Stadium: Carrow Road
Second Half
Djourou instead of Walcott.
Gradually coming to the end of our meeting. In the next fight, "Norwich" play with "Queens Park Rangers' home," Arsenal "is to" Emirates "will" Fulham ". Interesting matches will be.
Additional time
Robin Van Persie - man of the match! Думаю, все поняли. +3 минуты к основному времени.
Theo Walcott broke from the right edge of the penalty - the ball hit the crossbar and flew over the front line of the field. The Englishman does not look upset.
Yellow card
Holt apparently faked a violation of the rules in another free kick, for which he received a yellow card.
From flank to flank rolls round players of "Arsenal". They did not think about how to score another goal. They think, how to keep score.
Phil Dowd decided povospityvat Bennett, who is not very neatly played against Thomas Vermaelen. Midfielder a yellow card, "Norwich" is not received.
Yellow card
Elliott Bennett received a yellow card for the failure of an attack of "Arsenal".
A fantastic breakthrough for the transfer of Anthony Pilkington done now, but its impact was parallel to the gate.
Statistics, "Norwich City" in the matches against the "Arsenal" is a bit depressing. Today's owners only just celebrated the victory, losing ten games and tied nine times. That's it.
On the right flank followed by a canopy in the area of ​​the penalty mark "Arsenal", which jumped Wojciech Schyasny and took the ball in his glove.
1:2 - not quite the same account, which can now burn on the scoreboard, "Carrow Road" on any other day. "Arsenal" was already winning - 1:5, and that as a minimum.
2 goals - double
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Robin van Persie!
Hour behind the game. Superatakuyuschy match we with you observe. Teams play on a collision course. "Arsenal" did not score much, but "Norwich" in reverse - seized the moment.
How many players today have lost moments of "Arsenal". This increases our chances with you on what we see today Rosicky. God forbid, and Arshavin will.
AAAA! MAMMA MIA! What was it? And it was a great transfer from Robin van Persie on the course Zhervino, which was rolled out one on one with keeper, laid on the lawn, but John Ruddy, by some miracle managed to reach out to the shell by hand. After that, Kouassi not come, and pass in the area of ​​the penalty spot, where to stay ahead of Bradley Johnson played. Fantastic!
On the right wing took the ball Theo Walcott, performed chamber at the near corner goalie, from punching the corner Aaron Ramsey - went close to the projectile near the bar.
Zhervino tried to repeat the feat Steve Morison, taking the ball from another's penalty in football, "Norwich", but that's hit by Kouassi we have not seen.
Shame on the distinguished "Sky Sports", featuring Arsene Wenger, show us a sign that reads "Arsene Wenger - head coach of" Arsenal ". As if we did not know themselves.
Anthony Pilkington struck free-kick very hard, the ball flew under the crossbar, but it is in a place where there was Wojciech Schyasny. Took the goalie "Gunners" shell in his gloves.
Thomas Vermaelen broke the rules by now rival. To the gate twenty-two meters. Likely to punch Anthony Pilkington. He scored from these positions and knows how to love.
Wow! On the left flank followed by a canopy in the area of ​​the penalty mark, struck his head Zhervino, but it was just the goalkeeper. John Ruddy was lucky today.
Zhervino completed the transfer to a different penalty for Robin van Persie, who was offside.
As well as now on another side of the field players to run "Norwich." Konkretnenko they pinned the opponent right now, but the strike on goal Wojciech Schyasny public never saw.
Robin Van Persie took the ball on the right flank, and then released it to the sideline of the field. The Dutchman has a goal scored today. This twelfth of the season, among other things.
Fox is not left in the second half. Instead, it plays Elliott Bennett.
Second half has began
The second half began! Come on, guys!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 1:1 we have now. Rest, a break!
Very little remains before the end of the match. What can I say? "Arsenal" played a little better, but the "Norwich" select desirable. The team did not give up and beating an opponent above the class of almost equal.
Zhervino Transfer to Robin van Persie, who failed to properly and take a round in someone else's penalty area. But ... Corner Dutchman earned.
Let's talk about the main referee. This is a "favorite" referee to "Arsenal" - Phil Dowd. Everyone remembers last year's duel "Gunners" on the road against the "Newcastle". That's it. Let's see how is today.
Steve Morison has accelerated on the right, but not done a very good tent at the far post. The ball flew out of bounds. A goal kick for Wojciech Schyasny.
"Arsenal", a new start in the championship is not the best way, for four consecutive match wins. Rivals were "Sunderland", "Stoke City", "Chelsea" and "West Brom". Arsene Wenger's team is in sixth position in the standings, behind the "blue" at three points.
In the last ten minutes, "Norwich" little more "Arsenal" possession of the ball: 54% to 46%. This is evident and without figures, to be honest.
Very nervous players "Arsenal". They allow a huge number of bugs in the programs. "Norwich" generally last about three minutes shall fully on another side of the field.
Leon Barnett was offside.
How long, how long are going to hang from the right wing player, "Norwich". Took advantage of previously played with Andre Santos, substituting leg and transferring the ball over the front line of the field. Corner!
Theo Walcott went too presumptuous, he immediately climbed up on the two rivals on the front lines of the field. He released a shell-of-bounds.
"Norwich City", as well as other newcomers English Premier League this season, in mid-table with thirteen points to its credit. Prior to "Aston Villa" a stone's throw - two points.
You know, I think none more interesting match on Saturday will not. That's tomorrow, "Chelsea" - "Liverpool" on heat would be an incredible fight, but a lot of goals scored will not be there.
Steve Morison decided to amuse the crowd and fired a shell at the front of the line-of-bounds. People seem to whistle, do not understand Steve's fun. It would be better told anecdote, or something.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Robin van Persie! He will score a goal, do not worry. Theo Walcott on the right flank easily defeated opponent, shot the goalkeeper on the line, from which tried to break Zhervino, and even the heel - he missed the ball, and behind Kouassi was Robin van Persie. The empty goal, he certainly did not promazhet. 1:1!
Very good counterattack turned a "Norwich", followed by a transfer from the left flank to the center, and Russell Martin caught the courage punched volley from twenty-six feet - adjacent to the reception flew round.
JUST GOD! Nothing to say. Rages and fumes today. Zhervino ran one on one with keeper, broke through on goal, hit the goalkeeper but the ball fell into the goal, if not for Russell Martin. Incidentally, in the episode with Van Persie, he also knocked the shell with "ribbons".
Mikel Arteta hung from the left flank, struck his head on goal Robin van Persie, the ball slowly descended to the arc under the crossbar, if not a head protector "of Norwich."
Andre Santos decided to try to break a twenty-five meters - John Raddli took the shell in his gloves. Quietly played the hosts, if this scenario matches they have read in advance.
And one more corner. Bradley Johnson knocked out of the front shell. The fourth corner for the "Arsenal". Do the owners of this section in the column of statistics shows "0".
Theo Walcott has accelerated on the right flank, performed the canopy at the far post but the ball caught his leg and flew opponent out of the field. Corner!
FANTASTIC! Robin van Persie has lost his third chance in this match, breaking the line next to the goalkeeper's near post. Apparently, in a match with "Chelsea" He just flew all into the net.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-AL! Steve Morison! What did Mertezaker? What? Unexpected actions of central defender "Arsenal" result in a missed ball. There followed a long line to cast a penalty, Per closed shell case, and then there was a thought, and forgot that I wanted to do. This Steve Morison and used, which intercepted the ball, went one on one with Wojciech Schyasny and calmly beat the latter. 1-0!
Bradley Johnson broke the rules about forty yards from the gate. Mikel Arteta carried out on a bad shed Mertezakera Pera. He released the ball behind the front line of the field.
But the brilliantly conceived. Robin Van Persie picked the ball on the center line, completed the transfer of riding on the line of the penalty, Aaron Ramsey has a shell on his chest, and then send the heel "round" on the far edge of the penalty area, but there is not ran Zhervino.
Arsene Wenger has built his team on the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let's deal. At the gate Wojciech Schyasny. The defenders (from left to right): Andre Santos, Thomas Vermaelen, Per Mertezaker and Laurent Koselni. Couple opornikov Alexander Mikel Arteta and Song. Trio attacking midfielders on the left - Kouassi Zhervino, right - Theo Walcott, center - Aaron Ramsey. The Edge of a Robin van Persie, and no one there at all it is not necessary.
Robin Van Persie was in an offside position after the transfer of Theo Walcott.
Yes, only for the salvation of Russell Martin should be included in the tour team, I think. It's unbelievable. And the ball was flying almost at chest level player. And he leaped and played with his foot just fine. Bravo!
ANY MOMENT! It's crazy! Theo Walcott got the ball from the penalty for Zhervino on the backswing and put away an opponent was breaking into an empty corner. The goalkeeper was beaten, but Russell Martin knocked in an incredible jump in the same round face.
So, let's look at the tactical schemes commands. Home (4-2-3-1): John Ruddy in goal. The defenders (from left to right): Mark Tierney, Leon Barnett, Russell Martin and Kyle Nouton. Couple opornikov: David Fox and Bradley Johnson. Attacking players (from left to right): Anthony Pilkington, Wesley and Andrew Crofts Hulahan. At the edge of a Steve Morison.
But this is performance art has brought Wesley Hulahana. He tried to throw the penalty opponents leg by performing the transfer on the course-mate, but the ball flew off into the side.
Robin Van Persie thought of a very complex transfer to a different penalty on Aaron Ramsey, who was unable to reach the ball. In the game, John Raddli. He took the "round" in their gloves.
On the left flank hung Bradley Johnson - jumped out of the gate and took Wojciech Schyasny shell in his gloves. Do not hurry keeper "Gunners" to enter the ball in play.
Give guests to play football now, "Norwich". They do a good attack. So I think that at least three goals scored, we will see you today. And, God willing, and more.
Robin Van Persie! Danger-how! Andre Santos has shifted from the left flank in the center, completed the transfer to the line of the penalty from which struck the gate with his left leg, Robin van Persie - the ball went in the subway from the far post.
How does light up, excuse the slang, the fans, "Norwich". Their team shows good football, to judge, of course, for beginners, right?
Come gradually into feelings of the players, "Norwich". "Arsenal" until only plays through the flanks, trying to find the transfers either Theo Walcott or Robin van Persie.
Once starting to get nervous minutes the players, "Norwich", even though they are now in the attack. Steve Morrison ran away from an opponent on the left, but hesitated and gave the ball to his defense.
Laurent Koselni still managed to reach the projectile after a pass from the corner of the field to the far post but the ball after hitting the right-back "Arsenal" in this match went to the front.
Kouassi Zhervino went to the active selection on another side of the field, picked up a shell on the left flank, shot in the line of the penalty, where in contact Theo Walcott struck - hit up the opponent. Corner!
On the right flank went to the break, Theo Walcott, Transfer to the opening of Robin Van Persie but the Dutchman struck in touch with the right foot is not very good. The projectile traveled parallel gates.
"Norwich City" plays today in the form of yellow, and players from London - in the red. Gates, John Ruddy on the TV picture on the left, and Wojciech Schyasny frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players of "Arsenal"!
First Half
The teams are in the "About Match!" Andrei Arshavin on the bench again.
Good afternoon football fans! The twelfth round of the Premier League makes us put all things aside and just enjoy the matches, the best league in the world. With you today in three matches of this tournament is Vladimir Gubarev, and we begin with a meeting, "Norwich" - "Arsenal." Welcome!

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