Stadium: Ahmat-Arena
Second Half
This battle, an interesting match today went on, "Arena Ahmad." One step closer to winning players were "Terek" but "Wings" today defended very confident. The result - 0-0 battle. With you all the time was Nikita Gromov, until we meet again, gentlemen!
The match is over!
Penalty was now at the gates Veremko. almost all the staff rushed the players, "Terek" in the penalty area, but to break through on goal and failed.
Additional time
2 minutes add the referee!
Enormous forces attacking football, "Terek". about 4 players are constantly in the penalty area, but for her and all the remaining 6, although the benefit Dzhadaev not leave their possessions.
Xx what time! Again, the hero of the episode Veremko! Sadayev broke a shock position in the penalty area, with seven feet pierced it's incredibly strong, but Sergey had put his hand forward and ball in the corner. Vermeko today is just brilliant!
A lot of players, "Terek" are now at half of the field an opponent. It can not miss players "wings", they are trying to put pressure strongly competitor in center field.
Tired of the team. I think that the final assault on them is not enough, unfortunately. but if "Terek" already used all the substitutions, then the "Wings of the Soviets," there is replacement, possibly Kobelev throw the game for the guy, who will decide the outcome of the meeting.
Opa-and-a-CHO! Garden, with the penalty and tried to execute the left twisted kick to the far top corner, but Veremko control of the situation, especially since there were nine to far.
Ferreira is now in the penalty area. Such a feeling that he was wounded by shrapnel in the leg, pain on his face at least express just that. Replay shows that he suffered an injury when he tried to stab and highly lifted his leg.
Yellow card
Tsallagov yellow card gets a rough tackle again.
A lot of effort spent on the team fighting for center field. Fought fight, and so none of this extract could not. Now the victory can bring only a silly mistake opponent.
Substitution in the "Terek". Mauricio from the field goes, instead, left the Garden.
Legear again takes the game to themselves. Now the ball flew out of the penalty, the Belgian picked it up and decided to strike from long range, but again the past.
A slight relapse was now at the gates Veremko. There was a feed from the left flank into the penalty area to Mguni, but long-legged forward to host the ball not reached.
And here is the kick at goal again Dzhanaeva. This time from the right flank to the center of Beaver moved and struck with his left foot, though exiled reacted and moved the ball to the corner. Following the filing of Corner Djordjevic struck his head, but the past.
Podium again resent. Kontsedalov now played against Mguni case, in my opinion clear. But consider another platform, a flurry of hard-hitting shouts and whistles rained down on the field.
Substitution in the "Terek". Kobenko leaves the field, goes Asildarov.
Yellow card
Again, yellow. Again, a foul on Grigoryan. This time broke the rules Pavlenko.
When it will be blows to the gate? Teams in principle meet the attack on the attack, but the gate does not get beaten. Why do we play? This is not pre-match warm-up! It would be very foolish if such a principled fight ends in a draw dry.
Yellow card
Djordjevic gets yellow card for a rough tackle in midfield.
Yakovlev again prevailed on the left flank! A good pass on him followed the course, he immediately applied the penalty for Kornilenko, but Sergei to the ball not reached.
Standard played the victim. Grigorian broke meters with 35, but very inaccurate.
Yellow card
The first yellow card of the match. Georgiev held hands Grigorian in center field, for which he received a warning.
Substitution in the "Terek". Instead Gvazaby goes Pavlenko.
Well, how is that? God, what a moment lose their "wings"! Excellent chamber from the right flank, the center had three partners, Yakovlev could punch into an empty net, but somehow it slowly began to close it with the ball. but despite this he still has struck, though the goalkeeper managed to get out and cut the angle of attack. This is perhaps the most dangerous moment at the gate Dzhanaeva!
Replacing a part of visitors. Sosnin leaves the field, instead it goes Grigoryan.
And here is the kick from distance! Daredevil Vorobiev decided to kick with his left foot feet from the 27, but higher. More beat to it maybe he wanted to say.
Yakovlev Oh! And the head can whirl round in circles! On the right flank, he did so five tricks, constantly showing what will go in one way or the other side. Against him was already five defenders, and one of them still managed to avert the danger from their gates.
Ferreira! One of the best players on the field can now score! A pass gave, How do you think? Of course, the same Legear! Defender after his transfer was in shock position in the center of the penalty, but he handles the ball too long, and after hitting hit a defender.
"Wings" is now well protected, cool rolled Tsallagovu success against Mguni. But it did not bring any profit, the ball again with "Terek".
Again, the struggle over violations of, oh ... It makes you want to run out on the field and shout for both teams, that they would loosen up a bit and finally started to show real attacking football. Otherwise, fans will get pillows and nap.
Second half has began
The second half began! I saw no substitutions, so long as they do playing the same players.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Paz is on the left flank, and Legear right there! Good for Belgian, well played! It is true also transfer accurately gave the prices he would not have been!
Legear bearings in a strange penalty, gave the flank free Georgiev. In the Good had many opportunities, but he chose a standard canopy in the penalty area, which with great pleasure that broke renette.
Again, almost caught on the counterattack their opponents' wings. " Yakovlev selected ball, turned and gave the course Kornilenko. Belarusian and scored a good speed, but still, Vlasov was bystreeyu
Legear again well done! Mauricio gave heavily to the course, but the Belgian still got the ball and shoot through the center of the penalty to Mguni, the defenders managed to dislodge the ball.
Well, finally! Legear received the ball on the right flank of the penalty area, turned instantly and powerfully struck the gate. Veremko played a very confident, but the ball in the corner still managed to translate.
Ferreira has his hands trying to show that the partners "do not have to stand in one spot, so we never zabem"! After this Kobenko slightly sped up the flank, immediately Ferreira threw at him, but too much.
Two in a row followed by the canopy is now in the penalty area "wings." The first was from Kobenko, the second of Legear. Neither he, unfortunately for the local audience does not aggravated game.
Mguni took the initiative in their hands, walked into the penalty area beat with Kobenko, but he decided to give a touch of African-American partner, and noticed that he was offside. Again evident disappointment in his eyes forward, "Terek".
Can not calm down Yakovlev! Veremko after he's probably the best in her team in terms of desire and activity. I can not say what the problem is a dry game. Perhaps the team is really equal, and they simply have nothing to offer each other.
Yakovlev and renette played a wall on the left flank, the latter filed, but its presentation in the penalty was not sure. None of his partners did not want to run into the penalty area. Steve raises his hands to the sky or from weakness, or from the frustration in their partners.
Oh how nice it was played! Guests caught on the counterattack rival Yakovlev and stole the ball Sosnin Ferreira, the first gave the course Kornilenko, he went to a meeting with Canan and already saw himself as the author of goal scored, but the referee raised his flag - an offside position.
And again, confidently played Veremko out! Vlasov somehow cleverly fooled the entire defense of the opponent, the ball itself prokinul on the course and flew to the shock position, but the goalkeeper again perfect guest! incredibly confident play in their possession shows Sergei Veremko!
Vermeko again saves his team! Kobenko picked up the ball in midfield and gave the course Gvazava, he flew himself to himself, but the goalkeeper "wings" was faster!
Legear scored a good speed on the right wing, picked up the ball under him and sharply filed in the penalty area, but not tall Mguni, or St. George to the ball could not reach.
Many, many struggle in center field! "Terek" trying to get close to the gates of the opponent, but nothing happens. "Wings" desperate rush for the ball, for example, is now on the flank of Beaver made a surprisingly accurate sliding tackle in the style of Jimmy Garragera, but the ball remains in the hosts.
Calmed down a little game. The first few minutes gave us hope and uncompromising struggle against the shower head, but now you can see on the classic match between equal teams.
An interesting fact. For visitors now come "dry" moments. recall that they did not score any goals in the period from 15 to 30 min. Let's see, can and will be able to catch them at the opponent's counterattack.
Back in the limelight, Paul Yakovlev. Just curious what the camera caught the moment when the referee large scale arms nearly demolished the player guests. It is true both smiled and continued to do its job. It is also worth noting that most Yakovlev and pressure.
If the first minute of the match went on half of the field owners, it is now "Terek" made himself a little on their own turf and confidently, systematically attacking the opponent's gate.
Veremko! What creates the goalkeeper within their own gates! Submission from the right flank found the head of low Polzhaka, he powerfully struck the central part of the gate, but failed to score. Bravo! Goalkeeper "Wings" deserves applause!
Sosnin now kick near his own penalty area. Legear perform either attack, or chamber, or the pitch, who knows. As a result, the ball landed safely in the hands of Veremko.
Again exacerbated game on the left flank attack "wings." Yakovlev, gathering speed, has already flown by a single opponent, but he stumbled on the ball and Gvazava lost. "Terek" tried to develop an attack, but failed. Not bad insure each other's guests.
Kick-off is for the guests. "Wings" bad attacked the right flank, where the bullet flew Yakovlev, he managed to earn a corner. The standard has been executed very well in the free space left, Steve, he lacked a little in order that a score.
Referee Match - Vital Meshkov. I think that every Russian citizen was pleased to hear the national anthem of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the podium and sang the national anthem of Chechnya. In general, the match promises to be patriotic, so to speak.
First time has began
The match started! Good luck team!
First Half
Hello, dear fans of the national football! Today will be the match at the stadium, "Achmat Arena", where the local "Terek" adopt "Soviet Wings" from Samara. This match will be for you to comment on Gromov Nikita, enjoy!

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