Well, I, Artem Savosik, say goodbye to you! Until we meet in the margins of Europe! (And not only!)
Second Half
0-3! Completed this game! Croatia no problem tearing the opponent and has a great chance of reaching the Championship of Europe!
And rose again the whistle ... I understand that for something to condemn his goalkeeper stands, because it is now, he knocked the ball from his goal ...
Additional time
Two minutes offset the referee.
And the last "castling" in the camp guests instead of Mario Mandzhukicha - Eduardo Da Silva.
It is worth noting that no one ... Absolutely no one leaves the stadium! Not yet empty Istanbul stadium stands. Meanwhile, the chamber Tere from the right flank of the front line fell exactly into the hands of Pletikosa.
Tired, perhaps, to whistle the fans in the stands ... Davnovato we have not heard disapproving hum stadium. It is possible that the same fans have decided to support their team at the end ... Anything can happen.
Yellow card
And again, "yellow card"! Art gets its Turan for otkidku ball over the touchline after the whistle, caused by a foul on Sabri Modrica.
Literally a minute later Slaven Bilic and the second produces castling! Instead, Ivica Olic on the green lawn of the Istanbul scene appears Nikica Jelavic.
That replacement came and the guests! Instead, Ivan Rakitic will now play Daniel Pranjić!
Thera gave a right of Sabri Korner, but shed the last of the penalty area again fell on his head some of the high defense of Croatia.
Sabri, received the ball on the right flank, was the first attempt to build a cross-touch, but also fell in the shed housing Vedran Chorluki ... Corner!
That's the last replacement Guus Hidding used! Instead Burak Yilmaz Bulut appeared on the Umut!
Demirel calls on fans actively support the team, but they only meet the disapproving whistle, which makes clear dissatisfaction goalkeeper ...
No. German referee spoke with the players and just recorded a violation of the rules of the Turkish football player.
He took the initiative to Sabri. On the right flank was the Turks, made a sharp dash to the front line, but lost the fight Chorluke, which intelligently pushing the ball back Sarioglu allowed withdrawn from the gate into the hands of goalkeeper shell. 22th room owners, while continuing to run on inertia, roughly pushed back Shimunicha. Will there be a second yellow?
SABR! Once on the penalty Sarioglu decided to strike on a flying ball, but "round", hitting the back of some of the defenders of visitors soared and flew in the face. Corner!
Again unsuccessfully play soccer corner of Croatia. The ball is addressed to the line goalie, came down Egemen Korkmaz, from which flew out of the box.
Rakitic decided to kick with 25 meters, but the ball bounced twice on the defenders of the Turkish national team, promptly rolled over the front line on the right flank! Corner! Srna is already running a check box.
Yellow card
For being too emotional, incidentally, Sabri Sarioglu received a yellow card.
Vedran Chorluka, stepping over Sarioglu, got his foot to the face. Himself the victim instantly sprang to his feet and began to articulate something of Croatia, but Gokhan Tere speaking peacemaker, to separate the conflicting ...
Yilmaz was on the right flank the front line, tried to shoot, but ended up Shildenfilda Gordon. Again the ball is lost.
Yellow card
Very roughly, Ivica Olic was played on the left flank for themselves, hastily scuttled by Sabri Sarioglu, for which he received a deserved yellow card from German referee.
Well, actually, and replacement! Instead, Selcuk Inan in the field appeared Mehmet Topal! For the second replacement used in this match coach of Turkey!
In the meantime, is preparing to replace Guus Hiddink camp charges! At the edge of the field is already Mehmet Topal!
Yellow card
Another yellow card! Regains its football home! At this time, "awarded" Emre Belezoglu for a foul in midfield against Luke Modrica.
Yellow card
For the third is rather rough foul in this game, as shown by the referee, received a yellow card Halkan Balta. That's right, and indeed the player does not argue ...
Including high pressure Croatian football team! The Turks in the last minute even their half of the field could not move when faced with a "wall" of attackers and midfielders guests.
Just down the pace in our game. Nothing is glued to attack the hosts, guests, given the expense, it is not necessary to rush forward. Meanwhile, with the ball on the right wing is Arda Turan ...
Tere was on the right flank, tried to make a throw into the penalty area, but the cross was blocked by the defenders, after which he broke the rules against Gokhan Shildenfelda.
Modric played in the wall with Olic in the center of the field, after which the latter was on his legs from Egemen Korkmaz. The arbitrator, this time recorded a foul, yellow card but did not get. And in vain ...
Admittedly, that clung to their gates and Team Croatia! Davnovato there was no penalty on attacks in Turkey. And now Olic, once on the right flank and the ball lost.
Slightly more than half an hour left before the end of the first major butt match between Croatia and Turkey. Meanwhile, the platform constantly whistling, condemning their favorite game ...
Turan got the ball in front of someone else's punishment, shifted slightly to the right and was immediately taken down by one of the defenders of Croatia, but a nearby referee violation of the rules did not commit ...
The heel of the right wing Hamit Altintop otpasoval in center of the penalty, but again the ball is intercepted by defenders of the national team of Croatia. "Toothless" attack the Turks ... Very "toothless."
In the center of his legs was torn forward Arda Turan. It seems that only the 14 th number owners still hoping to create something in front of goal. Partners it simply stopped ...
Much more organized team looks today Croatia. Nothing planned before the match can not be, in the meantime, the Turks. Meanwhile, Olic, once in the front line, loses fight Cachar and misses the ball out of the field. From the gate!
Not a bad break on the right flank failed Turan! He moved to the edge, was on the front line, pulled the ball to the goalie and then shot, but the projectile was eventually passed by one of the defenders of the opponent.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! ! Ugliness in the penalty TURKS! CHORLUKA! 0-3! All brilliantly simple. Followed by a canopy at goalkeeper, where no one but the player scorer, was not. The very same Vedran seamlessly, once free, hit the opponent's head. Demirel is powerless!
Meanwhile, the Russian team wins in Greece with a score of 0-1, thanks to a goal early in the match Shirokov. We have also prepared a standard from the right flank at the gate of the Turks. Srna got on his legs from Selcuk.
Actively started the second half of the meeting the Turks, but as long as the hosts try to play only sheds with flanks that are most often fall on the heads of the defenders of the national team of Croatia.
Penalty on the right flank of the Turkish national team players have earned. Shed, if I remember correctly, round to the 11-meter mark fell exactly at the feet of Thera, which handle the ball failed, releasing what is too far away.
The first change occurred in the break! Instead Gokhan Genyula appeared on the German midfielder, "Hamburg" Gokhan Thera.
Second half has began
Returned to the team on the field of podtribunnogo premises, was one minute, and began the "second part Marlezonskogo ballet!" Let's go!
Second Half
First Half
Half time
Nothing otmetnogo for these sixty seconds did not happen, and German referee fixed by 0-2 at halftime. Break!
Additional time
Minutes to compensate for the arbitrator.
Olic! Went to a rendezvous with goalkeeper Ivica, but pass Modrica really could not handle, letting go of him too far away, and, breaking into subcategories, landed at the goalkeeper tochnehonko opponent. Hero out of this situation, Volcan!
Still trying to create something in front of goal the Turks, but it ends only on the approach to the penalty ... Very quiet yet responsive to what is happening sitting on the bench for Guus Hiddink, in contrast to Bilic ...
A little less than 4 minutes left before the end of normal time the first half. I do not think that added more than a minute the referee, so chances to play at least one goal for the hosts in the first half, very little.
Yellow card
Another yellow card! Tomislav Dujmovic gets her over the step shifts from the right flank in the center Emre Belezoglu.
Angle earned the hosts on the right flank. Turan hung on the far corner of the goalie, from Ramsey Cachar, fighting for the ball on the second floor with Rakitic, struck just to the left alignment of the gate Pletikosa!
There is still time for the Turks in the first half to score a goal you want for them "in the locker room," which may retain at least some chance for Guus Hiddink's charges.
Again failed left wing of the owners. Modric brought in free space Chorluku, backache is the edge of the penalty area in the 11-meter mark impact of the unfolding Olic completed. No goals: flight of the ball is blocked.
A lot of fouls in this match. This time is roughly in the subcategory Selcuk Inan played against tearing from the left flank Luke Modrica.
Penalty earned a masters in someone else's half of the field, but turned out to be on the right flank to beat Turan creeping into subcategories Shimunicha could not. Out.
Yellow card
That's the first yellow card! Gets her first scoring pass by in our game, which is called Verdanom Chorlukoy.
GO-OO-OO-OO-OO-O-AL! 0-2! MANDZHUKICH! Modric, having received the ball near the 11-meter mark after lumbago Olic from the right flank, struck the gate of the opponent, but got into some of the defenders of the opponent, and then again on the right otpasoval curb on Srna, whose canopy from the front line to the far post tochnehonko fell on his head Mandzhukicha, seamlessly hit the left corner the Turkish national team!
Srna pulled the ball to the penalty, the right to otpasoval rushes back on the right flank Vida, whose chamber from the front of goalkeeper fell into the hands of tochnehonko Volkan Demirel!
Species, having received the ball on the right flank, made a leap forward and was immediately taken down by one of the midfielders, the Turkish national team, but this time the judge breaking the rules did not commit.
Emre went to the reckless tackle against Dario Srna on the right flank. The arbitrator has fixed a foul, but the card did not dare show again, but in vain ... Until now, the lawn is the victim player.
Very slowly attacked by the hosts. Well, nothing comes from the Turks. We repeat the same time of the fall Altintop. Still, it was a pure simulation. The referee did the right thing!
Having received the ball on the left side of penalty area, Hamit Altintop just collapsed on the lawn. The arbitrator saw it, and do not put the penalty kick, but could in addition show another Turk and a yellow card!
Offside! He gets to Burak Yilmaz after a long pass from depth of field Emre Belezoglu. Do not go today, and further transfer from the Turks. Maybe just not tuned to the owners. Anything can happen.
Selcuk! Inan decided on a shot from outside the penalty area in the left corner but the ball flew just to the side of the alignment. By!
Turan, moving from the right flank in the center, circled three opponents pulled the ball to the penalty and scored in the goalkeeper for Yilmaz, who had a shell and so could not get it. A loss.
Again took the ball at their feet the Turkish football team, but guests also pressure from the competent do not give your opponent even go over the center line.
20 minutes of the game have already passed! Croats wisely kept the ball in the last 60 seconds, trying to bring down the rate of attack the Turks. Meanwhile, Altintop in midfield fouls shifted to the left Dario Srna.
Draw in rival Turks. They staged a protracted perepasovku on another side of the field in dangerous proximity to a foreign penal, but pass on the right Belezoglu Sarioglu was inaccurate ... Shell intercepted.
Balta received the ball on the left, shifted to the right, otpasoval the area of ​​the central circle on Altintop, the latter turned the game right at Cachar, who eventually lost his shell.
A lot of marriages in transfers from the owners. During one attack three incorrect pass made the Turks, despite the fact that the ball will still they stayed.
Turan got the ball on the left, shifted slightly back from the front line and hung on the near corner of the goalie, from fist projectile passed out of the gate released Stipe Pletikosa!
Died down a bit the pace of our game: visitors are more to keep the ball in midfield, not allowing an opponent to intercept the missile or even go over the center line ...
The most notable player in the camp guests is Arda Turan. Right now on the left flank in their half of the field, he got back on his feet from Srna ... The arbitrator foul recorded, but no cards.
MANDZHUKICH! He dragged the ball to feet 7 to the penalty, followed by a left foot shot into the opposite bottom corner of the goal net, but the projectile with wings missed. Free!
TURAN! He received an excellent transfer from Yilmaz at the right edge of the goalkeeper, has shifted to the left and immediately shot to the goalkeeper's line, but came to the rescue there Sarioglu for the ball failed to catch on. The projectile passed outside the penalty area.
From the depth of field based their attack football team of Turkey, but a pass from the center circle to a different penalty for Altintop Turan proved inaccurate. The ball simply intercepted defenders opponent.
So far, the guests at the dictation is this match. Cleverly, they bring down the rate of attacks, the Turks did not even come close to giving the order of his penalty, while advancing their own pretty well.
Slaven Bilic grabbed the ball over the touchline, and then running up to him Turan tried to bomb away. Guest mentor "round" did not want to give, what has provoked an emotional reaction to what is happening Turk ... Referees are silent.
The left flank attack developed modular Croatia, but shed Modrica from the baseline occurred in body drop-in ball Hakan Balta!
Yilmaz received the transmission of the Altintop from the depth of field, but was demolished by one of the defenders of the national team of Croatia, which the referee did not notice. No violation, no penalty.
So the Turks are trying to create something in front of goal, but any attempt to break through to someone else's penalty in vain. The ball simply imposed defenders of Croatia.
Another pretty good football team attack built Croatia! The same Chorluka hung from the left flank, but the header from the near corner of the goalie, played Mandzhukicha, fell over the bar!
Olic! 0-1! Vedran Chorluka was on the left, ran to the front lines, "twisted" Balta and shot on the line goalie, where the trajectory of the ball slightly touched up jumping out of the gate Demirel, making it tochnehonko on foot Olic, who seamlessly hit the right bottom corner of Turkey!
Slightly more active match started football team of Turkey. Before they have to build a single attack on the opponent's gate, but the cross Cachar came back left-back in Croatia.
First time has began
Well, that started the first half of the match between Turkey and Croatia! I wish you a pleasant viewing experience. Let's go!
First Half
The teams have been announced! More about them you can find by clicking on the tab "About Match!"
Greetings to all sports fans number 1 in the world! Today I Savosik Artem, I'll follow along with you the progress of the fight between Turkey and Croatia!

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