Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! A second Russian team loses again, scoring twice team from Lithuania.

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
Darkly in the final stage of the attack looked today guests who recall failed to comply with a single blow to the target. Horror easy.
Papshis replaced Mizhingurskisu on the football field.
Wrong in the transfer of Alex Ionov now, but he corrected his blot and by joining the active selection and forcing the opponent to lose the shell.
Substitute Kalonas has very good dribbling. I'm with him "mark" on his game for the Zaporozhye "Metallurg". Then, Mindaugas was a favorite, as it is now Junior, for instance.
And another change in the composition of guests preparing. This change, so for the formalities. Nothing will change in our fight, it seems.
Another couple of substitutions in adults: Kalonas instead Pilibaytisa and Leymonas instead of Punk.
It's very interesting today was played and the guests, who, unfortunately for them, never failed to pierce the target gate first Eugene anointed, then Soslan Dzhanaeva.
Kirill Kombarov followed in the footsteps of his brother and shot very dangerous with the standard, but again the ball after the impact of the family Kombarova in this game is flying by.
Ok now the heel on the line played a penalty Prudnikov, and then fell into the hands Algis Jankauskas. Penalty earned the hosts.
Eighty minutes of the game is over. At this time, jumped out of the gate Exiled Canan and no problems at all took after the projectile lumbago from the opponent.
Wow, great ball control on another side of the field second team players in Russia. Come on, guys, drive in three for the first time in its history.
Very active soccer second team in Russia. Fresh our team, the Lithuanians over tired. Why is there no changes?
HOW DANGEROUS! Ivan Taranov popped one on one with the goalkeeper, but beat the out-of-doors Saulius Klevinskasa our player has failed. And because it was not offside ...
Substitution in the visitors! Instead Vaidas appears Marius Soblinskas.
Danger! Alexander Pavlenko struck from the left edge alien penalty area, Saulius Klevinskas saved his team by moving projectile at the front line of the field.
Penalty earned the visitors in front of goal. With twenty-eight feet broke strongly with long-range stand beside Marius Papshis. In today strikes target Lithuanians?
The last twenty minutes of the game should be very interesting. The Russians in the new line-up feel for weaknesses in opponents, while the Lithuanians still trying to score one goal.
Buyvolov instead Grenade and Fomin Shipitsina instead.
ION! FANTASTIC! Famously beat Aleksei two on the right edge of another's penalty area, after which the bottom with five meters from the nose to send a projectile near the bottom corner - a little inaccurate.
Were able to seize the initiative of the second Russian football team, began to appear dangerous moments, you must still beat for a sweet life.
From a far distance decided to break through on goal, Alexander Prudnikov - sending a projectile near the far bar.
The double substitution in the Russians! Dmitry Bugaev instead Kombarova and the Crown instead of Serbin.
GOAL! No, how can that be ... Dmitri Kombarov shot from twenty-seven yards from the penalty, the ball flew close to the "wall" and in millimeters from the rack. Saulius Klevinskas his team would not be able to save.
Thomas Mikutskis broke the rules in their half of the field. On the lawn was Alexander Prudnikov. Lethal position, you can score. Who will?
On the left flank of the Lynas Pilibaytis shot at the near corner goalie, where the owner is certainly only refer Canan.
From flank to flank rolling it round the players now in Lithuania. As much as marriage. Already run off somewhere to hunt.
Interestingly enough in the center of the field is now controlled the ball players of the Russian team. More precisely - the second Russian team. Ionov wrong.
WARNING! Algis Jankauskas had the opportunity recently at the gate, and now he just after lumbago from the right wing is not forwarded a projectile in its frame. And behind him was Prudnikov.
On the right wing Aleksei Ionov beat an opponent, but the chamber into the penalty opponents came up Gediminas.
Ten minutes of the second half behind. What can I say? A second Russian team plays on defense. Could be a simple deduction account? I do not want to believe.
From flank to flank rolls round players of the Russian team, trying to bring down the mood of the guests. Lithuanians are very good.
Again, start at half-time guests. Now on the right flank Matulyavichus rushed forward, he performed chamber into the penalty area, but fell to an opponent. Corner!
COULD PUNISH! Wow! Algis Jankauskas took advantage of a mistake of our defenders and punched with his right foot on goal from ten yards - a shell went next to the reception. I thought that the goal will be.
Yellow card
Mikutskis received a yellow.
Finally we figured out to you with replacements. A brand new team of Russians now on the football field. Come on, guys, and you drive in two.
Three more replacement occurred in the part of visitors. Left the field Andryushkyavichyus, Benyushis and Vitas. Instead, they are Slaviskas, Matulyavichus and Gediminas.
Substitutions in the second place team of Russia.
Emerged: Canan, Taranov, Ionov, Prudnikov, Pavlenko, Kirill Kombarov.
Do not continue the match: anointed, Hajibeyov, Samsonov, garden, Kulik, Yeshchenko.
Second half has began
The second half started! Many changes occurred. Let's deal.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! 2-0 - a comfortable score. We leave for vacation, a break!
Yellow card
Yellow card for simulation was Pilibaytis Lynas.
Damage was Zaur garden, at this time are the last minutes of the first half of the game.
Yellow card
Saur now scored a garden, but not before he got to the "offside" and for trying to whistle after Saur received a yellow card.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! ANDREW Yeshchenko! Andrew Yeshchenko used transmission at the right edge of another's free kick, just breaking into the near corner. Saulius Klevinskas failed to reach the shell. 2-0!
On the left flank into the penalty area trying to make a throw Oleg Samsonov, there's great Zaur opened the garden, but the shot has hit the player's guests.
Still a bit too much marriage wards George Krasnozhan in center field. Due to this, guests and leave, carrying out dangerous counterattack on eyebrows. Thank God they did not all get to the end of the attack.
By the way, soon the main Russian national team will play against Italy. This match will surely be broadcast on our website. Do not miss out!
Now, many argue, but if this team needed at all? I believe that we will know the answer in a few years. Now it is difficult to talk about it.
Why? Not a bad first half that we see as self-giving. Every player wants to go second team in the footsteps of Artem Dzuba, which debuted yesterday in the main team Russian team.
Not bad! Another long-range shot on goal guests. Vladislav Kulik bummed with twenty-six feet, a shell flew into the far top corner, but Saulius Klevinskas expect it.
Thirty-five minutes of the game is over. At this time, our team defense. To be honest, is not visible, due to which the guests will try to even the score.
On another side of the field players control the ball with Russian citizenship. While the dangerous moments we have not seen.
Quietly from the flank to flank the ball rolls Lithuanian football team, and already, in the meantime, more than half the half behind.
On the left flank into the penalty area shot Eugene Shipitsin - Saulius Klevinskas played great at the exit, taking the shell of the gloves.
Operators of broadcast we are reminded that today is another qualification race in Formula 1 and I you, dear fans of football, I would like to invite to the evening match of England and Spain. It will be cool!
Of the penalty at goal struck Lynas Pilibaytis - round off to nearest millimeter from the rack. This is the third shot of the guests, while none in the target we have not seen.
Punched volley on goal Luksha Vitas - to frame was twenty-four meters, shell fell just in the leg, Ali Hajibeyov, then went over the side.
It is interesting to attack the left flank developed Lithuanians, if not a simple canopy on the line goalie, where fists played very confidently Eugene anointed.
From the right edge of the penalty was followed by a canopy for the long counter, but the ball had not Dmitri Kombarov. And could punch through the empty gate ...
In the central part of the field players second Russian team is completely overplayed band from Lithuania. Excellent support is still in Grozny. Must take this into account.
In someone else's penalty area, took the ball Zaur garden, trying to beat an opponent, but Vytautas Andryushkyavichus is expected.
61% to 39% - statistics of possession in the first twenty-two minutes of the game. The last five minutes, the Russians carried out very actively.
On the right flank of the great body covered ball Oleg Samsonov, earning for our team out. After this attack the Russians failed.
Twenty minutes of the game is over. On the left flank has accelerated Vladislav Kulik, but he was immediately stopped by a sliding tackle in the performance of Marius Papshisa.
Shifted from the left flank to the center Zaur Garden and struck the gate with his right foot - was in a rival, from which a projectile was thrown into the center of the field.
Is on a collision course with us playing in those moments. A lot of bugs in the programs make the players of both teams.
Not bad playing football in Lithuania, using the flanks. Now Marbs Papshis fun was on the brow, but released the same shell for the sideline.
On the right flank of the great play in the 'square' soccer team of Russia, but then the players realized that if no progress, you need to go back. Defending our own.
Well, thank God. Egidijus Veytkunas rose to his feet and goes beyond the field itself. Get out the stretcher, we hope that our injuries in the match will not be.
And once again breaking the rules by our player. Lying on the lawn and waiting for Egidijus Veytkunas care.
Immediately gave the initiative opponents football team of Russia. Very similar to this disease, which absorbed the first team and our country.
On the right flank broke the rules Eugene Makeev. Standard earned the guests in front of goal, but anything with a penalty kick soccer Lithuania squeeze failed.
At the starting minutes of the meeting, Russians looked somewhere interesting that, of course, and bore fruit. An early goal - a good thing.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Oleg Samsonov! Oleg Samsonov broke through on goal with his left foot from twenty-four feet, Saulius Klevinskas managed to reach the ball, but the shell still went into the net. 1-0!
Yellow card
The first yellow card of the match gets Alexander Sapeta for rough tackle against an opponent.
Initiative to hold our players. Since the penalty is very poorly struck Zaur garden. The projectile flew somewhere over the stadium.
On the left flank followed by a chamber in the penalty area against Lithuania, the ball is not reached for Zaur garden, jumped out of the gate on time Saulius Mikutskis.
In the first match in an offside position ran Zaur garden. Starting with the minutes of the game is very worried Yuri Krasnozhan.
Quite a few people gathered today at the "Arena Ahmad." It is definitely nice. Northern Caucasus can not participate in the national teams. Is that right?
The home team now play in red, and players from Lithuania - in yellow. Gates Eugene anointed by TV picture are on the right, and Saulius Klevinskasa frame - on the left.
First time has began
The match started! The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began to players from Russia!
First Half
Prefabricated already on the football field. Hear the national anthem.
Good afternoon football fans! For the first team to Russia yesterday to observe the turn of the second. The boys will play George Krasnozhan with players from Lithuania. In the "commentary booth" Vladimir Gubarev!

A second Russian team:

Goalkeepers: Alexander Belenov ("Kuban"), Eugene Pomazan ("Anji"), referring to Janan ("Terek").

Goalkeepers: Roman Bugaev ("Kuban"), Andrew buffalo, Andrew Yeshchenko (both - "Volga"), Ali Hajibeyov ("Anji"), Vladimir Granat ("Dynamo"), Kirill Kombarov, Eugene Makeyev (both - "Spartacus" M), Ivan Taranov ("Wings of Soviets").

Midfielders: Alexei Ionov ("Zenith"), Dmitri Kombarov ("Spartacus" M), Igor the Crown ("KamAZ"), Vladislav Kulik ("Kuban"), Alexander Pavlenko ("Terek"), Alexander Sapeta ("Dynamo") Oleg Samsonov, Evgeny Shipitsyn (both - "Krasnodar").

Forwards: Alexander Prudnikov ("Anji"), Saur Garden ("Terek").

Team Lithuania:

Goalkeepers: Marius Rapalis ("Zalgiris"), Saulius Klevinskas ("Torpedo" M).

Defenders: Algis Jankauskas ("Zalgiris"), Povilas Leymonas ("Sūduva"), Vaidas Slavinskas ("Sūduva"), Egidijus Vaytkunas ("Zalgiris"), Thomas Mikutskis ("Nizhny Novgorod") Vutaytas Andriushkevichus ("Lehiya" Gdansk .)

Midfielders: Vutaytas Luksha ("Tauras"), Marius Papshis ("Pribram"), Mindaugas Punk ("Vidzy"), Vaidas Shilenas ("Zalgiris") Gedimins Vichius ("Miner" Karaganda), Marius Shoblinskas ("Kaunas") , Linas Pilibatis ("IT"), Mindaugas Kalonas ("Nizhny Novgorod").

Forwards: Deividas Matulevichus ("Zalgiris"), Ricardas Beniushis ("Sūduva"), Valerius Mizhigurskis (no club).


At the time of creation of a second Russian team had agreed that the timing of the second team games will be fully coincide with the dates of meetings of the national team. The team finished Dick Advocaat tight and important for a season playing in Greece against the same parties of the European Championship finals in 2012. In parallel with the first team of the country, Yuri Anatolievich Krasnozhan squad decided to complete his season match on home soil. The rival was chosen Lithuania.

Long before the meeting Krasnozhan at a good tradition, has published a list of their charges, resulting in a game with Lithuania. It originally were listed Sergei Parshivlyuk, Inal Getigezhev, Vladislav Ignatiev, Alan Kasaev, Alexander Kolomeitsev Artur Yusupov and Artem Dzuba. For various reasons, almost all the players left the club in the hospitals, and only the last one (Artem Dzuba) got the call to the national team and the appropriate redirect upward. As a replacement Krasnozhan invited Roman Bugaev, Andrew Yeshchenko, Igor Koronowo, Oleg Samsonov and Alexander Prudnikov.

"I am pleased to once again find itself on welcoming Caucasian land . We all know how much effort was required for the organization of the friendly match - an effort by the RAF, on the part of the Lithuanian Football Federation, and, of course, effort, leadership of the Chechen Republic. We are grateful for this hospitality . The goal of our team - to please fans of football a beautiful game. I hope we will have a good match, of course, the winning "- said at the pre-match press conference, Yuri Krasnozhan.

in those caused by was listed players Midfielder St. Petersburg "Zenith" Alexey Ionov, who a few weeks ago was in a scandalous situation, on which our site is described in detail. Ions was transferred Luciano Spalletti in reserve team "Zenith" on disciplinary grounds. Krasnozhan by calling the player to the team, even a second, decided to give moral support Ionov. Grozny fans will especially be expected to field their pets - Zaur Sadaeva and Alexander Pavlenko. It only remains to add that the captain of the second Russian team elected defender of Moscow "Dynamo" Vladimir Granat, and vice-captain - half "Terek" Alexander Pavlenko.

our opponent

Lithuanian Policy and functionaries," reluctantly "released his team for the game in Russia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania is not recommended to play the national team in Grozny. The North Caucasus region is still listed as a negative regions, which should not be sent to Lithuanian citizens.

Lithuanians came to our country in the company of his rivals: the second Russian team flew the same flight in towards Grozny. The two teams were very well received in the capital of the Chechen Republic. As agreed, the second Russian team often goes to the regions closer to the people, as they say.

match with the Russians will have to mentor the Lithuanian Raimondas Zhutautasa crucial. No, Zhutautas, played three seasons for the Vladikavkaz "Alan", has nothing against the team and personally Krasnozhan Jury President. Simply, the situation in the Lithuanian team had reached critical finish. The team once again failed in the final of a major international tournament, there has been a complex process of generational change (because of which the Lithuanians in Grozny will not be presented in the usual form), complete lack of understanding of who will be head coach. Thirtieth day of November in Raimondas completed a contract with federation . The coach resigned in advance, and are now awaiting the verdict of the federation. Probably, a successful game in Grozny contribute to a normal dialogue.

"Most players are not known to the public, and the team can be called experimental. In principle, all the players I was able to meet after the entry into position of head coach. We have a second team. There the young players who can perform at a high level of five to seven years. The first team have a lot of players over thirty years. We are, in my opinion, it is time to conduct a generational change. This could come and younger team. In the qualifying round Euro-2012 we have sought to win second place in the group, but we did not succeed "- sums up Zhutautas.

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