Stadium: Stadio Olimpico
With you I watched football, Karen Adamyan. Until next time, and before the new victories! All the best!
Second Half
Final whistle is blown! Italy, playing much better than their rivals, losing after the goal at 3 minutes!
Yellow card
At the end of history Chiellini rude against Cavani - yellow card protector "Juventus". Cavani already gave the transfer, as Giorgio has decided to hit him in the legs on the edge. Hmm.
Scotty in the Uruguayan Maxi Pereira change.
Buffon already participated in the attack of his team. By the way, now caught up with Zoff Buffon on the number of caps for Italy - 112 games.
Have missed the target Balotelli hit after a pass from the left flank Baltsaretti! Two minutes before the end of the match! The Italians are fleeing the attack all active!
Additional time
+ 5 minutes! The judge added just gorgeous!
Alfaro won the fight with Chiellini and struck his head on the line after a pass by goalkeeper Buffon Maxi Pereira - past the gate to the left of the alignment of the ball flew after his stroke.
Yellow card
Mario Balotelli in attack and overdone, it seems, played up his hand in someone else's line box. Muslera began to stall for time, knocking the ball and the referee got a yellow card.
Looks as if the "Barcelona" is trying to level the score in a match with "Bilbao": superiority of Italians in the game, but the account does not change!
What, did the Roman Aquilani on the field in a friendly match does not appear? There remains little more than five minutes before the end of normal time the match.
Finally, the Italians completed their penalty on the right. Pirlo after a pass through to the goalkeeper's head struck the right Balotelli goal.
Alfaro Fernandez changed. When this penalty will be raffled off already? Another penalty decided to mentor Uruguay: instead of Rodriguez - Alvaro Gonzalez.
And only now, finally, Alvaro Pereira left the field. It is finished. Italians are preparing to perform a penalty on the right.
Meanwhile, changes Pazzini Marchisio. Amplification attacks from the Italians!
Yellow, and then red
Alvaro Pereira hand interrupted the transmission of Pepe from the right wing - the second yellow card, and remove from the field!
Mamma Mia! After a corner kick on the left followed by a left-hand corner, and the Cavani, beating the ball was nearly cut off his own goal!
MUSLERA! Baltsaretti gave a pass to the left and center opened in another penalty - got the ball and shot low from 10 yards to the lower left, Muslera rescued! Translated keeper guests ball to the corner, barely Reaching!
15 minutes before the end of the game, the Italians forces are not so much, but still try to go ahead hosts.
Mario Balotelli did not understand the partner's ball went over the side, even Andrea Pirlo, all the pores of tearing the ball, it is not got it. But Andrea ran after him, that Uruguayans did not kill the time.
What is happening in the last few minutes - not like what was in the match as a whole. Frankly boring is carried out recently on the players.
By the way, do not have time to mention today after the Italian team plays in a new form: changed the collar, the picture that is no longer on the shirt.
Maggio had violated rules against Alvaro Pereira on the left - after a pass from the penalty Rodriguez inaccurately punched a head - to the left of goal.
It is very dangerous at the gates of Buffon was now after lumbago from the left flank - with difficulty repulsed the Italians, almost falling before the blows of opponents in his own penalty!
Baltsaretti Marchisio after a pass threw the ball head to Balotelli, he was already standing 5 meters away from the gate and was going to beat Muslery, but then, and the whistle referee - an offside position, according to him, was with Federico.
Instead, Osvaldo on the Matri out! A good match held by Pablo Daniel, although he is certainly not happy.
Edinson Cavani asks for forgiveness from his teammates. For what? Hmm, a hit with the ultra long distances. So to beat - Buffon is not respected, by the way.
Mario Balotelli overexposed ball on the left flank of the attack of his team, while Baltsaretti all expected him to pass. As a result, Maxi Pereira v. Balo violated the rules.
Osvaldo-oh-oh-oh! SuperPepe ran away from two defenders to the ball got to him on the left flank and shot into the center of foreign penal Osvaldo - one touch in the left beat up!
Where backache!?? Maggio was a ball at the right edge of another's free kick, but instead shoot at an empty net, Christian broke himself - higher!
Pepe! After lumbago Maggio from the right wing free kick to someone else's diagonal Simone struck in touch with 10 meters to the bottom right corner - Muslera responded and moved the ball to the corner! Bravissimo!
The referee did not believe the fall Baltsaretti on the left when entering the penalty area. After a couple of seconds, Andrea Pirlo fouls against Cavani.
Pablo Osvaldo is hung in the air for a long time, but the ball after a pass from the left flank of Baltsaretti not got! Apparently, too much transfer did Federico.
Rather symbolic that today Simone Pepe went on the field. Besides the fact that it looks interesting Montolivo, "Olympia" - and home stadium for Pepe, as he grew up here. Simone is a graduate "Roma".
Maxi Pereira hung right in the center of someone else's punishment, Cavani's head from 13 yards hit the bottom right corner of the goal Buffon - Gigi in place.
Still, Perez could not continue the game, instead it appears on the Eguren.
Mario Balotelli apologized to his victim, while Perez blood is still going. Yeah, punched in the eye Uruguayans strongly Balotelli ...
Yellow card
Mario Balotelli in the fight for the ball hit the opponent's horse in the face - after much debate and litigation attacking the "City" received a yellow card. And eye-Perez then hit straight ..
Balotelli is well said Osvaldo on the left edge alien penalty, but against Pablo simply gorgeous in subcategories played Martin Caceres.
I replaced the Uruguayan Sebastian Coates Diego Lugano, the captain of the visiting team.
Simone Pepe during the break replaced Riccardo Montolivo in the Italian national team.
Second half has began
The second half began!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
The first time was with the full advantage of the Italian national team players, but the score - 0:1. The paradox, but now - a break!
Additional time
+ 2 minutes.
Andrea Pirlo played the bad standard, but the whole stadium shouting at this point, "Pirlo, Pirlo, Pirlo!" Already completed most of the time of the first half, and while Chiellini fouls against Rodriguez in his own half of the field.
Once again, the legs get Mario Balotelli. Lasts as long as Mario, no breaks, just attention to the game, whiz, what else. Alvaro Pereira fouls.
Today a lot of guest stars in the stadium, "Olympia." Roman Star - as much. In particular, Francesco Totti, who retired from the team after the World Championship gold in 2006, today in the stands.
Yellow card
The fourth yellow card in Uruguay national team players! Generally, 0-4 on the "mustard plaster". Now Edinson Cavani received a card for a foul against Ranokki in the center.
Balotelli! Take that, boom! Mario Balotelli after a pass from the left edge Baltsaretti struck his head from 5 feet above the gate, and then played a nice kick in the bar!
Well, Italy! Maggio shot right in the center of the penalty area, where Balotelli took the ball and broke through in the fall - Muslera takes the ball in his hands!
Pablo Osvaldo opened well in the center of another's penalty area, was preparing to strike, but the referee has fixed him offside. Enjoying replay: and close any "offside" was not there, Alvaro Pereira delayed.
Listen, if Cavani and not on the field! Here he is now marked, and then is that the way violated the rules against his mate on the "Napoli" - Christian Maggio.
Claudio Marchisio has made a great pass forward from the left flank, and even got to his team right on the corner kick.
Oswald! A few centimeters! After a pass from the right corner of Pablo's head punched in the left corner - next to the bar!
Yellow card
Uruguay captain Diego Lugano is booked for the failure to attack the Italians. Mario Balotelli again found himself on the lawn.
Pirlo, De Rossi - Osvaldo head - into the hands of Muslere! Prandelli was nervous in the technical area!
Kicking the Italians after a corner on the left, but not for long: right to earn a free kick soccer Uruguayan national team with the right flank.
How is messy, Giorgio! In such situations bring myself angle - no matter! Well, at least a friendly game! Banal point, but everything ends angle: a bad shed from the left flank, and Chiellini, unsuccessfully substituting leg, makes a face.
Yellow card
Cr-rr-Rhine just a yellow card Alvaro Pereira for violation of rules against Mario Balotelli. And serious injury could cause the Italian ... Hard-hit in a Uruguayan, when Mario was on high speed. It's all about the last episode.
Balotelli at the cost of injury time to give a pass to Osvaldo forward Pablo Daniel in touch sent the ball into the right edge of the attack, which opened Montolivo - Riccardo immediately shot to the center of the Marquis, but only behind Claudio.
Yellow card
Martin Caceres is shown a yellow card for arguing with referee and corner Italians played, quite frankly, so-so. After the canopy to the bar near the left flank with the ball successfully dislodged the defenders.
Forgot his gate Muslera now! Oswaldo on speed ran to the ball, which seemed to have picked up Caceres, but eventually faced a deficit Musleroy and Osvaldo earned a corner in an almost hopeless situation.
Danger at the gate Muslery! Baltsaretti on the left have tried to cool, eventually managed to shoot through, sort out the two rivals - De Rossi shot from 10 yards left to the touch, hit the defender tried to head there and then throw the ball to Balotelli and Mario broke the rules, breaking in a pair of scissors just jump by Muslere.
At this time, Osvaldo and the ball is not got, and got in an offside position. True, it is absolutely impossible was to get to the ball - after an unsuccessful attack someone from a distance the ball flew patnerov immediately into the hands of Muslere.
Not a bad idea now was Osvaldo. After the canopy on the right Italian national team striker ran away from defenders, but to break his head just could not, even though the offside escaped.
Oh really Muslera! Balotelli, having received the ball in front of someone else's penalty area, greatly struck with his right foot on the center and under the crossbar - Muslera beats round the side!
In this man's struggle gnawing Andrea Pirlo ball into center field for his rival, bravo, bravo! And we repeat twist goals. Yeah, hi Ranokke and Maggio - fiery.
I should note now Baltsaretti. In a very difficult situation after an unsuccessful pass Marchisio Federico not only missed the ball over the side, but still kept it for his team. And then Marchisio gives inaccurate transmission of another - this time the goalkeeper guests.
And reiterated the unfortunate effect of Mario Balotelli. This time the striker in Italy after the transfer from the left wing broke the rules against Alvaro Pereira.
Andrea Ranokkya hardly scratched the ball from Fernandez to his own penalty area, gave a pass to the attack, but there Balotelli gave the ball exactly at the feet of an opponent.
Today's debut in the starting lineup against Italy Pablo Osvaldo, the attacker "Roma". I think you should not talk about that in his "Olympia" Osvaldo will try to double.
Marchisio, twice per minute proved to be. First attempt to give the penetrating pass to Balotelli and then hit from long range - in the hands Muslere.
Federico Baltsaretti from the left flank with such confidence to hang, it seemed, the ball is now simply fall down partner, but as it turned out, the penalty of Uruguay in general any of his was not.
On the left wing corner Pirlo played, but the Uruguayan national team defenders repulsed. I note the activity of Balotelli, it is "Number 9" has earned this corner.
So-so, but Buffon somehow still not handed the captain's armband De Rossi ... Let me explain. In Prandelli a tradition of friendly matches to give captaincy to a player who is the owner of the stadium. Today, the match in Rome, "Olympia" - and the captain was to be De Rossi, but Gigi did not want to give a bandage. Hmm. A Cassano something gave, and nothing else. Especially since today 70th match De Rossi for the team. Anyway, on the conscience of Buffon let this moment and will remain.
When silence was a goal. The fans fell silent. Uruguayans are happy! Wow! How cool game started something! Well, well, look on, the Italians run the attack.
GO-OO-AL! 0-1! Fernandez!
Immediately the Uruguayan national team two players were alone in a strange punishment! Caceres shot to the right, and Fernandez, one touch from 14 yards sent the ball into the bottom left corner - Buffon is not bailed out!
Muslera the second attempt takes the ball in his hands! Mario Balotelli ran out into the impact position after a pass from Osvaldo seem to break into the corner but could not - in the center, but unexpected.
First time has began
It sounds the whistle, the match begins!
First Half
Fans have posted the Italian flag, almost everything is ready for the match!
Evening good, dear football fans! My name is Karen Adamian, and I am pleased to welcome you to the direct translation of a text friendly match between the national teams of Italy and Uruguay! Enjoy!

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