank to attack Dacian Varga, he shot to the near post, but there was only a player of the Moscow "Dynamo". Counter-players in white, we have not seen.
Well, someone he can replace it? Author's goals against Portugal national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rest went Misimović, came under a storm of applause and shouts of fans Voronin.
And I think why this is so the audience began to shout: "Andrew Crow, Andriy Voronin." Best player of the first part of the championship is preparing to enter the football field. The long-awaited return of a Ukrainian. God forbid, and EURO will shine.
And another shot on goal, "Dynamo". At this time the gate is not able to get Arthur Tlisov. Next to the reception flew round. That's more active supporters of the Krasnodar Club.
CANNON scary! UDARISCHE! Vladislav Kulik took the rebound and struck from the penalty greatly with the right foot - Anton Shunin pulled out of the shell near the "nine."
Broke the rules in the attack, Gheorghe Bucur. With this Petrescu obviously do not agree. Well it looks like the team in the second half. Will the guests even the score? Look, look.
On the right flank on his legs got Luke Uilkshir. Followed by a canopy of Alexander Samedov - Alexander Belenov took the shell in his gloves. Counterattack "Kuban" will not.
The teams met each other eight times, three of which match ended in a draw, the same number of victories in the account of the Moscow team and two players were celebrating the triumph of Krasnodar. As you can see, there is nothing to do with what the team clear advantage. Goal difference: 9:6.
Fight in someone else's half of the field players, "Kuban", but so far it does not bring results. Twenty minutes will still be among the guests in order to level the score.
Yellow card
And one more yellow. Substitute Dacian Varga's legs fell to Alexander Samedov.
On the left flank followed by a canopy on the line goalie, where his head struck the exact center of Igor Semshov - Alexander Belenov took the shell in his gloves.
Michael Vilkov, as I said, worked for sixteen matches, which showed sixty-four yellow cards, once removed football and appointed four penalty kick. Not the most aggressive arbiter of the championship.
By the way, no one goes after the match, as you and I will see Moscow derby. "Spartacus" against the "Locomotive". This is not to be missed, as well as "Chelsea" - "Liverpool", for example.
Roman Bugaev received the ball on the left flank, carried a canopy to the near post, where the gates popped Anton Shunin, taking the shell of the gloves. Again, attack Moscow "Dynamo". Prolonged such.
Now in an offside position Kuvina Kuranyi.
Maxim Zhavnerchik left the field, instead it plays Dacian Varga.
Game resumed in Moscow "Dynamo" now. Hosted guests counterattack that ended offsides Sergei Davydov.
On the left flank too clever by half, Alexander Kokorin, he spun around, trying to beat two opponents, who included a selection of collective and calmly took the ball.
Broke, broke the rules now on the right flank Artur Yusupov, tearing attack Krasnodar club, but the midfielder a yellow card "Dynamo", oddly enough, is not received.
Alexander Kokorin struck from the penalty - Alexander Belenov took the shell in his gloves. The attack of the Moscow club. Unsuccessfully introduced a projectile in a game keeper guests.
And now, boys, it will be interesting. "Kuban" always take the initiative and control of the ball. "Dynamo" obviously sat in the second half. We are waiting on the field Andriy Voronin?
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! ROMAN BUGAEV! How did wrong now Shunin. Horror easy. Roman Bugaev punched in the center, the ball flew to rebound from the lawn, why was not ready to Anton. 2-1! Intrigue back?
By the way, "Kuban" - the second team championship after the St. Petersburg "Zenith", which missed the fewest goals. The team of Luciano Spalletti was twenty-five, in the Krasnodar team - at least two goals more. Interesting statistics, is not it?
Alexander Kokorin in the central part of the field was littered with the team captain of the Krasnodar Luis Zealand. At this time, few active fans "Kuban". They support their team.
Alexander Kokorin in the central part of the field was littered with the team captain of the Krasnodar Luis Zealand. At this time, few active fans "Kuban". They support their team.
Ten minutes later the players own initiative "Kuban". Guests now have a quick ball to score to make it easier to play. And then so you can attack, attack, and to sense something and never will.
WOW! Several times on the rival's goal broke through football, "Kuban" with a few meters, but fell in Anton Shunina, the field players. Wow. Played guests. IN-SG-RA-LEE!
Guests played today. Ran. Apparently, Petrescu said a couple of "gentle" in the break. On the right flank earned standard Sergei Davydov. Pushed him into the back of Vladimir Granat. It will be shed.
Davydov was offside, and then struck. but the chief arbiter of the meeting a yellow card did not show.
Lomich got the legs on the left flank. Even the stretcher appeared on the lawn, but, thank God, Marco will be able to continue playing. Remove litter, they are not needed.
This year's contenders have met twice with each other and exchanged home wins. Muscovites win at home - 1-0, Krasnodar and more confident in - 3:1. Let's see, who are now correct statistics of the season in their favor. Until we have - 1:1 meetings.
Alexander Kokorin shifted from the left wing free kick on the line, broke through on goal but hit the opponent.
Substitutions at the break in the compositions of playing teams did not happen. At this time went a little snow. Zimushka nearing winter, my friends. We hope that visitors still able to fight the Moscow team.
Second half has began
The second half started! Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! Moscow "Dynamo" just hamming "Kuban" - 2:0. We have a rest. Break!
Offside at Kuranyi.
Additional time
+1 Minutes.
Yellow card
Luke Uilkshir back in subcategories demolished Sergei Davydov. Just a yellow card. Also enrolled in a boorish Luke. Tenth "yellow card" for the season Uilkshira, by the way.
Alexander picked up the ball Samedov on the right flank, entered into another penalty, but the beat, who replaced Marco Taddei not Russian midfielder failed.
Zvezdan Misimović got the ball in someone else's penalty area, turned around, but the knock on the gates of the club failed to Krasnodar. With some difficulty, but the guests drove away the shell to the center of the field.
Yellow card
Semshov received his fifth yellow card of the season. Rude, he went to Sergei Davydov. Could cause injury to the author of the first goal in this meeting.
Roman Bugaev hung from the corner of the field, the ball flew into the near post, where poorly played Sergey Davydov. That's how we do it is listed in the protocol.
Referee our meeting - Michael plug from Nizhny Novgorod. Lucky me to his matches this season. For some time he worked on those matches, which he served. There have been sixteen. Today's seventeenth match.
Oh, no. I saw myself. It's not Marco Taddei appeared on the football field instead of Artyom Fidler.
Very strong canopy has turned Luke Uilkshira from the right edge of another's penalty. The ball flew out of bounds. Continue to foul the guests. Now Gheorghe Bucur blocked the opponent on the right flank.
In my opinion, Marcos Urena is preparing to enter the football field. At this time the Roman Bugaev kick on the left flank. Luke got Uilkshiru.
Continues to hold the ball Moscow "Dynamo". At this time, on the left flank zafintilsya Alexander Kokorin, then do a bad penalty in the canopy of the Krasnodar Club. Alexander Belenov out of the gate and took the shell in his gloves.
"Dynamo" has come to fight, without any human casualties. But in "Kuban" main striker team - Traore - disqualified. Also punished and defender Lolo. Let's see how the guys from Krasnodar today will cope without these two players. While it is very difficult.
"Kuban" - one of the discoveries of this championship. The team is in seventh position in the standings, though, "Anji" is equated with the team on points of Krasnodar, Makhachkala residents but have held their thirty-first round match. Today, "Kuban", when successful for the club's circumstances, it may be equal on points with "Ruby". Although, it is not particularly hard to believe.
Well, we can already say that the outcome of the match a foregone conclusion? I would not want to believe it, but it seems like it is. With all due respect to the "Kuban" and its fans, perhaps no team play in away games against the "Dynamo" from the account - 2-0 - but could not.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! ALEXANDER KOKORIN! Great balls today are hammered into our game. On the right flank with a standard hung Alexander Samedov, the ball touched the feet of Artyom Fidler, of which bounced off the left edge of the penalty, "Kuban" and there was quite a Kokorin. Alexander took the shell and the second touch sent him into the far bottom corner of Alexander Belenov. 2-0!
Yellow card
Ham, I must say. Vladislav Kulik first hit in the legs Zvezdanu Misimović, then a second time, and the third has to be very strong even. Yellow card.
ROD! Fantastish strike turned out at Alexander Kokorin with twenty-five yards, the ball flew to the mysterious trajectory and was just on a long rack. It seems that Alexander Belenov was not ready for this shot.
Possession: 61% vs. 39%. That's it. Now it seems that "Dynamo" possession of the ball about 80% percent, as did yesterday, "Manchester City".
Alexander Samedov thought long on the right flank, ran into the penalty area, skate ball heel under the canopy Aleksanrd Kokorin, but Kevin Kuranyi failed to catch hold of this shell. Guests calmly controlled the ball into center field.
"Dynamo" is in third place in the standings, falling from CSKA Moscow for four points, but the wards Leonid Slutsky had already played a match. So today, Sergey Silkin players can close the gap to a minimum.
Kevin Kuranyi has received a transmission from Yusupova, struck at goal but the ball hit the opponent, and then in a player's "Dynamo" from which the shell flew over the sideline of the field.
That's "Dynamo" scoring the ball, which may decide the fate of the match. "Kuban" scoring enough, so I think it's safe to say that the owners of today just can not lose.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Igor Semshov! There was a great zakidushka into another penalty, Igor Semshov popped one on one with Alexander Belenov, broke into the near corner - a goal. The goalkeeper saved his team could not. 1-0!
The first corner at the gate "Dynamo" ended output of the gate Anton Shunina. Goalkeeper calmly took the ball in his glove. There was a counter-attack the hosts failed transmission fulfilled Alexander Kokorin. The attack "Dynamo".
Transfer Zvezdan Misimović of the central circle was exactly at the feet of the player, "Kuban". There was a counter-attack guests, which ended with the angular. We look.
On the left flank took the ball Vladimir Granat, the strong shed in someone else's penalty area - Alexander Belenov took the shell in his gloves.
The guests are the following scheme: 4-2-3-1. At the gate whitening. The defenders (from left to right): Zhavnerchik, Armash, Zela and Kozlov. A couple are opornikov Kulik and Tlisov. The trio of midfielders (left to right): Bugaev, Fiedler and Tlisov. At the edge of a Davydov.
You know, I think that the chances of "Kuban" take place in six or five much larger than, for example, "Anji". There team is selected by skilful players, and the Krasnodar team - due to go coach. It's very different things.
Alexander Samedov earned a corner on the right flank. He himself had carried out starting goalie at the near corner, the ball lingered in the box, and then he scored the goal, "Kuban", but the side picked up the box. Was offside.
Alexander Samedov took the ball on the right, but still broke the rule against a player, "Kuban". Damage was Maxim Zhavnerchik. He, thank God, will be able to continue the match.
Perfect ball control players showed today, "Kuban", but again, Sergei Davydov transfer was too strong. Forward Krasnodar club clearly had not. Anton Shunin shell knocked away in center field.
Luke Uilkshir received transmission on the right flank, and then released it to the front line of the field. A goal kick for Alexander Belenov.
Ten minutes of the game is over. At this time other than the transfer completed Maxim Zhavnerchik, but offside was Sergei Davydov.
Zvezdan Misimović got his hand across the face of Louis Zealand. Referee meeting did not notice it, so he was immediately surrounded by a crowd of players in Moscow "Dynamo", trying to prove rudeness Louis. Yellow was not shown to anyone.
It's crazy! As dangerous! That's right leg Zvezdan Misimović. All it already knows. With twenty-four feet hit the far corner - Alexander Belenov, in my opinion, touched the ball. In any case, the projectile did not hit the net. 0-0!
In general, it was clear that "Kuban" today will play defensive football. Still, the game is on the road, and even against well-organized in Moscow "Dynamo".
Another corner earned the hosts on the left flank, but this time decided to play Dynamo standard, followed by a strike on goal by Alexander Belenov we are with you, dear friends, have not seen.
Angle earned the hosts on the left flank. Followed by a canopy on the line of goalie Zvezdan Misimović - Alexei Kozlov made a shell out of his penalty. Rally tried to break Artur Yusupov - hit the opponent.
The hosts are now under the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let's deal. At the gate Shunin. The defenders (from left to right): Lomich, Garnet, Fernandez and Uilkshir. Midfielder: Semshov and Yusupov. Offensive players left - Kokorin, right - Samedov, in the center - Misimović. At the edge of a Kuranyi.
Few fans gathered today at the "Arena Khimki," however, I think, in the course of the fight will be more people to fill the stadium. At this time, players control a ball showing the Moscow club.
The home team now play in white, and players from Krasnodar - a greenish-yellow. Gates Anton Shunina on TV picture on the left, and Alexander Belenov frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players "Dynamo"!
First Half
Commands appear on the football field. Frost and sun, a wonderful day. At this time, sounds Anthem. We'll sing?
The teams are in the section "About the Game"! The real surprise was Andriy Voronin. Today he starts the match, sitting on the bench.
Dear football fans! The second consecutive day with you, we are opening day program of the Russian Premier League. I invite you to match the first eight, in which the "Dynamo" meets "Kuban". In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

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