Stadium: Stadio Artemio Franchi
Well, I, Artem Savosik, say goodbye to you! Until we meet in the margins of Europe! (And not only!)
Second Half
That's it! Ends in a goalless draw, this is not the most entertaining match of the round Italian Serie A!
Ibrahimovic struck with the standard, but hit up some of the defenders, from which the ball rolled to the corner, which also does not intelligible end.
Pato was in the penalty area, but there he held the jersey for Manuel Pascual, then again the referee did not notice, not pointing to the spot. Many contentious issues today in our country.
Literally 20 seconds on the same Pato five meters from the penalty violated the rules! Dangerous standard!
On the right flank into another penalty shot De Silvestri, but again the flight of the ball was blocked by creeping into subcategories Alessandro Nesta.
Additional time
Rose to his feet both football and in the meantime reserve referee informs that the production time for the second half, were added to 4 minutes!
Nesta and Martin Santiago lie on the lawn after a collision in the fight for the ball from the penalty horse "Milan". Doctors have already run out on the field.
Gamberini! Great in its own penalty in the subcategory selected Alessandro ball from Pato, but no penalties in the event that a trace should not be!
I said five minutes ago, that team began to play, and he repented. Again, the pace of play close to zero ... Extremely slow speed with us.
Literally 5 minutes left before the end of normal time. I do not think that the referee will add more than three minutes, considering that no major stops almost was not.
Yellow card
Received a yellow card for a foul against Aquilani Harzha in center field.
Abate again shifted to the right flank in the center, but they lost the fight Harzha that seamlessly picked the ball from the Italians.
Although at the end of the team started to play! Meanwhile, Thiago Silva is on the lawn after Gilardino came on the Brazilian belly ... We see that the defender is very painful ...
Abate burst into the penalty area with other people's loved for themselves the right flank, otpasoval almost back to Aquilani, which is shed on the line goalie ended Ibrahimovic hit exactly Boruc.
PATO! Since the penalty in the lower left corner struck Alexandre, but Boruc was able to translate your fingertips the ball into the stem from which the projectile flew back to the field! Xx!
Behrami decided to strike from outside the penalty area on goal Abbyatti, but the ball flew over the crossbar three meters Christian lands.
In parallel to our match duel between the "Napoli" and "Lazio" by just not open. Fun is a game there or because we have, I do not know, but the score.
15 minutes left before the end of normal time and the second half. Despite the last minute, very boring and looks ductile game that can not but rejoice. The Tribunal of the same for 75 minutes did not sing never ...
Gilardino! With the left foot, while on the penalty and struck Alberto, but the ball flew just inches from the bottom right corner of the gate, "Milan"!
The second change Massimiliano Allegri holds! Instead Seedorf - Emanuelson.
A good shelter from the left wing failed Pasquale, provided that the ball nearly landed in the gate, but the shell fell only on the upper grid.
In paragraph and replace! Vmesto Robinьo - Pato.
Very long attack hosts ... While conducted a counteroffensive, "violet", had to return to their half of the field is absolutely all footballers guests.
Aquilani, being three meters away from someone else's punishment, he decided on a shot with his left foot on the rival's goal, but nothing came of it: the ball flew just a little above the alignment
Once again the standard was unsuccessful. Canopy, addressed to the center of the penalty, he found only the head Alessandro Nesta, from which flew beyond the "box".
Anyway this looks very boring match ... Meanwhile Harzha on the left earns a corner for his team. We look forward to at least some spice.
Seedorf hung from the right edge of the penalty to goalkeeper's left-hand corner, but there Aquilani elbow in the back of Lorenzo de Silvestri pushed. Foul.
The next change! Gianni Munari Kharj substitutes!
IBR! Zlatan struck with the standard, earned a minute earlier Abate, but the ball, sent by a Swede, has flown a little above the gate Boruc!
Yellow card
That's the first yellow card in this match! Valon Berami gets this "yellow card" for egregious rolled back by Ignacio Abate.
Dzhiladrino made a throw from the left flank into another goalkeeper, but there is absolutely no one but Christiana Abbyati, was not. A shell landed in the hands of goalkeeper tochnehonko.
Several times the guests tried to shoot from the penalty on the rival's goal, but again and again flight of the ball broke off their backs defenders "Fiorentina"!
In the meantime, we are shown again warming up Pato. Something tells me that in just a five minutes of the Brazilian on the field we will see.
Montolivo decided to attack with 30 yards on goal Abbyati, but the ball flew just to the left alignment of the guests. Sluggish attacking team ... Too slow.
Robinho elegant in center field left by the opponent, but a pass forward to the Brazilian Ibrahimovic clearly failed. The ball flew too far and rolled precisely into the hands of Boruc.
Again in the position of out-of-game gets Nocherino Antonio.
In "Fiorentina" is still not getting anything in attack. Even with the release of Martin Santiago on the field nothing has changed. In the meantime, come visit.
Ibrahimovic fell to the penalty. More precisely, his brazen arms piled Alessandro Gamberini, which again did not notice the referee. Too much of important errors in the Italian referee today!
Again tried to shoot from the penalty Nocherino, but this time the kick was blocked by Antonio in the same Walloon Behrami.
NOCHERINO! After a cross from the right wing threw the ball poorly Behrami back slightly on the leg Antonio, which blow from the penalty and came inches from the left goalpost Boruc!
Alexandre Pato is already warming up on the edge. It seems that very soon we should expect to see the last on the field. Meanwhile, Ibrahimovic strike from outside the penalty area past the limits have to!
The second half began very tedious, which can not fail to disappoint. Back in the field of play occurs. Let me remind you, incidentally, that in the middle of the coming week, "Milan" is waiting for a heavy trip to Barcelona to play with the same command.
So the first replacement! In the initial minutes of the second half came on the field Santiago Martin, while the Church remained on the bench.
Second half has began
The teams returned to the field of podtribunnogo premises, took one minute, and began the "second part Marlezonskogo ballet!" Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Decided not to add anything to the main referee of the first half! The first half finished! I'm also waiting for you in the "Comments" to discuss this fight.
It is noteworthy that very few martial arts today, and hence the fouls. On the one hand, well, not very rough playing team, but on the other ... Boring somehow.
Again fails to score a combination of means to be "bomb" long-range shot guests, over the last two minutes we saw twice, but the gate does not yet fly.
Seedorf! He received the ball from Ibrahimovic Dutchman to 5 meters from the penalty and the first touch of the same shot at the right corner of the goal itself from Boruc, but the last in the class managed to jump round to fix!
Robin! Brazilian picked up the ball 25 yards from the penalty, being slightly right of center door, and punched in the bottom left corner on my own, but the projectile missed with the frame of Arthur Boruc!
That finally remembered we Abbyati about! Montolivo canopy made from the right flank in the area of ​​the 11-meter mark, where, coming away from the gate, knocked fists round the goalkeeper, "Milan"!
7 players "Fiorentina" settled in his own penalty area during the attack, "Milan". Something catastrophic is happening today with the attack hosts. Well, nothing is absolutely not getting a "violet" ...
Aquilani! Got to the penalty ball Italian, dragged him about two meters and shot into the right of a nine, but again the "round" flying above the alignment!
Robinho was on the left, back to otpasoval Nocherino, but the ball was cut off from the Brazilian leg and simply rolled over the side line. Out in favor of the "Fiorentina"!
Subsided once the pace in the last two minutes. very few attacks, very few moments, very few punches ... Even the stadium was silent.
25% - 75% ... It is this possession we have at the moment, given that the "Milan" has made 330 transmissions, "Fiorentina" only 83, only 60% of them are accurate.
Aquilani AGAIN! Now from the right flank was shed, Alberto, but this time even to break the Italian was not given. Straight from the feet of ex-Liverpool took the ball Manuel Maskual.
Aquilani! Ibrahimovic was on the left flank, otpasoval the left edge of the penalty on Nocherino, who first translated the same touch of the ball slightly back on Robinho. Brazilian cross at the far corner at the goalkeeper's head Aquilani found a partner, but the blow fell on top of Alberto net gate! Danger!
The first half hour of the meeting has already passed. We see a pretty cautious football from both teams, but if visitors to somehow try to attack, the owners of all the staff have settled in their half of the field.
Dutch cross to the near the bar fell exactly on the leg by Alessandro Gamberini. The counterattack also broke off a foul by the hosts in the attack Valona Behrami.
Quiet ... Very quiet in the stadium, which can not but cause concern. Meanwhile, Seedorf, once on the left flank in the front line, his team earns a corner. Clarence himself running to the check box.
In the "Barcelona" started playing guests, attacking position, long with sharp explosions, but it is not very well go that the players of "Milan" ... Few moments.
Again, great heel is Ibrahimovic, Robinho taken out of free space on the right flank, but the latter again to catch the ball failed, giving of counsel.
Montolivo long Paz found in front of Church, but he hooked the ball well and could not. Alessio had run out of the penalty on the right flank and slow down the attack.
Breakthrough on the left flank made Robinho, moved to the front lines, but there is great in the subcategory played Behrami, knocking the ball out of bounds, but again the referee makes a mistake by giving a goal kick ... Repeat proves my point.
IBR! Abate has made a fantastic breakthrough on the right flank, but he shed no success. After this attack faltered a little, but eventually was brought round again Ignacio, which cross at this time, fell exactly on Ibrahimovic. Zlatan is a wonderful heel strike sent the shell just above the gate!
Again, the hand! At this time myself on the line of foreign penal played up the finite Alessio Church, but the third attempt, after Italian referee saw a violation of the rules.
By the end line otpasoval Robinho, noting there Aquilani, but shed the last of the penalty area fell to the head Nastasicha. Again interception.
Once again, TV broadcasters replays prove to us that the goal should deduct Clarence. Meanwhile, Robinho on the right wing is trying to circumvent Montolivo.
What a wonderful COMBINATION! Nocherino reflux from the right found in the center of the penalty Ibrahimovic. He moved the ball with his knee on the line for keeper Seedorf, who, beating the goalkeeper, sent a shell into the net, but referee mistakenly recorded side offside ...
Church! He waylaid error Nest, broke into someone else's penalty area, but there came to the rescue in time played a great Thiago Silva, who, driving the opponent's body from the ball, knocked over the sideline shell.
A little down the pace. Staged a football "Milan" in a strange lingering perepasovku half of the field at the center circle. Once all too boring ...
Beautifully combined visit, but progress in the penalty area while the team that does not give. Almost always the "last pass" is intercepted.
Ibrahimovic cool Paz tried to find a stranger in a penalty Robinho, but the latter did not have just a meter, in order to catch the ball in the 11-meter mark. A loss.
Gilardino grabbed the ball on the left edge of the penalty, and then struck by the first touch of the far away corner of the goal, but the target has failed to please. To the right.
Seedorf! Ibrahimovic got the ball on the penalty from Robinho, was the first touch of the heel shell slightly rolled back to Clarence, who hit in the lower left corner of the goal was not accurate. To the left!
And again offside! At this time Nocherino was a little closer to the gate of a stranger than the defenders of the opponent.
Penalty earned the hosts on the right flank, but the canopy is addressed dug in the goalkeeper's Church, Alessio's head was not found. The latter, being under pressure Abate, just collapsed on the lawn, although there is no penalty!
Robin! Cool shot in the Brazilian goalkeeper, once on the right flank. Boruc, jumping out of the gate, the ball is not got, but the recipient could not find a shell. Defenders insure.
Once again, the referee does not see the handball players from the "Fiorentina"! This time on the left upper limb itself played up Behrami, but the judge again silent.
Ibrahimovic got the ball on the penalty has shifted slightly to the left, otpasoval Nocherino forward, but until the last round and did not reach: the flight of the "round" was interrupted by Pascual.
Church received the ball on the left flank, but not before being offside Gilardino made contact with a very small shell. Side referee raised his flag without problems. Out of the game!
But the first shot on goal! Robinho on the left flank moved the ball into center for Ambrosini, whose strike from 23 yards fell far to the right of the gate Boruc!
Nocherino, once on the left flank, he built a shed on the 11-meter mark from the edge of the penalty, but there, in the opinion of the guests played a hand Gamberini, which was not noticed the chief arbiter. There is no penalty.
So far, the ball often kept in the central circle. Owners tried to make a sortie to a stranger the gates, but on the line casts Lazzari penalty was incorrect. The projectile was just intercepted by defenders of "Milan".
With little delay the match began. Footballers "Milan" is played in white shirts. "Fiorentina" is now playing in a familiar form of a violet.
First time has began
Well, that started the first half of the tie to the "Artemio Franchi"! I wish you pleasant viewing! Let's go!
First Half
The teams have been announced. More information you can find out by visiting the tab "About Match!"
Greetings to all sports fans number 1 in the world! Today I Savosik Artem, I'll watch with you over the course of the match between the "Fiorentina" and "Milan"!

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