Stadium: Amsterdam ArenA
Full Time
A very good football we have seen in the performance of both teams especially in the second half. Teams can say thank you for this match. Together with you, the course of events followed Ovcharneko Igor. Until we meet again.
Second Half
A long time can not both catch the ball team, too often they are wrong in the transition to the attack. It is true that at the end of the match was all the same players, "Ajax" to seize the ball and get into a dangerous counter attack, but the defensive line guest team played very reliably. Meanwhile, coming to an end today a duel.
That's it! The match is over!
Additional time
By the time the main match referee added three minutes.
They try to escape in a decisive assault on the home team! But they look completely lost on the field! Hmmm ... Such an outcome must confess honestly did not expect perhaps none.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! No, this can not be! Here is a match! This is scored! The account then becomes equal, I hurried to conclusions! Robbert Schilder scored a beautiful ball into the goal, "Ajax"! With a 25-meter player and loaded the guest team! 2-2!
All active players run into the attack, "Breda"! Felt they "smell blood" ... Now well punched half the guests from the middle distance, the ball hitting the way someone drove up in the hands of the goalkeeper.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Wow! Kolk powerfully struck at goal from outside the penalty ploschadi.Golkiper obviously did not expect such a blow. By this and made ​​a rather non-binding bug! 2:1.
T-OO-OO-OO-A! Derk Burrigter puts an end to this match! Lodeyro great hung in the penalty area, where they took the ball first Burrigter handled the "round" and then broke through on goal bitingly, "Breda"! Account becomes larger. 2-0.
Santi Kolk after a throw the ball from the flank seemed about to go to a good position for a good shot. But the line referee rightly recorded the "outside game" players "in Breda."
Yellow card
Van der Wiel rather unwisely played against an opponent. The arbitrator, after much discussion, had the courage to show the card protector "white-red." Footballer do not agree with this decision.
Substitution in the "Ajax". Instead, Lorenzo Ebesilio on the field enters the Derk Burrigter.
Soleimani again perfectly valid! This time he brought to the position of a lethal blow to Erickson! But he hesitated with a shot, and of course it covered the defenders.
Very long thought the players "Ajax", about how they will play the default position. In the end, decided to carry out the service, which was interrupted by the defenders of "NAC Breda."
Soleimani well with Erickson developed his attacking team, but the transfer of the penalty area prevented them execute defenders of the "Breda" which carried the ball for a corner.
Yellow card
Santi Kolk gets a "yellow card" for hitting an opponent with his elbow in a horse-fight. The arbiter judged very wisely this episode.
Substitution in the "Breda." Instead of Nemanja Gudelzha on the field goes Florian Yozefzon.
Substitution in the "Ajax". Theo Janssen instead of on the left Tulan Serer.
Lodeyro pretty well exacerbate the situation near the front of goal, but his pass to a teammate came out not the best. The ball is lost. In a rare attack will now visit this fight.
Substitution in the "NAC Breda." Tim Gilissen left field, instead it came Base Jordi.
Substitution in the "NAC Breda." Alex left the field Shalk stead came Kolk.
Obvious problems in the defense have guests today's match. They repeatedly fail in the simplest situations. Something needs to urgently change the coach, "Breda," his assistant, by the way now that is actively stretching striker said.
Again, the defense team in the guest who just fails ... At this time, the ball after hitting the home team midfielder, hit the back of midfield "NAC Breda."
And this is a standing ovation, dear friends! And their tears once again goalkeeper "Breda"! He managed to pass after Vertogena stop the attacker, who was leaving for a lethal position! Bravo!
Janssen played up his hand accidentally in the middle of the field. By the way, it would have to have to change ... It's not going in his game .. As if he got lost on the field.
Players were able to "Breda" spoil the standard masters of the field. Me after navesnyo transmission was knocked head protector of guests.
Ruvelaar! Goalkeeper "Breda" is just brilliant! Applaud him, ladies and gentlemen! Eriksen perfectly kissed with the middle distance, the goalkeeper managed to guests still move the ball to the corner.
Crushed! Literally asked his attackers to the onslaught of football players, "Ajax" guest team! It is, incidentally, has never yet been able to move at least a positional attack ...
Ebesilio! Well, such things need to be implemented! He went one on one with goalkeeper guests, put that on the lawn and ... Could not get nearly the empty gates! The ball flies higher than the designated purpose.
Erichsen, with the same Lodeyro played a good combination of a stranger near the penalty area. But after the transfer Lodeyro, Eriksen could not handle the ball as needed. Defenders of the guests immediately picked up the ball and carried it as far as possible!
Danger! Lodeyro! A good pass he received from team-mate, which he broke into the penalty area where, after several feints broke! Popasl ball into the net from the outside.
During the break, as if nothing changed. Although the broadcast directors, actively showing us a couple of players, "Breda" which is quickly warming up ...
From the first minute of the second half in attacking players are "Ajax." They now hold the ball long to his control, but it still blows up at the gate until we have it does not reach.
Second half has began
The second half of this exciting and tense match started.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half ended. Coffee Break.
Could be quite dangerous now, be quick striker, "Ajax". Painfully, he fumbled a long time with the ball after the transfer of a partner. The result was the loss of the ball they made.
Vuh ... Oh wow, "Ajax"! Rather Lodeyro wow! We calmed down a game, managed to get over the players, "Breda", he took the ball under control and try to create the gate owners, anything dangerous.
I wonder what the pills are prescribed Lodeyro? It was as "crazy" today! Again, he broke into someone else's penalty area! But thank God for all the fans of "NAC Breda," he could not sensibly get on the ball.
Wow! And again it was dangerous to visitors at the gate! At this time the ball after the filing, barely passed out of his penalty area, the defender "Breda" ... It is time for players to collect, or to the second goal is not so far ..
Completely lost in the final minutes of the first half the players look like the guest team. Now they have not brought a small second goal himself!
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Lodeyro! Still, he scored! Burst into the penalty area he was someone else, and then powerfully struck in the far corner the goalkeeper, "Breda"! Score of the match is open! 1:0.
No, this guy clearly wants to get the title "Man of the Match." All the same Lodeyro again in complete isolation punched the corner! And this time the goalkeeper saved his team!
He slept lightly so we have a match. Team at the moment is not particularly want to go forward. We can only note that the possession of the ball clear advantage owned by football players in white and red T-shirts.
And again, who replaced Lodeyro aggravates the situation near the front of goal! This time he moved a little to cool the center of the penalty area, and then struck! The goalkeeper managed to fight off hard the ball! It is very dangerous there!
We wish Dmitry skoreshego recovery! We hope that the worst will cost. Thus, in the meantime, a good blow inflicted Lodeyro. The goalkeeper, however, easily caught the ball.
Unfortunately, this match is over for Dmitri. He left the field. Instead, he went Lodeyro.
Oh-oh-oh! You know, gets injured Russian striker "Ajax." Something not good has happened to Bulykin long he was getting medical care.
Wow! Nice shed in the penalty area of ​​the home team built a football "Breda", but the defender passed the ball easily. In the rush attack players, "Ajax".
And once again take control of the players, "Ajax" ball ... But as in previous cases, nothing dangerous is not completed .. Teams just calm down ...
Angle earned during the dangerous attack players, "Ajax". Submission of the truth was not made in the best way. Defenders easily carried the ball.
Well it was not necessarily ... A good attacking players performed "Ajax," but at the last moment a pass from midfielder to forward the owners, was made just awful!
Again, active players are on the attack "Ajax", but so far to the goal scored is not reached. Almost all staff defended the guests!
Bulykin! Dima! Quite a bit he did not have enough to handle the ball qualitatively sent in his direction. The defender arrived in time on time, and eventually knocked the ball away from the valley.
Well too rough blow played linebacker home team! He decided "pulnut" with the middle distance, but the ball after it hits came in the stands.
Do not rush to attack active players "Ajax." They prefer to control the ball in a strange half. Until it comes out they are not very successful.
Wow! Oh wow! Dangerous in the penalty shoot through the "Ajax", only competent actions of counsel were able to neutralize the threat. Was very dangerous, because due to the defender bounced back forward.
Yellow card
Eno Eyong roughly played against his opponent. A yellow card the referee hands him the match.
"Brad" while playing without the ball. You can not sensibly leave guests with his half of the field. Too squeezed from all sides footballers "Ajax."
"Brad" while playing without the ball. You can not sensibly leave guests with his half of the field. Too squeezed from all sides footballers "Ajax."
Yellow card
So, here first yellow card will be shown in our game. At 30 meters from the gate and knocked linebacker owners.
Yellow card
So, here first yellow card will be shown in our game. At 30 meters from the gate and knocked linebacker owners.
Wow! Several dangerous attacks have made the players 'Ajax' keeper but the team did not let the guest hosts of the field to open the scoring! He played great!
Could not sensibly play this standard hosts. With the ball not on the longest time were the players' NAC Breda. " So, now go into a dangerous attack players, "Ajax".
Whistle the home team fans. While they are not particularly happy with what's happening on the field. Meanwhile, after lumbago from the flank, a player "Breda" knocked the ball on the corner of the field.
Pretty much have to foul players of both teams. Now the players, "Ajax" have earned a good free kick near the line goalie area. Submission of ... And the goalie played great at the exit! First he turns on the ball.
While off the ball for a long time playing football guest team. Did they fail to take the "round" under control. I wonder how long will it last?
Generally, the tournament situation for the home team is not the best ... They are pretty decent on the number of points behind championship leader Holland - "AZ Alkmaar." Certainly, this factor weighs on football players, so they try to play carefully, cherishing "every ball."
Tried to escape a dangerous counter attack guests, but they were in the middle of the field competently met midfielders "red and white." As a result, the ball hooked, now we will see an attack from the hosts
Amsterdamtsy so far have been slow to develop their attack. They are still very long rolled the ball into the central zone. Dangerous moments in the match so far not observed, we hope that in a short time to fix it
I am glad that in the starting lineup, "Ajax", finally released the Russian striker - Dmitry Bulykin, who is now trying to break through the gate, "Breda", the first attempt left him not the best.
The first blow produced players "Breda." Midfielder guest team punched well with the middle distance. The goalkeeper is not easily fixed ball gloves.
I am glad that reigns in the stands a good mood. Try to fans, and are increasingly active in support of their favorites. But while both teams do not listen to the stands, they in turn rolled the ball into center field
Incidentally, in the last round, both teams were not important. "Ajax" at a party lost the "tennis score," "Utrecht", and the players 'Breda' lost with a score of 0-3 players "Varegema." It will be interesting to see the team after such a failed match.
It sounds a whistle the final arbiter of the match! The match started! We hope that both team will show good football today.
First Half
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We welcome you to the next league match Holland Cup. In today's match, "Ajax" will take on their own field "NAC Breda." Since the composition of teams you can find a couple of minutes in a special section - "the match". Well, with you over the course of events will follow Igor Ovcharenko.

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