Stadium: Wembley Stadium
Not enough of the Swedes even today for the draw. In England there were many moments, one of which they are implemented, and thus won. The match went out, we really friendly, and on a good mood! This match for you comment Nikita Gromov, pleasant dreams, my friends!
Second Half
The match is over!
Bajrami hung at the far post Wilhelmsson on, he punched a rally, by the way very much struck, but the whole force came up. The ball flew into the stands.
Additional time
2 minutes added the chief arbiter.
Larsson struck free kick from thirty-five feet, but again the wall built goalkeeper did not disappoint. The ball flew to the corner, which is too dangerous to anything not cited.
Rasmus Elm leaves the field, instead it goes Bajrami.
Oh Toivonen! Well, how is that? Partner threw him from the flank into the penalty under attack, Ola ta-ah-ah-ah-to swung, it seemed that the grid will break! True, the ball aim forgotten.
Attempts to revive the gestures, to cheer up their partners Downing, too sleepy, they look in the last few minutes. The Swedes even seized the initiative and, perhaps, going to organize the final assault on the gates of Carson.
Walker was on the right flank, gave Milner, the fine, jewelry handed to the far post Sturridge, but directly with the head in that shot Isaksson and moved the ball to the corner.
Sturridge is very active. Behind him closely followed not only Capello and Stuart Pearce. The head coach is sitting on the lava with the disgruntled expression on his face, as if his team lose to a difference of 3 goals.
Noticeably calmer after playing a number of substitutions. Now, the Swedes did not give much space to his rival half of the field, well, the owners, in turn, are already feeling some confidence in victory. And in vain, Larsson under the guise of feeding into the penalty area hit the gate, but confident in Carson parried the ball jump.
Downing is now a good shot from the left leg after rebate Bent. Methyl it to the far top corner, but this time by.
The Swedes did not understand the mood of the friendly match. Quite a lot of rough fouls on their side in the last minute there. Now for example Vernblum roughly drove up behind Milner and leg-break that is possible!
And yet another change, they have a lot of us today. Svensson goes instead Chelstrema.
Replacement in the England team. Zamora leaves the field, instead Darren Bent.
Milner perfectly read the situation, he gave the penalty to Zamora, he filed with the acute angle at the far post Sturridge, but the ball flew just into the hands of Isaksson. Great desire to score seen today in the eyes of Bobby Zamora.
Phil Jones fouls in midfield against Elmander, foul obviously pulled on yellow card, but the referee took pity protector of England.
Downing famously caught the ball after a pass accurately Toivonen, ran ten yards and struck the bottom on goal from 16 yards but Isaksson ball confidently recorded.
Zamora was close to the scored ball! Baines has been running fine on the flank of Milner, he shot into the center, Bobby beat the defender on goal but managed to set foot.
Baines! Bravo, what you say. He picked the ball and in a difficult situation saved it in the box, and then turned around so casually lying on an opponent. Applause Tribune addressed it to him!
Felled Sturridge, well, obviously it is felled in the box now! Danced the ball before it rival, passed on but it just grabbed and held two Swedish defender. Violently reacted to this episode stands, but the referee gave a penalty not.
Capello holds a double substitution: Sturridge comes on the field instead of Walcott, Milner Rodvella changes.
And here is a good attack Scandinavians. Wilhelmsson was excellent in the penalty area, where he was pushed Walker, but the Swede did not fall further and continued to attack, threw a punch Larsson, but the blow was too inaccurate Sebastian.
Replacement of Hamra. Lustig from the field goes, instead, Wilhelmsson.
Toivonen got the ball near midfield, took a bit and decided to strike. The ball flew off to someone on the platform of the fans behind the goal.
Slightly leveled the game. Now meet the attack on the attack command, still no closer to the gate. Not bad beat on the gate of the opponent Rodvell from outside the penalty area but the ball flew above.
Replacement of the guests: Jonas Olsson goes instead Mellberg, Toivonen instead of Ibrahimovic.
Excellent ran on the flank of Downing, strongly raked to the center by Zamora, but he could not punch the ball. Great episode, strange why Zamora could not get the ball, apparently leaving a partner behind.
Replacement of the English. Carson comes out instead of Hart.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Break! England won 1-0. The best in my opinion was Walcott. We look forward to resuming the game!
Regular chances to score in England! Downing finally passed on the flank, entered the penalty area and gave it to Rodvella. He jumped out and shot, but this time the bar saved the goal. Another fine day at the gate Isaksson!
Feed into the box from the right flank on all of the same Vernbluma, he struck perfectly and even got to the bar! But at this time whistle sounded - offside.
What's going on! Zamora perfectly understand the situation, gave Phil Jones. He ran one on one, but he casually toe pushing the ball past the goalkeeper, which was immediately clear that this round will fly past the gate. The best moment of the match!
A brilliant time! Baines left wing rammed a security entered into the penalty opponent and gave to the center by Rodvella. He put a great body and shot himself through the left Nogo right into the corner but the ball hit the defender. Just a corner.
Yellow card
The first yellow card in our friendly match. Elmander receives its most complete measure is not a foul, and for unflattering remarks to the referee.
Violation of the rules against Theo Walcott on the wing. He just flew already in a position to supply, but it took on rival hip. Filed in the penalty Kehil, but inaccurate filing, the ball flew over the front line and not touching any of the players.
Elmo! Two consecutive non-corner gave him! The first time he almost spun the ball into the goal - saving Hart, in the second case it found the head feed Elmander, he struck, but fell into the net from the outside.
The prolonged attack against Sweden ended Lustig fed to the far post, Ibrahimovic was away on Walker did not see it and knocked the ball to the corner.
For the first time in 10 - 12 minutes guests could feel the ball, though England would not let them even for half of the field. Broke a daredevil - Lorsson, but Walker is hosting today at its flank. The young defender "Tottenham" confident body pushed the opponent and the ball is picked up.
Calmly and confidently attack the home side. Football players in white shirts control the ball in midfield, now and then organizing attacks on the flanks. Again, note the excellent cooperation and Walcott Walker!
Oh, how nice it was played right now! Intercepted the ball in midfield and then Jones threw on the course of Zamora. Whether the pass was not accurate, or slow Bobby, but defender ahead of Sweden and England striker took the ball.
T-OO-OO-OO-O-R! Barry! Stewart Downing and Leighton Baines played in stenochku, first applied to the center at the corner of the penalty, there is a high jumped a dozen of England. Gareth broke perfectly, the ball flew into the lawn of almost nine gates in Isaksson!
The blood on his face the player against Sweden. In the face Vernblum received, but the cameras missed this episode, although the show Barry. Perhaps he is dismissed from the opponent.
Finally, activated the left flank. Strange, but there was no active Downing. Leighton Baines corrected the ball under his left foot and filed, but too easy to Isaksson.
Zamora-ah-ah-ah! How not to score? Walcott played just brilliant, and gave to the center to Bobby, that is why I decided to give back to Theo and he did it badly. But the player of "Arsenal" in time to orient and threw his head under the blow ninth room, he broke the second time past. Bravo Walcott, and Zamora has not met expectations Capello.
Walcott! The first good sharpening gate guests! Theo "traveled" several rivals, entered the penalty area and made a sighted chamber to the center by Barry, but the ball until it has never arrived. The beautiful, dynamic scene.
And struck at goal and Larsson struck, I must say, not bad. I tried to break through the wall of a powerful, scathing attack, but defensive redoubts, built by Hart, did not disappoint.
The fall of the penalty area in front of Hart. Phil Jones is now piled on the lawn Vernbluma. Near the ball, of course, Ibrahimovic and Chelstrem. Very good position to strike.
Active right-wing attacks in England. Rodvell, Walker and Walcott combine well with each other, but there is no convergence of the penalty area. Zamora plays without the ball, the same situation with Downing.
Severely crushed now by the British. Penalty surrounded on all sides, but lacks the last pass. Now the ball was in Barrie, he gave a cut into the penalty area in Zamora, but there at the last moment caught the ball opponent. The total benefit are the owners.
Unusual to see an attack England without Rooney. As soon as the camera moves further towards the penalty Isaksson, and would like to see Man U undersized talent, but there is now a ninth issue of Zamora.
Wonderful hosts attack the right flank! It is amazing just threw the ball to Walker on the flank of Walcott, he turned on his famous speed, went to the penalty, threw on Barry and he gave the penalty area, but there is not no John Zamora catch the ball they could not.
Looking at the starting lineups, we can assume that the Scandinavians today will try to beat England at Wembley. Many changes in the team Capello has players obviously do not reach the level of the owners. But as you know, the character they have, God forbid everyone, so that everything will be the time!
First time has began
The match started!
First Half
Good evening, dear friends! Today will be the match in the stadium "Wembley": England will battle against Sweden! This match will be for you to comment on Nikita Gromov, a successful show!

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