Stadium: Wembley Stadium
Second Half
The final whistle!
That's it! English in a very difficult match because Frank Lampard ball beat the Spaniards. Perhaps unfairly, but the winners are not judged, right?

Since you were Vladimir Gubarev! I wish you happiness, health, prior to the meeting!
SE-E-E-E-E-ESK! Wow! At first, he struck from the penalty - Joe Hart took the shell in his gloves, and then closed the transfer of Fabregas from the left flank attack from ten meters - distance in millimeters from rack flying projectile.
I got a little excited at the beginning of broadcasting, saying that Scott Parker is not needed for England. This match made it clear that I was wrong. Scott was on the field today lushim general.
I still think that the Spaniards would have coped and scored one goal to the British, if it were an official match. Friendly match on it and a friendly. Shake his hand but take away a T-shirt, which then in the house to clean. It's simple.
As well as now on the line caught round his own penalty area, Adam Johnson, he ran one in a counterattack on the left flank, and then performed an inaccurate transfer to Kyle Walker.
Kyle Walker in place of Scott Parker.
You need something to think Capello, because until the European Championships is too little time. The team is not played. At the same time John Terry said that the British would successfully reach the semifinals. A strange problem.
Again, the focus of the ex-captain of the London "Arsenal". Cesc Fabregas has decided to break with the twenty-two feet, the ball flew close to the far bar. Joe Hart, all controlled.
WOW! Cesc Fabregas got the ball at the right corner of someone else's penalty was wrong Ashley Cole, Cesc began to shift closer to the bar, and then shot in the area penalty spot - to pique ball flew. Parker - clever.
Fabio Capello's great whistles. I would like to know who the coaches are not able to whistle loudly. Perhaps this is their one of the first qualities, acquired in the courses.
87, 189 fans present today in this match. "Wembley" maximum capacity 90000. This, in my opinion, it was only in the Champions League final.
Fernando Torres on the right edge of the penalty area, others hung on the far post, where one of the Spaniards was not. The British again good defending.
Angle earned the Spaniards on the right flank. Sex Fabregas hung in the penalty area, but there is good? Many players now in the red form of low growth.
Two sevens on the board, at which time the Spaniards in the attack. So I guess I can call any number, and then we will see the ball on the Spanish side of the field the British.
Milner leaves the field, leaves Adam Johnson.
Parquet Scott played and lost the ball, after which the penalty area, England Fernando Torres did not have time to shell. Joe Hart has played well at the output.
Change occurred in the composition of the guests. Puyol Ramos replaced. That's it. Cazorla out instead of Iniesta.
WARNING! David Villa struck from the penalty just to the far post, but where are the finishing moves as well? Strangely, though. No Frank Lampard, he may have helped competitors. The British were lucky.
We decided to roll the ball into the center of the field players for England. All came to the fact that Joe Hart, having a shell knocked him away to someone else's half of the field and all.
Twenty minutes is the Spaniards in order to get bonus from this match (smile). I am sure that the sum is even there for a solid victory looms. But tell me, millionaires is this important?
Not very hard to believe that the Spaniards would be able to level the score. English very well defended, not allowing opponents to do anything in their half of the field.
Ashley Cole now carries not the best match. Perhaps he lacks the very Juan Mata and Frank Lampard in tandem on the left flank. Ashley himself is now the left wing for England.
Welbeck Transfer to Jack Rodvella, which is not reached for the ball in someone else's penalty area, violating the rules against Jordi Alba.
By the way, Frank Lampard for the last two years, scored a lot of balls head. During this season, remember the three, over the last few. Before him is not seen.
Fernando Torres came in place of Sergio Busquets. In the "all-in 'is the Spanish coach.
Danny Welbeck came up against Darren Bent. Forward "Aston Villa" did their job today, right? Punched, hit the post, but there is Frank Lampard did not hurt to score into an empty net.
Penalty earned the visitors. With the standard of twenty-seven feet struck the goal David Villa - got into Scott Parker, from which the projectile went over the side line of the field.
Yellow card
And yet another foul on the part of visitors. It's Cesc Fabregas played his elbow against Phil Yagilki. You can not play the way the Spaniards do it now. It is my opinion.
Yellow card
Received a yellow card for a foul Sergio Ramos against Darren Bent.
Ninety-match Frank Lampard, who scored in twenty-three ball. This is a record for players who now serve in England.
A pair substitutions in the hosts. Jones and Frank Lampard leave the field. Thank these guys for the game. Instead, they play Barry and Jack Rodvell.
WARNING! Wow. David Villa popped one on one with Joe Hart, beat an opponent, but with an acute angle to the empty goal is not got forward "Barcelona."
Most of all for Frank Lampard enjoyed his teammates and friends - John Terry and Daniel Sturridge. They have something to knock, when the ball is celebrated on the bench.
Ten minutes of the second half behind. At this time, Scott Parker squinted behind Juan Mata. The arbitrator did not show a yellow card.
That I do not remember, honestly, in a broadcast of the match is said that the absence of Frank Lampard in the England and London "Chelsea" - the problem of time. Frankie does not like to sit on the bench. Two weeks of "vacation" angered the legend of "Chelsea" very well.
You know, I'm even a little taken aback when the British scored a goal. Personally would like to congratulate Frank Lampard. This guy (well, the guy probably has his uncle - thirty-three years after all) deserve.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! Frank Lampard! KA-PI-TANG! James Milner hung from a standard from the left flank to the far post, his head struck the corner Darren Bent - hit the post and Frank Lampard have already finished off the round head into an empty net. 1-0!
Alvaro Arbeloa has violated the rules on the left flank. And may not be violated. Milner was on the lawn. Penalty and a goal!
If you honestly do not understand why Theo Walcott replaced. Something disgusting it does not stand out. And at the same James Milner, for example, has a yellow card.
David Villa got the ball from Alvaro Arbeloa, after which the penalty with his left foot struck the gate - projectile flew far above the crossbar.
Stewart Downing instead of Theo Walcott. That's it. Replacing a break from Capello.
Second half has began
The second half started!
Yeah, just three replacement by the Spaniards. Do not play Casillas, Xavi and Silva. Instead, they play the Rhine, Mata and Fabregas.
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first half is over! Coach has much to ponder. And you and I rest, a break.
Additional time
Glen Johnson came good in someone else's penalty area, but stumbled on the body, Jordi Alba, and therefore lost the ball, releasing it to the front line of the field. A minute of injury time ends.
Gradually comes to an end the first half, which was not rich in events. Spain pressed, England defended itself. Everything is simple and clear, right?
Yellow card
And here is the first yellow card of the match. It gets rough for James Milner tackle against Sergio Ramos. Defender Madrid "Real" simply outwitted rival, James did not want to play so rough.
Iniesta completed the transfer to a different penalty on David Vilyu, but this move by Andres gave Ashley Cole. British counterattack ended with a violation of the rules by Sergio Ramos. On the lawn was Theo Walcott.
By the way, "ScoreCentre" "Sky" colleague asked: "Surely no one believes in a positive outcome for England?". Now it is very difficult to answer. Let's look at the second half.
What can I say? The Spaniards now steeper. Here one can not speak for another. I'd like to look at the gears, the British and their accuracy. It would be fun.
Andres Iniesta has decided to break with twenty-three feet, was in the fifth point Joleon Lescott. After a corner kick on goal managed to Sergi Busquets - projectile flew slightly above the crossbar.
Long as England is not pinned to the gate, when eight people in the vicinity of his own penalty area cost, and three players are in the middle of their half of the field.
Andres Iniesta on the line trying to beat someone else's penalty opponent - did not work, then another unsuccessful transmission carried forward by the brow Glen Dozhnson. I do not blame him, as it comes Ashley Cole.
By the way, heartily congratulate Iker Casillas. If someone does not know that today the Madrid goalkeeper superclub holds its hundred twenty-six fight in the Spanish national team shirt. He called for this indicator with another goalkeeper Andoni Zubizarreta legendary. Next match for Iker will be 127 m, which is a record of Spanish football.
David Silva flew to the left strange penalty to the front lines, where the left foot shot from the corner, Joe Hart - keeper "Manchester City" on the spot.
Frank Lampard struck the gate with a twenty-five feet - Iker Casillas took the shell in his gloves on his second attempt. England captain apologized to teammates. I do not know whether it was like something else to finish the attack.
I almost died. Sergi Busquets was accidental knee to the head of Ashley Cole, while in the supine position. The blow was as little force, I promise. Sergi grabbed his head, the referee did not see it.
Andres Iniesta could not take the ball on the line of another's penalty area after a beautiful transfer of Xabi Alonso. Joe Hart took the shell in his gloves.
Stuart Pearce - coach of the England team - and Fabio Capello - mentor these same "tigers" in white - sitting right now and something nervously discussing. The reasons for their sea, right?
Just incredibly bad English play in the first half. The Spanish owners to break the "Wembley". Just think of it. Here are we now show John Terry. No, you need to produce at the center of someone else.
Offside in Silva.
To be honest, still shocked by the challenges Scott Parker. Is there no players who are more deserving of a vacancy in midfield for England? Do not believe it. Scott is not the same. Almost in rhyme.
Frank Lampard took the ball on his line (!) Penalty, and began to beat two opponents, that the legend of London 'Chelsea' turned out. Third - Alonso - Frankie laid to lawn.
David Villa struck a twenty-four feet - Scott Parker reached. His back hit by a shell from which flew over the sideline of the field.
Iker Casillas was under pressure from Scott Parker, performed an unsuccessful transmission at thirty yards. Darren Bent grabbed a shell, but hold the ball striker, "Aston Villa" did not help his powerful body.
The Spaniards controlled the ball great on someone else's half of the field, the British for a moment cease, and then abruptly included in the selection and take the shell. It has always been.
By the way, have not seen Cesc Fabregas. He seems to be some kind of overgrown. Is Wenger himself for his haircut at the "Arsenal" watched? (Smile). All this is a joke, but now the lawn is Busquets. Sergi loves to do it.
Juan Mata and Fernando Torres - partners now not only on the Spanish national team, but also by the club. "Chelsea" lucky with the first, and in a second .... "Blue" still hopes that "El Nino" will show his best game in the "retired".
That is closer to the first half of the game players have managed to England to spend the first positional attack, which ended in a shed on the right flank - Iker Casillas took the shell in his gloves.
To be honest, expecting that Micah Richards will be summoned to the team. It plays just fine this season, but Fabio Capello continues to trust Glen Johnson of "Liverpool".
The Spaniards are the following scheme: 4-3-3. At the gate Casillas. The defenders (from left to right): Jordi, Arbeloa, Pique and Ramos. The trio of midfielders are: Xavi, Busquets and Alonso. Spaniards are attacking a link on the left - Iniesta, right - Silva, in the center - the Villa.
Darren Bent was in the "outside game" after a beautiful pass by James Milner.
David Villa has moved from the left flank to the center, after an abortive transfer chegovypolnil in someone else's penalty area. But now the British counter-attack will be ...
Of course, now do not have enough speed player. Perhaps more useful Darren Bent in this situation would have been Daniel Sturridge from "Chelsea", or Wayne Rooney of "Manchester United". Unfortunately, the latter transmits a duel.
Now the Spaniards have earned a corner on the left flank. Xavi Hernandez is not much better than Frank Lampard hung on the nearest bar, where she was head of an Englishman.
Now Frank Lampard completed a sliding tackle against Xabi Alonso. Immediately England captain apologized. All, perhaps, understand why. Remember that change, who made "Super Frankie" Shabi, when he played for "Liverpool"? How, then, calls have been ...
Glen Johnson got the ball on the right flank, performed chamber into the box - hit the opponent. The corner. Frank Lampard lifted the ball very high, which found the head of the Spanish national team defender.
Yes, it's incredible move on the football field football team in Spain. I have just ruined the attack, David Villa, the strong bottom of the transfer to a different penalty - Iniesta not reached the projectile.
Phil Jones, the strong transfer to the left flank, but James Milner did not have time to ball, and Gerard Pique, knocking out shell of the side line of the field, hit up the Englishman from Manchester. Out for the guests.
Fabio Capello put his players in the scheme: 4-2-3-1. Let's deal. At the gate Hart. The defenders (from left to right): Cole, Lescott, Yagilka and Johnson. A pair of defensive midfielder: Jones and Parker. The trio of attacking players on the left - Frank Lampard, right - Walcott, in the center - Milner. The Edge - Bent.
David Silva took advantage of the rebound from an opponent and struck volley with his left foot, but it was precisely in the face of Joleon Lescott. Do not worry, David, are you sort out Lescott in Manchester (smile).
Iker Casillas before the match confidently stated that it was his team is the favorite in this match. And can it be otherwise? No, European and world champions who have not played are always favorites.
Needless to say, that "Wembley" now packed to overflowing? I think not. At this time, seeing the "Barcelona" model of the game for Spain. A lot of small passes, a huge percentage of possession.
Joleon Lescott took the ball on the line of his penalty area, beat one player, then lost again shell. The Spaniards possess more "round" on the start of the meeting minutes.
Frank Lampard took the ball from David Silva on the left flank, while the best player, "Manchester City" could easily transfer to give back. Dangerous moments so far we have not seen.
Spaniards have traditionally captured the ball under control, but failed to intercept the British, after which hung in the penalty area from the left wing Scott Parker - Alvaro Arbeola shell knocked his head out of the danger zone.
The British today are in white, and players from Spain - in the red. Gates Joe Hart on the TV picture on the left, and Iker Casillas frame - on the right.
First time has began
The match started! Let's go! We wish the teams to show a beautiful, interesting and effective game. With the center of the field began the Spaniards!
First Half
A minute of silence in memory of the dead ...
Team on the pitch. Hear the national anthem. Oh, today is pretty hot, guys.
Starting lineups are in the "About Match!"
Good evening, ladies and football fans on a cosmic scale! Thank God that today there are very few matches, so we can contact you commit yourself to this beautiful fight. England vs. Spain: two cultures, two different styles, two different coaches! Who will win today? Together with you to find the answer to the main question of this meeting of the "commentary booth" is Vladimir Gubarev!

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